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The X Factor – The First Live Show Was Solid

It is the first live show and the standard practice on reality TV singing shows is on the first one there is little criticism of the performers, as they have to reinforce that they have selected the best top 12 or top 24 if it is that other singing show The Voice.

The best performance of the night (and I will choke saying this) was the made up boy band The Collective.  There was a great energy to it with good singing and harmonies.

The weakest tonight were the boys from the bush Jason and Justin.

However the show was a very solid start to the live performances, and what is interesting is that there is no stand out favourite so far, at this stage it is anyones game.

First up were What About Tonight singing Glad You Came by The Wanted. It is possible they were first up so their potential voters could see them before they were sent to bed by their parents.  The judges raved about them. All I can say I am the wrong age demographic to appreciate their “talent”.

Josh Brookes was up first for Mel B’s boys singing Don’t Wanna Go Home by Jason Derulo. The styling of his performance was to play up his love for headphones.  The staging of his song was good, though if had been The Voice Seal would have had kittens at the amount of dancers onstage. I am not convinced Josh has the talent to take it the whole way. In fact I am not convinced any of Mel B’s boys have.

Angel Tupai was up next singing Happy by Leona Lewis. She has the presence of someone that is older than a 19 year old. Her voice is amazing and she looked great on stage, she just has to hope she is connecting with the viewer at home.

First up for Guy Sebastian’s singers was Justin Standley who sang Father and Son by Cat Stevens. He was told he sang with a lot of heart. Which is code for it was not that great. Personally I thought his rendition was over sung and will be very surprised if he is not in the bottom three tomorrow night.

Fortunate sang  Payphone by Maroon 5. If they win I hope they send their mother on a holiday she looks like she needs one. How many kids does she have? She must be exhausted. Guy thought he did not think it was their best vocal performance but he does think they have the best vocals of a group ever on the show. They showed potential but did not nail it.

Jason the boy from the small country town sang Heaven by Bryan Adams and it was pretty thin on the vocals. Guy at least was honest and said he really did not like it. He is going to have to hope that more than his home town vote to keep him on the show.

Samantha Jade sang Wide Awake by Katy Perry. Her staging was like one of those dolls that used to sit on the back of my grandmothers toilet hiding the spare toilet roll.  Ronan thought the vocal was better than Katy Perry song. She certainly can sing her issue is she needs to connect with the audience.

Adil played guitar to Fast Car by Tracey Chapman and it was fast.  It was nice enough rendition and will get him through to the next round but I hope we see some more depth as the competition progresses.

The Collective the boy band that the judges cobbled together were surprisingly good.  They did a  great rendition of Domino by Jesse J and also had some killer boy band moves in there.

Bella Ferraro sang Brother by Matthew Corby (Australian Idol alumni) and it had shades of Bjork and Kate Bush about it. Very quirky and her voice is certainly interesting. You get the feeling she is someone you are either going to love or hate. Definitely a talent but for her it is all going to come down to song choice.

Nathaniel sang Love On Top by Beyonce. Clearly Guy must have boycotted The Voice once his backing singer, Carmen Smith got punted, as Diana Rouvas did a killer version of this song, and you could not help make comparisons. Yes he was good it just was not great. If he can get his song choices spot on he has a chance of going the whole way. However maybe it is a girls turn to win this year.

Last to sing was 14 year old Shiane. She looked like she was really enjoying herself singing Gnarls Barkley however she just is so young. Her voice is strong but her performance is her weakness she just tends to stand there and sing. Mel B said she would have picked a different song choice.

The first elimination episode is tomorrow night, and my predicted bottom three are Jason, Justin and What About Tonight. 

Who did you think was good and not so good on the first live show?


1 bella vita { 09.18.12 at 12:59 am }

Bella horrid….completely off key during the whole song

WAT: Mediocre all of them and not even decent looking…they would be better suited to singing to each other via skype…no connection, no charisma and poor vocal skills

Shiane: Too young and too inexperienced for this. Will never be heard from again

Justin: Glad he’s met his daughter…who no doubt the ex is seeing dollar signs now

The other country guy: Chooka Parker look a like. Poor guy is the pity contestant and should never have been there.

The rest: Meh

Samantha Jade will not connect with the audience…and people knowing how close her and Guy are will go against her.

Angel: Great voice but zero personality ala Paulini

Nathaniel: Weak. He wasn’t good enough for Idol a few years back (made Top 24, didn’t get picked) and unless his song choices are good will go pretty quick

The Collective: My prediction for the win
Smart decision by the producers…all tightly signed to the X Factor already, with X Factor having full rights and control from Day 1.

2 pd lom { 09.18.12 at 8:11 am }

As an X Factor Australia follower in the past I am writing to say that after watching the first of the live shows last night I am absolutely appalled !!

What were the producers thinking ?? The insane production numbers masked the voices of even the few good singers in this year’s mostly mediocre contestants.

Or perhaps the company felt it had to do this to try and hide the fact that it is stuck with a bunch of duds.

The garish circle routine around Shiane Hawke was simply nauseating and ruined the performance of arguably the only potentially true star of the lot.

