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Big Brother – So Tell Me Again Estelle And Ava Are BFF’s?

Yep got it Ava is hanging out with Estelle. Yes I know they are joined at the hip and are BFF’s after 24 hours in the house. Oh yes I have picked up the other housemates are pissed off about this. And this was the plot line for the hour show last night.

Well except for Michael and Zoe winning the captain’s quarters challenge in a trivia quiz, it was ironic that “intelligent” Estelle bombed out. There must not have been any interesting conversation in the captain quarters between the pair as we saw little of it.

Though Zoe did raise with Michael later on BB Con that the pretty thin girls were affecting her self-esteem. It must hurt her and Bradley who are both nice people that they are passed over for the better looking people in the house. Particularly because everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other well. Big Brother is like real life where beautiful boys hook up with beautiful girls.

The Angie Josh situation must be over as he said in front of her that he wanted to put in some ground work with Ava.  Later Angie became ill and had to go to bed early it would be interesting to know if that comment had anything to do with it.

The Ava/Estelle friendship is not a great strategy for Ava as it is causing resentment with the rest of the housemates.

However maybe the other housemates are not being as nice as they thought. Stacey was slightly obnoxious to her taking the piss out of her about her salad eating.

The animal documentary challenge continued which added little entertainment to the episode.

The other twist was a new chat room which is a cafe. It was no surprise Stacey and Benjamin were the first to be sent in there so they could bitch without anyone busting them. And of course the topic of conversation was Ava. Benjamin said they needed to try and separate the two.

Ironic that Benjamin and Stacey are inseparable as well.

Benjamin told BB that he was enthralled by Stacey saying he saw elements of himself in her.  Possibly because they both like to bitch and gossip. It was not great when Estelle was still awake when Benjamin was bitching about her. It was unclear whether she could actually hear him or not.

Estelle may not know it but her isolation in the house may make her more popular with the outside viewer, as I am certainly feeling sympathetic towards her. It can’t be nice knowing a section of the house that you are trapped in does not like you.


1 Sioux Denim { 09.14.12 at 10:33 am }

God, its getting boring. Ava really isn’t doing herself any favours not mingling with the othe HM’s. I am gathering she will be free from Nom Noms this week – but if she continues to be joined at the hip to Estelle (dependant on whether she evicted) she will be the target for sure.
My hope is that Estelle or Angie get evicted…….

2 brain dead dave { 09.14.12 at 10:39 am }

There’s one element of Benjamin we’ll never see in Stacey.

Fun recap, RR. You used a lot of vinegar. I had visitors but made them sit through Animal Hoarders, Embarrassing Teenage Bodies and $upernanny UK. Only caught the first half hour of BB.

I like Estelle and have like admired her since she like stood up for Bradley after the cake destroying incident where she like said she totally like respected Bradley for voicing his opinion when he was like totally outnumbered. It’s like watching a baby seal being saved from being clubbed how happy she is now Ava’s come into her life. All while Angie’s crashing and burning after being dumped by Josh.

The jungle theme is all wrong. It’s Estelle versus a pack of jackals in there.

3 The Oracle { 09.14.12 at 10:43 am } me cynical RR but Ava and Estelle are “playing the game”, especially Ava.She would have been avidly watching BB before she entered the house and has the inmates(freudian slip there) well and truly sussed. For someone who is supposedly “intelligent”..( well aren’t most of them this series :) ) she’s doing some pretty dumb things.I still say that the boys aren’t that into her but will do what is expected on the show and PLEASE enough of the animal task!

4 Jenny { 09.14.12 at 10:44 am }

Yep so agree with you RR. Feel sorry for Estelle. Why wouldn’t she latch onto Ava when so obviously everyone else in the house dislikes her. And now the house is bitching about that. Poor Estelle is damned either way.

5 Isabel { 09.14.12 at 10:44 am }

I must have missed something, but I don’t understand why everyone is so against Estelle. As a mother I’d be feeling great anguish at seeing how my daughter is being treated and talked about behind her back. I thought Ben was a big enough bitch, but ffs, they are all the same … I think you are right RR, she will probably be safe on Sunday which will make the following week even more horrible for her.

And I don’t particularly care for Ava.

6 A.P { 09.14.12 at 10:56 am }

I feel the same, I can’t understand what Estelle has done wrong, everytime she tries to voice an opinion everyone shouts her down. Why isn’t BB showing us what she’s done? The bitchy crowd are just awful, they should take a good look at themselves. They’ve already decided that they don’t like Ava as she’s a bit “snooty” when they barely know her.
Ben and Stacey are the nasty ones who are joined at the hip talking about everyone and all the sheep like Zoe follow them.
I’m glad Estelle has a friend finally. No one else will talk to her so what is she supposed to do?
Big Brother should stop the bullying, Josh and Michael are shown too much its getting annoying!
Hope Angie goes but it will probably be Estelle poor girl.

