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Lara Bingle Avoids Jail This Time

Reality TV trend of 2012 is if you are from the Shire and on a reality TV show the chances are you will end up in court.

Today it was Lara Bingle’s turn to face charges for an incident where she hit a person on a motorbike whilst driving her car whilst unlicensed. She has been fined $3500, placed on a good behaviour bond and banned from driving for 12 months after pleading guilty to three driving offences

The SMH reports:

During a brief hearing, her lawyer told the court Bingle initially drove off in a panic but turned herself in to police the next morning.

Bingle avoided an 18-month jail sentence, but was placed on a good behaviour bond for that period.

The court heard Bingle had stopped driving after the accident, and was asked to backdate her suspension to include the time she had not been driving.

Magistrate Robert Williams refused the request, citing “at least” six speeding offences this year.

“Your driving record is not a good record,” he said.

Williams warned Bingle she would face jail if she was caught driving without a licence while on the good behaviour bond.

A fourth driving charge relating to the incident was dismissed.

Seriously she needs to grow up.


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She’d still be revelling in the media attention,make no mistake!