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Big Brother – Ray, Estelle and Angie Nominated, And Ava Enters The House

If anyone was wondering why Sarah was eliminated just watch her good bye video as she continued to dish out patronising advice. Zoe was upset as were Benjamin and Stacey but the rest of the house were pretty non-plussed about her leaving.

Most of the recap episode was taken up with the aftermath of Sarah leaving where basically there was none except for a grieving Zoe, most of the other contestants were non-plussed by it all. However there was a party in the house Friday night but the viewer has not seen anything off it. Maybe nothing exciting happened, or conversely maybe an orgy occurred and because of the family friendly nature of the show we are not seeing it.

Sarah said to day she found the saucy conversations between Angie and Zoe hard to handle, but we the viewer have not heard one of them.

Estelle clearly has a crush on Josh and when she gave him a hug she told him he smelt nice. It was interesting that she did not try and jump into bed with him while Angie was in the naughty corner for cursing. You get the feeling Josh is feeling a bit confined by the girls who have crushes on him, that is Angie and Estelle.

The main part of the night was nominations and Sarah giving Benjamin the super power which this week was ten nomination points to be split between four people, and at least he was not afraid to use it.

Michael gave two points to Estelle because she is unable to communicate about anything normally and 3 points to Ray due to being lacklustre in conversation and he does not find him super interesting.

Stacey gave Ray three points because he is arrogant and two points for Angie for not believing the house two challenges and was bratty.

George gave three points to Angie because she is lazy and two points to Bradley for giving smart arse comments.

Layla gave four points to Estelle as she can’t form a relationship with her and one point to Bradley for saying sarcastic comments to people.

Josh gave three points to Ray as he is very competitive and two points to Bradley because he needs prompting to do chores in the kitchen. It was amusing when BB told Josh ” You do realise this is a competition?”.

Ray gave four points to Angie for  food stashing particularly chocolate and protein, and Ben was given one point for bitching about him.

Zoe gave three points to Estelle, and Ray two points for being aggressive.

Bradley nominated Benjamin for three points for being aggressive and bossy towards him and two points to Stacey because she won’t discuss serious topics. Clearly he has guessed she hates him.

Benjamin nominated Estelle for four points for being reckless, Ray for one point for aggression. He then nominated Bradley for four points as he treats him differently, and gave one point to Angie because she is worried Estelle is taking a position from her in the house. For some reason this indicated there was a hierarchy in the house.

Angie gave three points to Estelle for being stand offish and two points to Ray.

Estelle gave Zoe two points for giving sly looks across the table, and gave three points to Stacey for a similar reason.

Up for eviction are Estelle on 16 points, Ray on 14 points, and Angie on ten. Estelle and Ray looked like they were expecting it, but Angie was not.

Ava the new hot girl armed with singing credentials and a communications degree is an intruder who entered the house tonight. At this stage she is just locked up in the captain’s quarters with no housemate the wiser she is there.

She has seen the show so she knows how people are being presented this must help her work out who to align herself with.

It could be very interesting to see how the girls react and props to Josh for saying the intruder should be hot to ruffle the girls feathers.



1 Rob { 09.11.12 at 4:42 am }

The Friday night party appeared in the Sunday night Daily Show during the Eviction. There was no orgy.

2 A.P { 09.11.12 at 8:05 am }

It would have been nice to have seen Ava actually walk into the house properly last night to surprise everyone live instead of merely putting her in the holding room. I would have liked to see their reaction to her instead of having to wait until tonight.
When we finally see her enter the house it will be edited as usual, we hardly get to see anything live any more.
I’m getting a bit sick of seeing the same people nominated every time, its clear that one group is really trying hard to get rid of the other group. Hopefully Angie will go next.
Rob, I don’t remember seeing the Friday night party, what did they actually show, it can’t have been much!

3 Rob { 09.11.12 at 8:55 am }

It wasn’t a themed “party” per se so no dress ups or anything but there was the Angie/Josh/Estelle love triangle, Ben pulling them out of bed, stealing chocolate in the kitchen etc.

4 Stacey { 09.11.12 at 10:25 am }

I was so disappointed Ava didn’t actually enter the house. The live shows need to be a little bit longer I think. They’re not showing everything!

5 Sioux Denim { 09.11.12 at 12:20 pm }

What a cop out – Ava enters the house my arse! Am really getting sick of this show, but bloody cant stop watching it!!!

Benjamin is so playing the game – he needs to be very careful with whom he aligns himself with.

That was an interesting montage BB showed of particular goups of HM’s voting for the same person….there certainly is a clique forming and Michael/Josh very much part of it…..

6 brain dead dave { 09.11.12 at 12:33 pm }

Ava’s 29, I thought maybe she was younger. The promos are saying she’s smart- but then we’ve been sucker punched with the Michael is a genius etc and he doesn’t even know the Capital of Tasmania.

It’s more about entering Ava than Ava entering the house so far.

I started getting tired of Ava after the first “O my gosh” but she looks certain to if not “ruffle some feathers”, make some of the girls surly.

I’ve heard from an impeccable source- second hand via Women’s Weekly, that her and Layla don’t hit it off very well. Maybe George finally comes to life when he sees Ava.

One of the guys has to spend some one on one or maybe the night with Ava in the captain’s quarters tonight. Hope it’s with Bradley. That should attract a gaggle of eavesdroppers and get both the guys and a few of the girls jealous.

Glad to see Angie up for eviction. Eating the chocolate and elite proteins before Ray gets to them is a flimsy excuse for him nominating her, though.

7 Bilsey { 09.11.12 at 12:37 pm }

Best line from “nom noms” was Michael’s justification for nominating Estelle when requested by BB for an example of her inability to have a serious discussion. “when having a discussion about how we are being perceived on the outside she stuffed a piece of lavender in her nose and said meow” LMFAO so need to see a clip of that!

8 Isabel { 09.11.12 at 1:15 pm }

RR – totally agree about how patronising Sarah was in her video – goodness me, who does she think she is!!

Nom noms FFS – they are adults – adults who seem unable to string two words together to make a sentence. Even the so called genius. Estelle said retrospect instead of respect somewhere in the process.

The worry is that people like Bradley and Benjamin end up getting close to the finale …. none of them are worthy of any prize money at all!

9 brain dead dave { 09.11.12 at 1:22 pm }

I don’t think the h/mates are smart enough for “nom noms” to be a corruption of or play on “num nums” from the Peter Sellers film The Party.

I just think they’re “dum dums”. On that note- how nauseatingly dumb was Josh calling intruders “trudies”, ffs?

10 A.P { 09.11.12 at 2:53 pm }

They are like babies, my kids as babies used to say “I want my dum dum”, instead of dummy. These housemates remind me of that so much, and as for “trudies”, for heavens sake GROW UP people, you are so irritating!
I wish the fat guy from fake house 2 was the intruder instead of another bimbo even though all the promos assured us that we were not going to get people like that, they were going to be everyday people just like you and me, sure Big Brother, anything you say!

11 jessica5 { 09.11.12 at 11:21 pm }