7 Stacey { 09.14.12 at 11:25 am }

At the start of the week I really wanted Angie to go, but now Ive done a complete 180 and hope it is Estelle. She is so far up her own ass. Oh, and now Ava’s. At least we would be able to see what Ava is like away from Estelle. I cringed when they were all like ‘ermehgherd berst freirnds…..’
As for Benjamin being bitchy, they’re ALL being bitchy. It’s human nature to bitch. They have nothing else to do in the house anyway and at least its somewhat exciting. It’s all we can hope for now that theres no uncut, uplate or proper confidential.
Having said that, at least theres a new room to look at.

8 KC { 09.14.12 at 4:04 pm }

I feel sorry for Estelle. Yeah she has latched onto Ava but who can blame her! Everyone in the house hates her and constantly bitches about her! Noone has any time for her and yeah we are not sure exactly why but it must be horrible for her to be stuck in a house with a bunch of people who dislike you! If i was her i would have done the same thing. While i found Stacey to be extremely funny at the start, my opinion has completely changed. She is a snarky, rude and a totall nasty BITCH who needs to get off her high horse cause she aint all that and i love Ben but he’s such a typical gossipy Queen!

9 Daze { 09.14.12 at 4:36 pm }

Don’t know why Estelle is hogging Ava who seems to be overly smitten by Estelle (“you are everything I’d like in a partner” gay much?). Ava being 29 and jumping around like a 12 year old? How odd. No-one makes BFF within 24 hrs and expects it to last. Ava is doing no favours to herself for if Estelle doesn’t get eliminated this Sunday, she probably will next week, it’s on the cards, then, Ava will get iced as she’s made no effort other than Josh.

Estelle was popular to begin with but didn’t fit in with the bitchiness as she said she’s not a girly girl (um, that doesn’t agree with above scenario) so then, she was iced by the girls and told off repeatedly that she over talked everyone, hence she went into herself. Now they are saying why isn’t she talking to us. Talk about typical human behaviour.

10 Nathan { 09.15.12 at 12:15 am }

the ganging up and bullying is like seeing a puppy getting bashed every night…id luv 2 see michael,josh,benjamin and stacey up for a double eviction. inject some new personalities into the house…

11 A.P { 09.15.12 at 8:32 am }

Exactly Nathan, imagine if it were Benjamin or Stacey being picked on all the time like Estelle has been? How would they handle it?
At least last night Estelle tried to explain how hurtful it was to her by trying to talk to Benjamin and Angie about it.
I wish all housemates could be up for eviction so the public can get rid of these bullies.

12 Anonymous { 09.15.12 at 11:36 am }

Estelle is singled out because she is a try hard wannabe…clearly irritating, talks over the top of everyone and is immature – watching her on screen is painful so I can only imagine what living with her is like …it’s that simple! Stacey/Layla/Michael >>>>>> everyone else

13 Mahlia { 09.15.12 at 12:13 pm }

Yes I agree with Anon above me. I think Estelle is disliked because she is too much of a try hard. She set herself up for it when she entered the house by saying she was an agitator who liked to argue the point. That’s usually someone who likes to promote themselves.

Having said that, Twitter seems to be feeling sorry for her, for the most part and that may help her with voting.

14 Nathan { 09.15.12 at 6:42 pm }

Everyone I speak to thinks that Benjamin is a try hard wannabe…..I mean its great how he confronts anyone he doesnt like…but not before he has totally torn them down behind their backs.No wonder Estelle has no street cred.He brings out the worst in people..look how bitchy Stacey and Michael are these days.

15 bron { 09.15.12 at 10:48 pm }

michael is the worst. he is controlling, manipulative and has been playing the game since day one. his head is so far up his own god damn ass.

16 AJ { 09.17.12 at 10:05 am }

I don’t care how much of a try hard wannabe and whatever else people are saying about Estelle. The way she is being treated is absolutely disgusting. Benjamin and Stacey are nasty bitches both of them, they seem downright cruel sometimes, and seem to take great pleasure in being jerks. I so wish they would both get kicked out in a double eviction, as soon as bloody possible.

Benjamin is the biggest hypocrite in the house. He claims to be oh so honest and oh so forthright, yet he clearly loves to treat people like crap. He is the kind of person that breaks people down, and I desperately wish someone would stand up to him.

Is Estelle somewhat annoying sometimes yes? Are they ALL annoying once in a while? YES! That does NOT excuse this blatant bullying!

17 Rapunzel { 09.18.12 at 7:36 am }

Thank you to all that have stuck up for Estelle. I was losing faith in my fellow human beings. I wish i could give her a hug. I hope this experience dosnt hurt her further on down the track. I love her spirit i would hate to c it dampened. Go hard beautiful girl i love facets and erhics. Xxx

18 Rapunzel { 09.18.12 at 7:36 am }

Thank you to all that have stuck up for Estelle. I was losing faith in my fellow human beings. I wish i could give her a hug. I hope this experience dosnt hurt her further on down the track. I love her spirit i would hate to c it dampened. Go hard beautiful girl i love facets and ethics. Xxx