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Big Brother Australia – Queensland Won’t Be Getting The Finale Live

Queensland viewers are not going to be very happy when they realise they won’t be seeing the Big Brother finale live.

Due to the lack of day light saving in Queensland the show will be shown an hour later than it is in NSW and Victoria.

Now non-eastern sea board states have always had to contend with spoilers that came through via Facebook and Twitter, now Queensland will. What is ironic is the show is actually filmed in that State on the Gold Coast.

You would think for one night they could either move back the viewing time for Victoria and NSW or bring forward the viewing time for Queenslanders.

Source: TV Tonight

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1 A.P { 08.27.12 at 12:00 pm }

This happens all the time here, there are many people in QLD who want daylight saving, especially from the border to the Sunshine Coast, but you can’t convince Queenslanders further north that it would be a good thing.
When BB was on channel 10, it was out of daylight saving time so it didn’t matter, however, its happened before with other shows such as AGT, XFACTOR, AUST IDOL etc, so we are used to it.
Also all the breakfast shows are never live for Qld during daylight saving time, always an hour behind.