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Big Brother – The Dynamics Of The House Are Being Revealed

So let’s get this straight, 20,000 people apply and Sam the new intruder went out with Zoe’s sister Laura? Small world. He must have known that before he went into the house as the intruders were allowed to watch the show.

It would be interesting to know if he told the producers this. Unfortunately for Zoe this means yet again she won’t be hooking up with the alpha guy.

Sam seems nice, good looking but with all his preening in the gym it looks like there is not much there.

Estelle is following him around like a puppy so chances of them hooking up are high unless she gets eliminated this Sunday. Actually this could be a good story line I might vote to save her.

Michael is freaking out that another alpha male has hit the house as told his cronies he wasn’t going to speak to him that day.

Sam was introduced to the female housemates one by one over a lunch. The girls were told to pretty themselves up and then sent into the captain’s quarters to titivate him and get his approval.

At the end he had to pick the girl he wanted to have coffee with and he chose Estelle. Big Brother also had the mikes on so Layla heard that Sam had not known what to make of her.

Layla who appears to have fragile self esteem related to her body, which by the way as Benjamin says is amazing, was extremely hurt by this.

She was not having a great day but she did have the epiphany that Angie was annoying her. She thought she had turned into Angiebot where she finished her sentences for her and told her how to think.

Of course she has to consult with Benjamin on this issue. Benjamin is like the observer, commentator and manipulator of the house. However he does a good job of it. He also was funny with his observations of doing the “live” radio for three hours straight whilst the dates were going on.

Speaking of live radio it really did not add anything that Bob Katter rang in.

Stacey and Michael are not fans of new girl Ava. Stacey said there is awkward tension between her and Ava. But Stacey always gets a cats bum face on when she is around as well.

Michael also doesn’t think that Ava has added anything to the house. He thinks she has the personality of a scratched country practice DVD. But is he jealous the Josh’s head has been turned by her. They are very affectionate and Angie does not look happy when they snog in front of her.

It was an interesting episode last night which did reveal some of the house dynamics and relationships and how they are currently changing.

What did you think of intruder Sam and will his entry into the house shake things up?


1 The Oracle { 09.20.12 at 9:44 am }

Well about time they put a decent looking guy in the house!..well apart from George.
I would say that there is little chance the Estelle will be evicted now..people will want to see what happens between her and Sam.
I’m afraid it might be bye bye Georgie as really he has nothing more to add to the mix now that there is “super hunk” in the house.
Stacey, Josh and Michael were really quite entertaining
and witty on radio.
Poor Layla! I think she misinterpreted Sam’s comment and went into a funk.
Well the girl’s having to tiz up for Sam and get his approval has set the women’s cause back 100 yrs.! Women talk about equality but when it comes down to it perhaps that’s what they really do want..male acceptance.
Should be an interesting week in the house.

2 Diogenes { 09.20.12 at 9:54 am }

I won’t repeat my comment about last night posted in the last BB post, except to say I felt “dirty”” watching it and I am really not sure who the “sexually exploited” are Sam or the girls.

Michael keenly observed that the girls went back to week 1 behaviour (overloud,niceynicey, OTT, look at moie, bunged on “Accent”/tone) in an effort to impress. Not fun to listen to or watch

3 planb { 09.20.12 at 9:59 am }

It wasn’t Zoe’s sister. It was someone she vaguely knew’s sister.

4 Kelsta { 09.20.12 at 10:35 am }

It was Zoe’s friend’s sister that went out with Sam. As they’re both from Tamworth and it’s population is only approx 50,000, it wouldn’t be hard to know someone who knows someone.

I think George should go on Sunday – he’s totally boring and has a few cows missing in the top paddock.

The radio thing was hilarious – Stacey and Ben should have their own show or at least Ben as I loved his musings on the dates with Sam. He was actually quite spot on with each of the girls personalities.

It was a little awkward seeing all the girls pics lined up with Sam studying them like they were prize cattle (I know, I’m full of bovine references today!). I think it would be good if he hooked up with Estelle. But I disagree RR, I think there is more to Sam than meets the eye – he is well-spoken, has manners, but could get competitive. He definitely became the alpha in the house with the whole handstand thing. Would love to know if him or Josh instigated that challenge, as Sam was practising in the CQ.

