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Big Brother Australia – Are They Lazy Gen Y’s?

There was more sauciness on the latest episode of Big Brother than on Wednesday night’s Confidential episode, with Estelle and Ryan off in the the luxury compound by themselves so there was much kissing to be done.

A few thoughts on the episode:

  • The contestants had to eat chilli’s to get the prize of a day and night in the captain quarters. Ryan must not have wanted the time alone with Estelle that much as he refused to eat the chilli.
  • Lucky for him Estelle was powering through and in the end won the hotdog eating competition which the last three had.  Zoe and Ray were also going for the prize. Zoe was probably wanting some alone time with George.
  • Speaking George he needs to perk up we have seen nothing of him.
  • The captain quarters were lovely and would have been a welcome reprieve from the house.
  • It appears laziness and inertia have set in as none of the housemates appear to really want to get on that bike and ride it. Chances are there will be no luxury food budget this week, unless Michael and Josh takes one for the team by doing most of it. These housemates are just reinforcing Gen Y stereotypes.
  • Also what has happened to this week’s food? The housemates said they had not had a decent meal in days. Which was weird considering they had had the dinner hosted by Charne, Estelle and Layla the previous evening. Maybe the housemates need to get a bit more savvier with their food budget.
  • Michael and Layla are getting close, interesting how the alleged most intelligent guy in the house is probably close to one of the dumber ones in there. Just shows girls that guys will pick looks over brains every time.
  • However Estelle has done exactly the same thing. Also if the late night bitching about Ryan is correct it is his good looks that are the only thing going for him as he appears to lack brains and personality.
  • The tension between Angie and Sarah continued with Angie telling Sarah not to touch her while she is offending her.

What do you think happened to the food budget? Should NINE be showing more of what is actually happening in the house instead of sanitising it?


1 Daze { 08.24.12 at 8:29 am }

Third hook up is Angie/Josh (also noticed love bites, Dracula!)
Enjoyed the cop-scene and the kids running off with the donuts.
Am enjoying Stacey fun girl and Benjamin also makes me laugh with his mild pranks
Thought I’d be over BB but for some reason I’m liking most of the crowd in there, Angie still irks me however and yes, Layla is pretty dumb (wot’s gracious mean Big Brother) duh

2 planb { 08.24.12 at 8:55 am }

That wasn’t Brad in the hotdog eating competition, that was Ray the vet, with Zoe and Estelle.

Brad, Ryan, and Ray all have the same peaky, uptight, beaky-looking face to me. Beats me why Ryan is considered the ‘handsome one.’ Also, how is it Estelle has not noticed he’s as dumb as a box of hair?

3 Reality Raver { 08.24.12 at 9:05 am }

Plan B – now that you mention it yes you are right. Not sure why I thought Bradley. Will fix. Zoe would have taken George for sure.

4 The Oracle { 08.24.12 at 10:05 am }

RR get ya specs on!..Michael.”.looks over intelligence??.”. He would be rivaling Josh for the most unattractive guy in the house. Didn’t Layla say she was not attracted to Michael physically but liked his “intelligence”..perhaps hoping some might rub off on her.

5 brain dead dave { 08.24.12 at 10:25 am }

Anyone know what those brown spots/discolourations on Estelle’s legs are? They can’t all be birthmarks.

Layla was my favourite female at the beginning but since she’s demonstrated she’s got the brains of a sheep , she’d be better off going on Farmer Wants A Wife .

6 The Oracle { 08.24.12 at 10:30 am }

Just read somewhere that the nude protester has been revealed but I’m not doing a “spoiler”…

7 Sioux Denim { 08.24.12 at 11:43 am }

That ‘secret’ along with the Royalty secret is on the webiste Oracle…..

Loved Benjamin in the dress and especially loved him taking off my fave scene from True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis… classic!

8 A.P { 08.24.12 at 11:59 am }

All the secrets are on” Behind Big Brother “including the emo one so they are not really secrets anymore.
I liked the cop scene too thought the acting was good and it was a bit funny.
Yes, you would have thought they were on Survivor the way they carried on about the donuts and how hungry they were, surely they don’t starve them in there?
The girls still all annoy me, can’t relate to any of them yet. Please give Layla a dictionary so she can look up words like chaperone, host and gracious, she might learn something.
I’m still hopeful of some older intruders coming in soon.

9 Lisa { 08.24.12 at 1:26 pm }

Angie’s line of “I’ll have to ask you to stop touching me whilst you are offending me” was hilarious.