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Farmer Wants A Wife – More Girls Go Home

It was meet the parent’s episode at at the end of it another girl was sent home.

However Paul did not have to send Vanessa home she left and it looks like they won’t be contacting each other again. Not sure we will see him on our screen again, he just looks difficult to deal with. Also does he have any friends?

Surfer Todd sent home Sara after he called her a bogan and she was not happy about it.

Tom’s brothers were meeting his girls, his parents are not around have they passed away or just got the hell out of there when the camera crews arrived?  He ended up sending home Kristy. He sobbed on her shoulder apologising for what he put her through.

On Nikko’s farm Rachel was cooking the lunch whilst the other girls slept. Interesting that when his mum went and woke them up they were not in their pyjamas. Nikko ended up sending Millie home.

On Matt’s farm Brittany went fishing and brought back two small trout not sure how that will feed them all. He ended up sending Kirsten home.

Sam’s mum was a delight and he revealed that when mum’s choice turned up at 4.30am with breakfast he had been with another woman in the tent.

The girls were cooking them lunch in what looked like a industrial kitchen. The “homestead” looks more like a resort. They had a relaxed lunch probably with the knowledge that Sam did not have to send anyone home.

Still can’t work out if there will be any long term relationships from this show but Sam and Nikko look like the best bet at this stage.


1 A.P { 09.06.12 at 9:21 am }

Run Vanessa as fast as you can away from that loser Paul! You deserve better than him.

2 Daze { 09.06.12 at 9:22 am }

Shame that Paul was chosen for the show, someone who was more committed to finding a wife would have been better viewing. Vanessa was way to desperate in speed dating anyhow. Still, think she’s dodged a bullet. It’s very isolating where he lives.

Todd kettle-black! He’s pretty bogan himself with his beanie, oy! And he doesn’t come across as being seriously ready for a commitment. Don’t blame her for not saying goodbye (well, we don’t know because of editing…but….)

Don’t feel the girls are getting much air time as in previous shows, which is a shame but glad Sara, Kristy and Rachael have gone. Sara didn’t seem too invested in Todd, Rachael is in there simply because she is competitive and is a player, not a stayer and enough already with all the crying Kristy did, really not ready herself for a commitment (or couldn’t cope with competition) so it’s no surprise she has gone.

Seems like most of the boys liked the girls they chose, rather than who mum chose. Be interesting to see who Matt finally chooses as he is the only one who kept a mum-choice.

I think the only really serious guy is Tom and I think he will find a long term relationship. This show has lost it’s original sparkle, where the real life romances, marriages and babies happened afterwards. Is it the wrong mix of Farmers?

3 FWAW fan { 09.06.12 at 12:09 pm }

Daze, Rachel did’nt get asked to leave. it was Millie that left Nikko’s farm. Seem that Nikko like both Rachel and Jade.. it’s going to be a tough one! rachel is so funny and interesting, but Jade is just so chilled and lovely.
Leah is my pick for Todd’s farm, looks like they both have an odd sense of humour!

4 Daze { 09.06.12 at 12:59 pm }

thanks for that FWAW fan, perhaps a bit of wishful thinking on my part re Rachel,
Still don’t think Todd is ready to be a grown up yet, much like Paul, enjoys his solitude

5 Georgie { 09.07.12 at 6:42 am }

It would have been six of one to half a dozen of the other which weeping woman Tom sent home – Kirsty or Shauna. Bloody hell, all the sobbing would be a put-off for any red blooded Aussie bloke – I mean if that’s their modus operandi for winning a heart they’ll be single for a long time.

I started off not liking Rachel but I’ve warmed to her a bit more over the last two eps. Apart from those other two not being in their pj’s, they also didn’t look like they’d just been asleep when they were ‘woken’ by mum. The whole thing looked like a set-up, but not one of Rachel’s doing.

I was surprised Matt sent Kirsten home. To me she ‘looked’ the best bet, but maybe there was more to her than her looks.

Sam will end up with the blonde – poor girl. What a life – if she wants to spend time with him she’ll have to follow him around the outback on a freaking horse.

Todd is odd. He’s also the dead spit of his mother. Not sure whether he’s very serious about any of this though. I think he’s having too much fun being a single bloke. He’ll probably want to start looking when he’s all shrivelled and wiry like feral Paul.

6 Nardigras { 09.07.12 at 1:29 pm }

LOL shrivelled and wiry! Spot ON Georgie :)