Speaking of alpha males, it been said for a while that Michael is the alpha of the house but hasn’t his feathers been ruffled now that Sam is here!!! LOL. The whole, I can’t be bothered talking to him today thing and then whinging to BB about it defines his insecurities. As Ben said, he feels inferior when it comes to body/looks.

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode (I’ll be skipping the load of crap Confidential though) to see what happens as things have just gotten interesting!

5 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 10:41 am }

Whoops re: the Zoe sister reference I rewound it about three times to try and work out as it was a tad muffled.

6 Diogenes { 09.20.12 at 10:42 am }

I claim dibbs on the bovine references (last posts in other BB thread) – Sam is the new stud bull,

7 Isabel { 09.20.12 at 10:55 am }

Disgusting meat market stuff – lining the girls up for his perusal!! It’s going to get really interesting now – Josh has also had his feathers ruffled and the girls are getting bitchier!

I may have missed it, but did anyone hear how he got that scar on his head?

8 brain dead dave { 09.20.12 at 11:03 am }

Isable…one of the gels asked about the scar and he said it was from having un undeveloped Siamese twin separated fro him at birth. I’m not joking.

I thought maybe one of his ex girlfriends had seen the light and glassed him.

9 The Oracle { 09.20.12 at 11:03 am }

Re the scar..he said to Ava(?) that he was a co joined twin..but think he was just taking the p***. I’m sure we’ll discover the real truth soon.

10 Sioux Denim { 09.20.12 at 11:05 am }

George showed a nice side of himself when talking to Lalya in the bedroom about her insecurities…..we really havent seen enough of him.
Zoe cracked me up on the radio station too – that roadkill phone-in was a hoot!
Stacey just seems to be impersonating Kath & Kim – that would get a bit boring very quickly.
Sam is certainly a hunk – looking forward to seeing how his time in the House progresses.
My thoughts last night were who would the next evictee give the Super Power too:
George – would be pick Lalya?
Estelle – Ava or maybe now Sam?
Brad – maybe Josh?
Makes it interesting indeed – unless they stuff up the SP like poor old George did!

11 Isabel { 09.20.12 at 11:36 am }

I think Zoe is a very attractive gel (as the boys refer to the girls) and I think I heard Bradley say she’d lost about 10kgs since being in the house.

12 Calliegirl { 09.20.12 at 11:37 am }

Had to stop watching last night when BB told them to get made up etc to meet the new guy. Puuullleassse BB, as The Oracle said, you are putting the women’s movement back 100 years!! Also does anyone else think Stacey is wearing a wig? You can never see her scalp? Maybe I’m imagining it, but don’t watch it enough to work it out. Please someone else put me right.

13 brain dead dave { 09.20.12 at 11:40 am }

Hard to believe Sam’s become the silverback on the strength of a thirty second hand stand. Thesedays it’s much harder to be a real man and make a good croquembouche and not cry about “going home”.

Poor Michael. What can a genius under this kind of pressure come up with? “I won’t talk to him today”. He’s ruffled , especially his hair.

Josh is shitting concrete , too.

I’m titillated by the idea that Sam’s been sent in just to romance Estelle. Could be.

Then again props to him for his choice if it’s all above board – because Estelle would be my choice , she always manages to look the most attractive of the girls, even when she’s miserable being ostracized or especially in the nom nom room , where she’d know she’s copping it.

14 Mahlia { 09.20.12 at 11:51 am }

Michael does absolutely nothing to make himself look attractive to women then appears to be jealous of all the hooking up!
Cut your hair and go to the gym Michael!!

Ava is boring. And a little too serious for my tastes in reality TV

15 Calliegirl { 09.20.12 at 11:59 am }

BDD – Still loving your comments, especially about Michael. Also totally agree with Mahlia about Ava. Hard to believe she is pushing 30.

16 Rach { 09.20.12 at 12:04 pm }

@calliegirl re Stacey and a wig-I thought that too!!

