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Farmer Wants A Wife – The First Girls Leave

It was time for the farmers to decide which one of their ladies to cull. Some decisions were made for the farmers, others had to deliver the bad news.

Gen chose to leave Paul from Gnaraloo. H had twisted it around on them and asked his two girls who wanted to stay. At first it looked like he was again being difficult and trying to twist the format, however he did have a point about the isolation of the place. If they were city girls they have to realise there were not the facilities that they are used to. For a relationship to work out they would have to want to live there. He was being a realist, however not sure he is capable of actually having a relationship. You get the feeling he does not know the meaning of the word compromise.

Jen also decided to leave left Matt’s farm as she did not like the competitive environment she was in. She hinted that she liked him and would be interested to meet him in the outside of the show.

Sam flicked Bek to leave him two girls, lucky for them they had moved from the camp to the outback station. It looked a little like a resort room, and they would have to share.

Tom sent Georgie home which was a tad surprising, even though she was kooky and his mother’s pick he had gone in for a kiss. Kirsty who spends the whole time weeping and looking like she will do anything to get him was safe. Though maybe a kiss doesn’t mean anything from Tom as he also gave one to Shauna.

Nikko flicked Sally which was no surprise. However it was Rachel that was getting a lot of the air time. She is perfect reality TV fodder, a high opinion of herself and prepared to give it, combined with a sad backstory of having her former boyfriend dying from melanoma. At that point she did appear genuine when she said she was sick of dating city boys. Or maybe she was just being canny enough to play the reality TV game.

Finally surfer Todd from Tasmania decided to tell Suki to go home, the attractive blond will have no shortage of mates once she gets back to the mainland.

Do you think there will be a long term relationship emerge from this series of Farmer Wants A Wife?

Farmer Wants A Wife screens on NINE on Wednesday and Thursday at 8.00pm

Todd asked Suki to leave


1 AJ { 08.24.12 at 8:21 am }

There has always been something quite charming and quaint about FWAW – a little CWA BUT this season Urghhh awful guys, some unlike able girls. Be very surprised RR if any lasting relationships out of this season.

2 Gidgit { 08.24.12 at 10:41 am }

I’m not seeing any real relationships emerging from this lot.I could be wrong, but I’m not seeing any real ‘love’ from any of the farmers for really any of the skan…I mean girls.

Farmer Blurgh (Sam) was no suprises when he booted the ‘chunkier’ blonde girl. He’s just in it to get his end in. Those two remaining girls need to saddle up and take off on a horsey pronto never to return. Just keep riding girls – just keep riding.

3 brain dead dave { 08.24.12 at 10:48 am }

Hard to see any of these socially adrift ar$eholes managing to hook up with these bawling skanks. Cupid’s wasting his cattle prod on this lot.

4 A.P { 08.24.12 at 12:28 pm }

Won’t be any lasting relationships in this lot!
The farmers are the most unappealing lot this time around, those girls can do a lot better.
Gen had the perfect excuse for leaving, that she missed her kids. It was an easy way out for her even though she knew going on the show would mean being away from her kids.
I don’t think Paul is capable of loving someone, he seems selfish, and as for Sam, well I went off him when I saw how rude he was to the other girl who came along!

5 Georgie { 08.24.12 at 12:52 pm }

I think Matt and Nikko seem genuine about finding a partner.
Tom looks like a kid let loose in the lolly shop.
As Gidgit said, Sam is after getting his end away – funny how much trouble he’s going to for his end though.
Paul and Todd are already in deep, meaningful relationships with the voices in their heads, so there’s probably no room for anyone else.

6 FWAW fan { 08.24.12 at 5:12 pm }

Rachel is my favourite! She doesn’t sugar coat it, she is just honest and real – which is what reality tv is supposed to be about! She just has a hard exterior, probably to hide her true sadness. Poor girl is just putting up barriers so that she doesn’t get hurt again

7 Culinary Boner { 08.24.12 at 5:38 pm }

Sam is clearly of the “Fat Chicks: shoot ’em, don’t root ’em” school of thought*… while my fixation on Ajay puts me firmly in the “root ’em, shoot ’em” camp.

I thought this show was Farmer Wants a Wife not Itinerant Farm Labourer Wants a Wife? Why is Sam on this show?

* I’ll be looking for this sticker on the quad bike bdd mentioned Sam would use for what could only be called the ‘exercise of romance’.

8 Isabel { 08.24.12 at 6:05 pm }

Oh CB! I was so bored that I was playing solitaire at the same time as watching, so missed two of the girls taking themselves out. The men are thick, the girls are just as thick. God knows what Kirsty will be like when she’s booted off …

9 Daze { 08.24.12 at 6:19 pm }

CB I would have thought ‘100’s’ of Farmers would have applied, seeing the success of some on past seasons, why oh why did FWAF production team then choose some of these doozies? I ask you. Who’d want to be up at Nalladoola or wherev ‘I sleep on an iron bed on the paddock’ guy is wtf – are they that desperate for ‘Farmers’ to choose the like of him and Sam Rootanything?

10 Daisy { 08.24.12 at 9:22 pm }

I was so upset for Sally when she was sent home! She was so lovely and genuine… I want her to have her own show to help her find her true love. Don’t worry Sally – Nikko is a loser :-)

11 Reality Raver { 08.24.12 at 10:23 pm }

Daisy – You reckon? I thought Sally looked awkward the whole time. That date she went on with Nikko was hard to watch, I felt sorry for her.

Daze – Imagine staying with a guy who said he has not slept inside for 16 years.

FWAW Fan – Maybe she is getting some dodgy editing.

AJ – I can’t see it either. Which is a pity.

AP – Paul will never get another lady it is either his way or the high way I suspect.

CB – thanks for sharing…

12 kristy mcmillan { 08.28.12 at 6:48 pm }

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13 kristy mcmillan { 08.28.12 at 7:56 pm }

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