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Farmer Wants A Wife – Shauna Is Going To Be In Tears

Shauna is going to wish she had taken the dating manual The Rules to the farm with her as it looks like now she has been intimate with Tom his ardour has cooled. This book says you should not shag on a first date but to keep them hanging.

Tom took Shauna on his 24 hour date, and apparently “they missed dinner” and by the gushing to camera she did whilst on the date something went down, or should I say went up?

She told the viewer he told her he was going to knock on her door in Perth. Well good luck as it looks like Tom is back tracking pretty fast on that promise fast.

There are only two romances that look like they might stick and that is Sam and Jodie. The other girl left as she felt like a third wheel, and his mum’s choice did not have a hope as she was thrust into the camp very early in the morning. This ensured that he was not going to be enamoured by her. I am sure that girl was not happy being humiliated and copping abuse from him in a scenario that she had no control over.

Finally Sam revealed to Jodie that his house was actually his truck, so he was a modern day drover a truck driver. She thought it was a turn on. It would be interesting to know what she thinks of it in a year’s time.

Nikko has been creating competivness between his two girls Jade and Rachel. Jade went on the 24 hour date and he seems to like her, but she is paranoid that he has more fun with Rachel. I suspect he will be knocking on Jade’s door as he will go for nice over naughty.

Todd will end up with none of his girls. Leah is trying hard but he thinks she is dull but really it is pot calling kettle black. Speaking of dull potato farmer Matt is not Mr Charisma. Nice guy but you get the feeling he will still be single after the show, and Brittany if you want to promote your singing audition for The X Factor not a dating show.

Even if only one of the farmers ends up getting a long term relationship from the show it will still be the most successful dating show on our screens.


1 Isabel { 09.20.12 at 11:40 am }

Sam and Jodie – well I’d be driven nuts bt the way he talks so sloooowwwly – his Mum as well. RR – I agree, wonder how long she’ll last in that truck!

Silly Shauna, but I can’t warm to her rival —

2 Georgie { 09.20.12 at 12:01 pm }

Rofl RR – “Tom took Shauna on his 24 hour date, and apparently “they missed dinner” and by the gushing to camera she did whilst on the date something went down, or should I say went up?”

I think Tom’s got two duds there. Imagine having to choose between a future of constant blubbering or evenings with dracula.

Laughed when Jodi was going through the benefits of the truck – “It’s got a fridge and a pantry and a clothes line…”
Yep and wheels!

I think Nikko, saying Rachael was like other girls he’s been attracted to and dated, means he recognises that wasn’t successful in the past, so he’ll try something different this time.

Not convinced either of Matt’s girls are marriage material and as I’ve said before, Todd isn’t ready to settle down, he enjoys being single.

3 Reality Raver { 09.20.12 at 12:12 pm }

Looking forward to seeing Paul being interviewed by Natalie next week.

4 Jenny { 09.20.12 at 5:28 pm }

Ha ha spot on recap. Can’t wait till next week with the interviews. I wonder if Tom’s rejected love turns up with an icepick. Both of them seem a bit intense and both think he’s going to pick them.

5 A.P { 09.20.12 at 6:11 pm }

Yes, I’m dying to see what Paul has to say for himself!
This was the worst series so far.

6 gidgetvonlarue { 09.21.12 at 12:41 am }

The only person in entire season I felt any thing for at all – was the poor girl who was forced to rock into camp at 5am in the morning then hang around like some sad sack – then gets treated like a turd on his shoe by pig head Sam. Tired or not – you do NOT treat someone like that. It was actually quite appalling.

So she had enough pride to leave and see him for the complete rude pig he is. As I’ve said before, if she had looked like Charlize Theron I doubt he would have treated her that way at all. Suddenly ‘cranky and tired’ would have turned into ‘horny and sleazy’ – which he is.

If Jodie is smart and not so desperate, she’ll watch the show, see he’s a pig – and drop him like a hot scone. She’d be better being single than being with him and his fuck truck.

In fact none of the farmers are much chop. To move to rural hell the farmer would have to be the catch of the century, and even then I would have to seriously consider it – even if he looked like Jon Hamm!
I think the problem is whether these ladies are really looking for love or not – they get into that competative mod and probably even forget what they are competing for. They just want to ‘win’ and have the attention.

I predict no matter who these farmers choose – none of the relationships will last long and there will be no marriages. I’d put money on it. (not much though)

7 Isabel { 09.21.12 at 7:24 am }

Georgie – that Dracula comment is spot on! I’ve been racking my brains to think what it is about her, and you nailed it – it’s all those teeth!