17 Kelsta { 09.20.12 at 12:11 pm }

@mahlia: when Michael said that he’d never start up something [romance] in the house…. that’s because they don’t WANT to hook up with you douchebag! bahahaha
@calliegirl and @rach: I actually thought that last night too! Is she wearing a wig or not?
@bdd: good call on Josh crapping himself – he didn’t seem to be able to watch Ava’s date with Sam on TV, then was quick to smooch her when she got back to make sure he was her #1

18 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 12:15 pm }

Isabel – the scar looks a little like a scar of putting a shunt in if you have hydrocephalus at birth or later on in life. But maybe he just got a head injury from a surf or skate board!

19 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 12:16 pm }

BDD – LOL at the alpha male paragraph. Agree a frigging handstand and he is now the alpha in the house. They really are like a bunch of chimpanzees in that compound.

20 A.P { 09.20.12 at 12:33 pm }

Michael is revolting, he looks dirty and seems to think he is perfect and can’t understand why the girls don’t go for him and he gets so jealous when a new person comes in. He would look so much better if he cut his hair and paid more attention to personal grooming.
Layla has seen the light and is now checking with Ben about her making friends with Estelle. She now realizes that Estelle is popular on the outside and doesn’t want to be seen as a bully.
I think Sam was prepped by BB to make a move on Estelle to keep her in the show and if she gets through I don’t believe Layla, Ben, Brad or Zoe will nominate her next time for eviction as they want to break away from Josh, Michael and their posse.

21 Nathan { 09.20.12 at 1:24 pm }

i wish someone would pull michaels pants up…i feel dirty everytime i see his little crack.

22 Bilsey { 09.20.12 at 1:30 pm }

RR if you recorded last night ep, I’m 99% sure that while discussing the scar on his head with idiot intruder #1 a text box comment thing came up at the bottom of the screen saying that this was his “secret” or something to that effect or maybe I was seeing things.. General take on the whole episode – sam’s ok, has a few tickets on himself, angie seemed really desperate though i felt for her when she saw her stuff everywhere, ava n josh gross me out.. all over each other in the pool while other people are swimming – hope the pool filter works really well… Loving Zoe n Stacey more every episode! “rambo sambo yes ive nicknamed him that and no he does not like it” love it! Still find Estelle irrating but like most of the people in the house I can’t say why… Out of everyone she seems the most “fake” to me… Could go on n on basiclly recapping the ep, but that’s why we have you RR!

23 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 1:32 pm }

Bilsey – I only really summarise and miss things but agree felt sorry for Angie having nowhere to go when Josh and Ava were getting loved up.
I thought what flashed up was that it was his joke re: the siamese twin thing.

24 Bolders { 09.20.12 at 1:54 pm }

Anyone else feel uncomfortable (as in it made you cringe) watching that forced faux banter between Sam and Estelle on the kitchen bench last night- eesh!

“I’m a free spirit I dont like to commit to a breakfast.”
“I am exaclty like that – that is so me.”
“What’s with the rings.”
“You’re observant aren’t you”
“that is so weird, me too.”

Yeah we get it, you’re love birds and you get each other after one day. Congratulations.

25 kess { 09.20.12 at 2:17 pm }

Finally it’s getting a bit interesting, just wish 9 could get their act together; continuity issues with this show are horrendous. You can never tell what day it is and they keep forgetting the plot and script – whatever happened to Michael and surly, and his access to that bathroom whenever he wants, is that why he’s grumpy, asked to see surly told nah your not a star role anymore?

Re Stacey’s hair – it’s real, she’s dyed whilst in there last week I think?
She is unlucky and has extremely course dry kind of hair. I have cousins who this kind of hair, she does well to tame it.
But you can see straw end bits.

26 Samantha { 09.20.12 at 2:28 pm }

@A.P. I don’t think that Estelle is popular on the outside, I just think that we want her to stay in because watching the tension surrounding her is more interesting than watching someone as dull as George all day.

