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Big Brother Australia – Nominations And No Real Surprises

There did not appear to many tears for Charne when she left but she gave a nice farewell video, except of course if you were Ryan and Bradley then it was not that great.

She basically was monosyllabic about Ryan, and she told Bradley “to be very wary of what you say and how you say it to people, as that can be detrimental.”

He was shortly going to find out just how detrimental when it came to nominations.

However before nominations Benjamin was taken into the diary room and taken to task about throwing water in Bradley’s face. He was told it was borderline aggressive behaviour and he needs to reconsider it. He appeared to acknowledge his behaviour was not good and apologised to Brad. However George revealed later the Benjamin had slapped him after they lost the secret challenges last night. Clearly Big Brother does not think that was a sign of aggression.

The George and Layla romance continues with them cosying up, it was amusing that the previous week George had thrown some nomination points her way.

Estelle was having a post-elimination show chat with Ryan and said you will either love or hate me. Estelle is a tad deluded about herself, however she also is delusional about other people as she told Big Brother that Ryan was a multi faceted.

Nominations were the same as last week, all housemates had five points to dish and they had to give a reason, and Big Brother was starting to get tough with this. Since the boys failed the secrets task they were the only ones that could be nominated.

The three boys that are up for elimination this week are Benjamin who received 17 points and Ryan and Bradley who received 16 points each. Benjamin looked shocked when he heard the news.

Who they nominated:

  • Estelle gave three points for Benjamin, and two points to Michael as a strategic vote as he will “survive in the house”;
  • Stacey gave Brad three points for rudness, and gave Ray two points;
  • Zoe nominated Bradley for three points, and Ryan for two points;
  • Sarah nominated four points to Michael and one point to Josh;
  • Layla gave Ryan three points and two points for Benjamin;
  • Angie gave three points to Bradley and two points to Ray;
  • Josh gave Ryan three points and George two points. His rationale was they were the two that had breached the rules of the secrets. Not sure why Big Brother was querying him about this as it was a legitimate excuse, they would not have been sitting there if they had had four lives;
  • Ray gave Benjamin four points, and he gave one point to Bradley;
  • George gave Ben four points as he said he slapped him, and one point for Ryan due to not helping;
  • Ryan gave Bradley four points and one point for Benjamin;
  • Michael gave two points to Ryan and three points to Ray;
  • Bradley gave three points to Ben for having had a cup of water thrown at him, and two points to Ryan; and
  • Benjamin gave Ryan  three points and Bradley two points.


1 Sioux Denim { 08.27.12 at 11:07 pm }

I really hope Benjamin doesnt get the flick- although a lot of B-Rad lovers will say different – we dont seem to be seeing all of what is happening in the house and as you mentioned before RR – a good edit goes a long way… B-Rad’s comment – eventually we did hear it – to Benjmin was condescending and did reek of bullyism (is that a word?) ……..

Am really liking Stacey and Zoe – tell it like it is girls!

2 Reality Raver { 08.27.12 at 11:17 pm }

Sioux Denim – I might flick Ben a vote, because even though he is bitchy about everyone he at least keeps it interesting. Hopefully Ryan will go and then Estelle will hook up with Brad. Now THAT would be a plot line.

3 Ari { 08.27.12 at 11:22 pm }

If Estelle really is the gay-hating fake like her skater profile says, I’d see this as a bit sneaky. She obviously would want Ben to be evicted instead of her two ‘pets’ Brad and Ryan.

I want Ryan to leave. I find it hard to find him entertaining in any way, especially by what he says.

4 Reality Raver { 08.27.12 at 11:24 pm }

Ari – Agree he adds nothing to the show. Even though he hooked up with Estelle we are not seeing anything of that.

5 Isabel { 08.28.12 at 6:59 am }

What has the education system done! None of the inmates seems capable of stringing a sentence together … I put on sub titles and even they were confused as they came up with a lot of goggledegook!

6 Daze { 08.28.12 at 8:54 am }

I don’t understand why all of them, well most of them, cover their mouths when they nominate. Is the glass in the booth, reflective?

I found BB to be entertaining with his wry comments, one being ‘move on, this is not a Hallmark card…’. So far, their reasons for nominating someone, are quite feeble.

Stacey reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, cute and goofy

7 brain dead dave { 08.28.12 at 9:01 am }

A multi- faceted turd is still a turd. Ryan’s porch lights are on- but just nobody home. It’s only teenage wasteland.

Time to roll the closing credits on the blockbuster without a story line.

8 Kelsta { 08.28.12 at 9:35 am }

brain dead dave: I agree, you can’t polish a turd!

Ryan needs to go as he is dead weight in the house.

Angie is starting to grate on me with her insecurities.

Keep Benjamin for the conflict and B-Rad for his “attackive” behaviour…hahaha, had to laugh at that one!

More air time of George and Layla – who doesn’t like seeing beautiful people get it on?

I like Stace and hope she wins.

9 A.P { 08.28.12 at 9:38 am }

You’re right BDD about it being a teenage wasteland, probably all the teens out there on Facebook will vote for Benjamin as he’s one of the “oldies” left. That leaves only Sarah left over 30 so how boring is it going to be!
Wish they wouldn’t cover their mouths when nominating, they are hard enough to understand as it is without that muffled sound.
They seem to make up words as they go along, and have trouble saying what they mean ( Brad excepted, he’s doing well ). Was Estelle the high school dropout? I wouldn’t be so proud of that if I were her.
Funniest line was from BB with his Hallmark comment.

10 A.P { 08.28.12 at 10:17 am }

They just had Pete Timbs on tv talking about BB and he says that Ryan should go as he is not entertaining and adds nothing to the conversations. BB has been saying for years to keep in the interesting people and as an ex housemate I guess Pete (from series 1) should know.
Also on SMH site there is an interesting look at the camera runs behind the house, and an interview with Sonia.

11 bron { 08.28.12 at 11:04 am }

i don’t know how it happened or why it happened but ray has now become my favourite – along with layla and stacey.

anyways, i hope ryan is out this sunday. i can’t stand him, i feel bad for the girls who feel insecure about their bodies around him. he is the worst.

12 bbfan { 08.28.12 at 12:37 pm }

Stacey or Michael for the win…without them I’d be bored out of my mind.