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The X Factor – Overseas And The Mentors Have Been Decided

It was off to New York for the over and under 25’s and the groups were sent to London to be mentored by Ronan Keating and sing for One Direction.

Nat Bassingthwaite gets to mentor the under 25 girls, Mel B the under 25 boys, and Guy Sebastian is mentoring the over 25’s.

This means Guy’s friend Samantha Jade is in his group. He did say to camera that if she  is not the best he won’t be picking her. Chances are she will get through as she is one of the better singers in that group.

They contestants would be singing to Usher, Kesha, Alicia Keys and One Direction.

Mel B was the first to get her guys into rehearsals to practice before they sing before the unknown superstars.

Adil was told by Mel B to stop freaking out as he freaks out about freaking out. She did have a point.

Carmello who has the voice but not the look needs to get his timing right. Matt Gresham looks like he should cruise through to the live shows as his voice is mesmorising.

Mel B was mentoring well and making them change to their songs when she thought their first choice was not suitable. Josh again was looking like he was going to be flakey with his performance. The more I see of him the more I am underwhelmed by him.

At the over 25’s rehearsals with Guy Sebastian, Nathaniel was told he was sliding back into his audition phase and Guy changed his song to When A Man’s Love A Woman and he also showed Nathaniel that he could hit the notes.

Cowboy Justin Sandley surely must not make it to the live shows, his schtick is starting to get boring, as is the constant reminder he has not seen his kids for twelve years. I wonder what the ex-wife is thinking about all this. Normally in these cases there are two sides to the story.

Daniela was told by Guy to show some emotion and she did, crying, after the rehearsal.

Chris the soapie actor from the Phillipines was going to struggle to get to the live performances because Guy is not a fan and it looks like after this rehearsal that Guy was not going to revise his opinion on this.

Also Guy was not thrilled about Rob coming in under prepared. He also told his friend Samantha that her voice was good but she needed to work on her performance.

At the under 25’s rehearsal Bella managed to remember her words to her song when rehearsing with Nat B, however it was Shiane who cracked. The young girl has kept it all together during auditions and super boot camp but the pressure is starting to hit now, she is just far to young to be there.

The other fourteen year old Vendulka is far more composed except she did over sing and Nat B advised her to pull it back.

Morgan who has been living on food parcels and living in a pub has a bit of a desperate vibe about her in relation to wanting it to much. Personally I did not think the song suited her voice but Nat B did not change it.

Nat did change Bella Hunter’s song as she was singing Empire State of Mind (New York) by Alicia Keys but she was mangling it and she had to swap her song to Umbrella.

Angel Tupai has no problem with her voice but needs some help with performance said Nat B. She needs to know she can connect with the audience at home. Nat B is being strategic she knows it is all about the votes.

Shiane cracked up because of nerves, but what was interesting was this was the first time we have heard about her physical disability. She had to have her feet operated on when she was a baby and can’t run around or wear high heels.

In London Ronan was mentoring the groups. He told Fortunate needed to pull it back a bit. He also told What About Tonight the teeny bopper boy group were told they needed to be cooler.

D & D the twins from Melbourne should start fashion blogging rather than singing with the amount of thought put into their outfits. In rehearsal they ended up mangling a One Direction song. Ronan changed their song as he would have been embarrassed when One Direction actually does turn up. I am sure D&D were relieved as well when they realised who they were performing for. These twins don’t have much talent.

The male super group that the judges had cobbled together were told they needed to focus more on the stronger singers and they really did improve by the next day when they sang before One Direction.

The same could not be said for the girls, and even though One Direction were perving on the girls, Ronan was saying their group did not have much chemistry.

Tomorrow night the overseas visits continue and then the culling will begin.

The X Factor on SEVEN, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm.


1 bella vita { 09.10.12 at 11:16 pm }

I actually know who the final 12 are already but won’t say anything on here.
The Groups are pathetic….and as for the Bass…she knows very little about being a good trainer and needs a lot of coaching herself

2 brain dead dave { 09.11.12 at 12:57 pm }

Thanks b v . I generally enjoy the culling from 24 down to 12 , when the super trawler of obscurity comes to harvest the deluded. Hopefully , Josh will be among them, like RR said a totally underwhelming experience.

3 l { 09.11.12 at 1:23 pm }

Oh, I really want to know the top 12! Carmelo’s a good friend and I want to know if he got in :(

4 Fiona { 09.11.12 at 1:51 pm }

I think the male groups are the strongest, but will they feel obliged to put one of the girl groups in to keep things balanced? Boy groups are usually more successful than girl groups (except Spice Girls of course).
I think Guy has his work cut out for him, and that Mel B has the best to choose from, glad to see Bella got her act together – let’s hope she can keep it up.