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The Shire – Some Alternate Plot Lines To Give The Show Some Oopmh

The Shire is limping towards it end with the final episode next week, but don’t expect a cliff hanger. The show will never be on our screens again due to the low numbers of people watching it.

Whilst watching tonight’s episode I was wondering if some alternate plot lines might have made the show a bit more exciting.

Here are my suggestions for tonight’s episode:

Actual plotline: Kris has a crush on Beckaa and Stacey sets Beckaa on a blind date with him.

Alternate plotline: Love triangle with Stacey crushing on Kris, Kris crushing on Beckaa and Becka crushing on herself.

Actual plotline: Mitch and his monosyllabic dad try and have a conversation whilst fishing, neither of those ventures were successful. Mitch then invites him home for a BBQ.

Alternate plotline: Mitch and Dad actually have a conversation using words with more than two syllables in them. Mitch invites Dad home without realising his mother still has an AVO out against him.

Actual Plotline: Beckaa’s father drives her to her date.

Alternate Plotline: Beckaa telling her father she needed a break.

Actual Plotline: Sophie and Vernesa hired a receptionist and gave her a makeover.

Alternate Plotline: Sophie and Vernesa hire receptionist, she steals the fat burner machine. Once Sophie and Vernesa realise they chase after her and have a rumble at the shopping centre where they work. Oh hang on part of that did occur they just did not have the cameras rolling.

Can you think of any alternate plot lines for the show? Is anyone still watching it?


1 Bolders { 09.04.12 at 11:22 am }

Oh it was bad. So very, very, bad.
Only thing worse than the entire show was the one moment when Beckaa’s jaws opened wide for that awkard kiss from her gay date (oh come on!).

Maybe the era of talentless, monosyllabic people on TV is finally over.
Maybe now TV executives will ask the wannabes “What exactly is your talent and can you start a sentence other than Nah, but Yeah…? Well can you?”

2 Culinary Boner { 09.04.12 at 1:22 pm }

Get that Fat Pizza guy to write the next script.
And bring back Sleek the Elite –
to start Cronulla riots Mk2.