I have noticed a theme going through here- everyone keeps turning to Benjamin to decide who they can and cannot be friends with. Poor Angie is getting slammed by him so the others seem to follow suit.
Someone said the other day that Zoe didn’t like Angie’s gossiping, but she didn’t say anything about Benjamin’s, and he’s the worst of the lot. Just because he does it tongue in cheek doesn’t make it any less nasty.
So… the new making friends with Estelle all seems a bit false.

27 Samantha { 09.20.12 at 2:30 pm }

PS. BB qualified Sam’s comment about his scar by having a disclaimer down the bottom saying that it was a joke.

28 Isabel { 09.20.12 at 2:55 pm }

What does Benjamin do outside the house. I wondered if he was a consultant psychologist (wink wink from me) or something – he seems to know everything about everyone and how to fix all their issues. He seems to have taken it upon himself to be Advisor in Chief to the house.

And I lost count of how many times Angie said ‘like’ last night in her conversation with Sam – I think she used it every second word.

29 Andrew Mercado { 09.20.12 at 4:26 pm }

Nine teases that the new intruder “is hot”. Says it all really. It’s The Bachelorette/Bachelor but all in the one house. With only young mostly white sometimes hot people. It’s the exact same show that left the air on Ten a few years ago and the promos were a lie. What a wasted opportunity.

30 Culinary Boner { 09.20.12 at 4:46 pm }

A lie. Just like the eagle eggs…

31 The Oracle { 09.20.12 at 4:48 pm }

@ Isabel..The Behind Big Brother site has the lowdown on what some of the inmates do in real life..from memory Ben”s job was something pretty boring.

32 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 5:06 pm }

Andrew Mercado – Thanks for the comment. I know extremely disappointing. It really needs more diversity to really give it some fizzle. Basically with the way they introduced the girls to Sam it said “dude you have got to hook up with one of these girls!” But then it is all about being family friendly. I don’t get it.

33 A.P { 09.20.12 at 6:04 pm }

I agree with you Andrew Mercado, its exactly like that! Apparently the producers of BB said in an interview that more diverse, older people etc were not auditioning this year which is total rubbish I reckon.
Samantha, I reckon Ben is playing the game, gradually drawing everyone into his web, telling them what to do and the Estelle thing is all fake , you are right! They are doing it because they might be assuming she is popular on the outside and are covering their bases!
RR, I don’t get it either, can you find out?

34 TaraMacca { 09.20.12 at 6:25 pm }

I thought that Michael’s ‘personality of a scratched A Country Practice DVD’ was the cleverest & funniest comment I’ve heard on tv all year…
And that’s all I have to say about BB this year. VERY disappointed.

35 gidgetvonlarue { 09.20.12 at 6:32 pm }

Sam is an ‘actor’/plant/staged. He knows what he’s meant to do – who is meant to seduce, and the trouble he is meant to stir up. In saying that I’m at the point that they ALL know their roles, are instructed by big brother constantly (thus why no live feed) and Estelle could not be more bleedingly obvious. There was a scene especially last night when the girls were all grouped up – and they first showed Sam on the screen. I record BB and watched it back and Estelles reaction was SO strange it gave the whole thing away.

I find it hard to feel anything for any of them really. I think we, the viewing audience, have been suckered into a hugely controlled TV show by Ch 9 ‘The Shire’ style.

36 A.P { 09.20.12 at 8:42 pm }

Can we please get a dictionary in to the BB house for George ASAP please? He does not know the meaning of Amicable!
What do they learn at school these days????

37 Dazzle PP { 09.22.12 at 10:17 am }

Its being produced the same way as what the shire was except only 10% of the audience is under 30 years old. Globally its been labelled the worst BB series ever.

38 SomeoneSensible { 09.24.12 at 10:51 am }

“Estelle is following him around like a puppy ” – wait, what?!?! do we watch the same show? As far as I could tell, it was Sam who was following Estelle around, saying he was ‘intrigued’ by her or whatever…if anything I thought Estelle was trying to play it cool with him & refrain from getting too close- she even made a “Angie has dibbs on him , so I have to be careful” comment, which frankly I was quite impressed with…