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The X Factor – Nat B Had To Dump Vendulkar

The X Factor launch last week was an opportunity to meet the judges and the top 12 contestants.

Of course the question that had to be asked of Natalie Bassingthwaite was “why no Vendulkar?”

She said it was between four of them, and she decided she could not let Shiane’s voice go. Also she knows Bella is a risk but she is so talented as is Angel Tupai.

Hopefully Vendulkar will be back next year.

One thing Nat B and I did agree on was she had a plethora of talent in her group. She will win The X Factor this year with one of her singers or the other one that has a shot again is Guy Sebastian. Please note last year I thought Johnny Ruffo would be eliminated early….

I also spoke to Justin Standley about his estrangement from his kids. He told me the mother took them and changed her name and was uncontactable.

However the good news is his daughter, Ophelia, saw him on the show and he is now in contact with his kids. There is this story here on Today Tonight I am hoping he did not actually see her for the first time with TV cameras on him.

Not sure what the full story is with this but it is good that he and his daughter look like they are forging a relationship.

The X Factor live shows start tonight on SEVEN at 7.30pm.

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1 Trent { 09.18.12 at 11:12 am }

Hi RR – I agree Nat has the strongest group this year.
Angel was the standout for me although i missed Shiane’s performance because my Foxtel cut out at the start of Nathaniels performance..

I must say that Johnny Ruffo onl survived till the end last year because the judges continuously saved him. He should have gone the week Audio Vixen left.