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Couples Therapy – Courtney Stodden On It

If you are as obsessed/fascinated/abhorred with Courtney Stodden as I am you will be interested to know she is on the new season of Couples Therapy. It shows in the US and I am not sure it turns up on the Bio Channel here. See her in the clip below.

Courtney was a child bride marrying her 50 something partner Doug Hutchison and it is unclear whether they are on the show because their relationship is in trouble or if it is a way of continuing their quest for fame.

Courtney has now turned 18 and it is no surprise she has had many offers to star in porn flicks.

One of the other couples on on the show are Simon and Alex from Real Housewives of NYC they are worthwhile watching as at least they are articulate.

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1 Georgie { 09.22.12 at 11:40 am }

Speaking of ‘uncovered meat’ – that’s the image CS portrays. Hard to take her seriously when every waking moment is a provocative pose.