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Mel B And Keith Urban To Be Poached To Overseas Shows?

In the olden days of reality TV in Australia, reality shows were seen as a last ditch career move.

If you were in a career slump chances were you would end up on a show. However now it appears Australian show’s are turning into a training ground with stars being poached for the bigger overseas versions.

Keith Urban has apparently approached to be a judge on American Idol. The show is being re-jigged with judges Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez gone and Randy Jackson being made a mentor.

Keith was the surprise packet of The Voice Australia with everyone falling in love with him, it is no surprise American Idol want him, and no wonder their 21 million plus viewers that tuned into this year’s finale. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

However it should be noted he would be working with Mariah Carey who has signed on to be a judge on the show. He would be a great counter balance to her.

Mel B is the other person said to be getting a bigger role on The X Factor UK. She has guest judged on the program before but after seeing her on the Australian version they think she has what it takes to take on the high profile role in her home country.