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Big Brother Australia – Sarah Evicted From The House

It was no surprise that Sarah was evicted tonight on Big Brother as she had an horrendous edit last week. What was a surprise was that Ray received 50 per cent of the vote to save him. This will reinforce his “nice guys don’t finish last mantra”.

Also they changed things up on stage for the live eviction show this week with Sonia and Sarah both sitting on chairs, though they did look a little awkward swinging around on them. It is amazing how together Sarah was as they go straight from the house to the stage with barely time to catch her breath and then she was hit with the fact that only 18 per cent of people had voted to save her.

We also got to meet her bloke Ryan which was a first for this series as in the olden Big Brother days normally a friend or family member would come onto the stage to give them a bit of support. He seemed nervous and she is definitely the talker in that relationship.

She also revealed she wanted Benjamin, Stacey or Zoe to win and she admitted that in the first seven days a lot of self doubt creeps in. Β Also she said she fell into the mother role, as she was not the smartest or funniest person in the house.

The other big event on Big Brother tonight was the housemates were finally put out of the misery and told house two was not real. Well in fact they were shown it when they a scene was panned back on revealed actors being filmed. Even when they were shown there were cameras it took them awhile to get it.

Obviously they went nuts and I did notice in one outside shot that Josh and Layla were having a cuddle.

But apparently the love triangle is Angie, Josh and Estelle. Though Angie and Layla were drunk in the diary room bitching to Big Brother about Estelle who they think is trying to hit onto their guys. Not that they said they really cared…… No one believes them however.

Benjamin is trying to get Josh to ditch Angie and get onto Estelle. He is totally machiavellian but a lot of fun. Highly unlikely he will win the series as he won’t be perceived as being nice, but he is certainly entertaining. Maybe there is a more sophisticated reality TV viewer out there these days who wants to reward the person who kept them watching the series and not just the nice bland ones.

An intruder enters the house tomorrow night, and by the looks of her she is a looker, also the Sunday Telegraph today mentioned she was a singer from Melbourne. Estelle won’t like the hotness competition but will like having a girl who might be civil to her in the house.

It was no surprise that Sarah gave the super power to Ben. Will it be the same as Estelle received last week or will they mix it up a bit? What we do know is that Benjamin will use it to his full advantage.

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1 Isabel { 09.10.12 at 7:05 am }

They must have been reading this blog – chairs and relatives!

So glad she’s gone …

2 Daze { 09.10.12 at 8:29 am }

Had a lol moment with Ben in diary room as an upside down 7 talking to BB
Sarah was so annoying worrying more about her fans in the audience than paying attention to Sonia who was on the verge of saying ‘look at moi, look at moi’ – aaah, fleeting fame
Wonder who is going to get nom nom’d tonight

3 A.P { 09.10.12 at 9:46 am }

I thought the same thing ISABEL, how funny that they took our advice and had chairs to sit on, and brought Sarah’s boyfriend in. It was so much better that way, although a comfortable couch would be better than spinning around on those stools.
So glad Sarah went, she sounded like a broken record saying she was 30 all the time, its not like she’s an old lady for heavens sake!
Ben is good trying to cause trouble between the housemates, he is entertaining and trying to make the show more intersting for us.
Pity the intruder is yet again another hot young thing, so predictable.

4 Reality Raver { 09.10.12 at 9:54 am }

AP – maybe put in to ruffle the alpha girls feathers. I suspect Angie won’t be happy at all.

Isabel – LOL. Also it appears they spent a bit longer interviewing her, which was great. HOwever apparently there was a party in the house on Friday night and we did not see any of it.

Daze – I suspect Sarah was stunned, but yes that is where the skill of the interviewer.

5 Suziekue { 09.10.12 at 10:23 am }

Ho hum – another hottie enters the house to support the ongoing GenY love narrative of BB. So I guess that puts paid to any hopes of increasing the diversity of either the inmates or the topics of conversation in the house. I wish they’d all wear labels so I could remember who is who. Maybe name stickers on their foreheads would help πŸ˜‰

And yes, the chairs did make a difference, but obviously organised by a bloke who never had to sit on a high swinging perch in a short skirt and keep one’s girl’s bits nice. Sonya must have been forewarned, because she was wearing pants. And yes, some transitioning questions from inside world to ouside world would be nice before slamming them with the shitty results of their eviction votes. This could be left to last. But not sure that BB’s people would be overly acquainted with Good Interviewing Techniques 1:01.

6 A.P { 09.10.12 at 11:05 am }

I agree, and also can BB stop them saying Nom Noms all the time! It is irritating and makes them sound like two year olds.