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Three Of The Shire Girls Are In Court This Week

There was more interesting plot lines happening off camera then on screen on The Shire.

Today Sophie and Vernesa were in court in relation to that fracas they were in earlier this year at a shopping mall. See ACA report from tonight. They have taken out AVO’s against the girl with the knife. Also Sophie and Vernesa are enjoying their fifteen minutes and attended a nose waxing product launch yesterday.

Also Beckaa Noun was in court earlier this week in relation to speeding fines.

The SMH reports Beckaa was saying she needed her licence so she could get to University of Wollongong where she is studying her Communications degree and that instead of the fine she offered to do community service as she said she can’t afford to pay the fine.

She must have lied onscreen then as she spent a couple of grand a week or her father has pulled the credit cards.

Anyway what we do know is Beckaa has had her breast augmentation as she tweeted about it on the night of the final episode of the reality show. She said the operation was filmed but did not make it past the editing suite.

This won’t be the last of The Shire crew in the court room expect to see more over the coming months.

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1 brain dead dave { 09.13.12 at 6:24 pm }

The entire production crew and cast should be in court ,charged with murder for boring viewers to death.