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Big Brother – Is Sarah Just Like Estelle?

The Estelle/Sarah feud continued with Sarah having an issue over baked beans that Estelle was cooking. What is interesting is Sarah accuses Estelle of personality traits that she has herself. It is no wonder Estelle is feeling a little put out at the moment.

Stacey is having negative feelings about Bradley saying she hates him. She said she asked him to do the dishes last night but she ended up doing them.

The house versus house challenge was to draw a group portrait, house two won as theirs was far more professional. The public apparently voted the winner and when they lost they thought the public liked the people in house two more.

Josh spoke to Big Brother outlining his concern that with a second house he was not getting his time in the sun aka on camera.

Benjamin is taking his role as house leader seriously and it is going to his head. He shouted down Bradley who looked upset and also has become autocratic. In the end he gave a speech about how the house had to believe there was a second house. So now he has turned into Big Brother’s thought police as well.

The George and Layla scenario continue she said she was going to sleep apart from him, however a chocolate from the Captain’s Quarters and she was putty in his hands. He claims she is the thing keeping him sane in the house.

You get the feeling that the George scenario might end up keeping him sane but might end up sending Layla bonkers.



1 Stacey { 09.08.12 at 1:46 pm }

Can we please PLEASE get rid of Sarah.

2 brain dead dave { 09.08.12 at 2:11 pm }

Surly Sarah really has it in for Estelle now. Embarrassing stuff from her in the diary room. To think I wasted precious moments seeing Collingwood get beaten to watch her bunny boiling schtick.

Australia would have to be out of it’s collective mind to save her.

It’s time to go …………and **** yourself,Sarah.

Pooor Josh…not getting enough time in the camera sun. We see him showering , working out and he gets plenty of coverage in spite of being on par with that cardboard Gosling replica personality wise.

Captain bitch with the Hitler haircut ain’t making it with the

“zere vill be a haus 2,yah? “

3 Isabel { 09.08.12 at 2:32 pm }

How I’d love to hear Gretel say .. and it’s time to go Sarah .. instead of the softly, softly approach by Sonia – there is absolutely no drama ..

It’s hilarious! How does Josh know that he’s not getting much coverage! I think he wears girls’ leggins and he’s always looking at himself in one of the mirrors around the compound. And what’s with almost everyone flicking their hair – sign of insecurity or vanity or whatever.

Sorry you missed the footy BDD (:

4 Suziekue { 09.08.12 at 2:55 pm }

Not getting enough time in the sun…..mwhahaha – oh the vanity of it!

And I weally like little Bwadley – I think his lack of social skills is endearing in an aspy sort of way and more than outweighed by his overall intelligence. Little does Michael realise that his so-called high IQ is more than outmatched by Bradley’s and possibly even Angie’s. People like Bradley provide some real live colour to the house as opposed to the beigey narcissistic personalities of the likes of Josh, Sarah, Estelle, Ray, etc etc etc etc….oh damn nearly all of the rest of the housemates.

5 A.P { 09.08.12 at 5:00 pm }

Yeah , I’m sick of the hair flicking too, don’t they realise we see them all the time (sort of ) so they don’t need to fix their hair in the diary room.
Please Sarah, go! She is such a pain but what will Ben do without her? Hell, he will be trapped in a house with immature 20 somethings ( and Bradley).
Why did BB make the house 2 portrait look so professional, they are not fooling the housemates at all, the whole thing could have been done so much better.
Also why don’t they draw up a roster so that Bradley does his share of the housework instead of whinging about him all the time?
Layla is anybodys for a chocolate!

6 Isabel { 09.09.12 at 5:50 pm }

I’m watching the catchup stuff as I missed bits and pieces during the week – and I wonder if I missed Ben being appointed head of house, or did he appoint himself? He’s a real bitch!