All of this pales against the 10 minutes of ads between each number !! The company in charge of this fiasco must think the Australian viewing public is pretty stupid and will watch anything it inflicts on them in this so-called contest.

Well, it lost me on this count alone !!! I will never watch XFactor again after seeing that travesty of a show – Peter Lom

3 Mia { 09.18.12 at 9:13 am }

@bella vita – I agree about The Collective. It all seemed just a little too perfect, no? As you said, It would be in the show’s best interests to have them win.

@pd lom – Agreed – I’ve always had this theory with X Factor that the bigger the production number, the greater the weakness in the contestant’s ability the producers are trying to hide.

Samantha looked pure Eurovision, The dancing around Shiane looked ridiculous (and the poor girl looked quite lost a few times), and Bella… WTF??? The producers clearly couldn’t find enough money left in the bedget for backing dancers, oversized stage props, or an epileptic seizure inducing light show to distract the viewer from Jason’s woefulness, so they just didn’t bother.

4 Sydpt6 { 09.18.12 at 10:41 am }

May I beg to differ – the production was fantastic last night. Even though some were over produced like Bella and Shiane, if it wasn’t for production, we might as well kept with Australian Idol – and look how that went. That is what the X Factor is all about – entertainment value and I loved the show last night (good and not so good performances)

5 Groobs { 09.18.12 at 11:52 am }

Last nights show was stellar. Real stars in the making here. Feel this talent pool shines much brighter than what we saw on the voice earlier this year. Loved the Voice. But super love X-Factor! x

6 Chunks { 09.18.12 at 12:22 pm }

Have to agree that all the razzamatazz and dancers and gimmicks did a lot to distract from the performances. The two boys from the bush are doomed, but then they always were. Have to say I was astounded by The Collective, who delivered the stand-out performance of the night. Not sure about the lack of love for Samantha, that was a knock-out delivery. I really do think some potenatial stars were given the boot to make space for some who were never going to deliver the goods but that’s reality TV.

7 brain dead dave { 09.18.12 at 12:31 pm }

If it weren’t for the razzamatazz, pyrotechnics ,dancers and gimmicks, the viewers will be confronted head on with the appalling mediocrity of the contestants. When I close my eyes or walk out of the room, the schlock and awe that the producers use to fluff up these mimics and desperadoes is too obvious.

8 A.P { 09.18.12 at 12:39 pm }

I always said before the X Factor started that a group would win this year and so far its obvious to me that it will happen.
Interesting last night that it was mentioned that Guy had won last year with Reece Mastin, but no one mentioned that Ronan had won the previous year with Altiyan! Can’t think why!

9 Fiona { 09.18.12 at 2:40 pm }

I think The Collective was definitely the stand-out of the night – they have cherry-picked the best boy singers with a good blend of characters and they performed like polished performers in my opinion. I loved it. Samantha Jade was very good, her singing is beautiful and she could do well if she keeps getting good songs but Shiane was a train wreck she looked lost some of the time and she really hasn’t worked out what to do with her voice so she resorts to some really weird notes and vowels at times which made my husband look up from his work (not in a good way). Also what happened to Fortunate? Ronan gave them a terrible song that was too high for them, they are normally pristine vocally, so disappointed for them.

Josh was the surprising best of the Mel’s boys last night, he was so much better than I’ve seen him before, but Jason was just awful, the song totally wrong for him, I think he will be first to go.

Angel is amazing but the styling and image is way too old and matronly, they are making her into Aretha Franklin when she is only 19!

What About Tonight were ok, but the screaming is out of control and they risk believing the hype and being devastated when they lose and their “fans” disappear. Why do girls do this? I was nearly deafened at a Justice Crew concert – crazy.

Didn’t like Bella, which is a shame but she is a bit one-note and the production was just silly.

10 Eliza { 09.18.12 at 3:53 pm }

RR – I thought the exact same thing when I saw Samantha Jade! I pictured my nana’s toilet roll covering doll. Nothing against her, she did a great job. She reminds me a lot of Kylie Minogue (with better singing ability). I get where they were going with the staging but not sure it quite worked. Good on them though for giving a fellow shorty the ability to look down on people for once – literally!

The Collective were the shock of the night for me too, in a good way. They were really good. Trent? I think it is still comes across as trying a little too hard and I have not ever seen the one who was wearing the skull blazer before. Being a fan of boy bands from the 90s he reminded me so much of one of the singers in the band 5ive…

Justin and Jason were the biggest let downs for me too, I was cringing through both of their performances, unfortunately. I also wasn’t a fan of Shiane last night. I am still thinking that she is too young to be there. I couldn’t really understand a word she was singing. She could definitely do with more time to work out how to actually harness her voice, as Fiona pointed out.

I do also tend to agree that the productions were a bit over the top for the most part, as I did find it hard to actually hear them sing. However, it is less and less important these days that artists can actually sing.. for many it is all about the show and the entertainment (or hotness) factor and I guess this is what the show is trying to find/provide.

11 Georgie { 09.20.12 at 12:36 pm }

Oops, wrong thread.

12 ed { 09.25.12 at 9:03 pm }

Only Angel Tupai and Samantha Jade have any talent. You can’t entrust judging to a bunch of jealous, scatty, bitchy teenage girls. The show is a joke.

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