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Big Brother Australia – A 38 Year Old Homeless Intruder

It looks like another intruder will be entering the house this week. With the Sunday Telegraph reporting that a new intruder will enter the house on Tuesday.

Delilah a 38 year old homeless women will be the new intruder, and this should make some interesting TV indeed.

How will the mainly middle class contestants actually cope with a person who is going through what must be a tough time. Will they empathise and make her feel included? Hopefully she is actually homeless not just given up her current rental accommodation to go on the show!

However, great to see something different in the dynamics. What plot lines would you like to see emerge in the house once she enters the house?

UPDATE: Silly me to think there would actually be some age and class diversity in the house. The new intruder is a dog according to TV Tonight. Well hopefully there won’t be any hooking up story lines with this new intruder.


1 Mia { 09.23.12 at 11:28 am }

So she put homeless as her audition contact details???

2 brain dead dave { 09.23.12 at 12:12 pm }

Re the update…..I hope it’s not a bitch , because we have enough of them in the house already.

3 Georgie { 09.23.12 at 12:29 pm }

It’s probably a typo and she actually wrote hopeless.

4 A.P { 09.23.12 at 2:00 pm }

So is it a dog or is it Delilah the homeless person?
I can’t believe they would put someone so old in, my god 38!

5 A.P { 09.23.12 at 2:20 pm }

I just realised that 38 is about 5 in dog years and so maybe its a homeless dog from an animal shelter?
They did try this once before some years ago with a dog but after a few episodes it was removed as the housemates lost interest in it and weren’t really looking after it properly.
The poor dog was confused as to who its owner was and got stressed.
They should have done it when Ray was still in the house.

6 Georgie { 09.23.12 at 2:36 pm }

Sam and Delilah – a relationship of biblical proportions.

7 brain dead dave { 09.23.12 at 5:29 pm }

Delilah is a dog ,from what I can gather from the TV Tonight article.

A male dog would have to compete with Sham marking it’s territory and spraying around the BB property.

8 Anonymous { 09.23.12 at 8:23 pm }

but wait…they already have Ava

9 Culinary Boner { 09.24.12 at 11:30 am }

I’ll believe she’s homeless if her first task is to convince the BB inmates to buy The Big Issue

10 Cory Bernardi { 09.24.12 at 11:50 am }

What is our society coming to?

11 Guinness Book of Records { 09.24.12 at 11:52 am }

To whom it may concern
Can someone send us some boney fides regarding this dog’s birthdate?

12 Georgie { 09.25.12 at 9:04 am }

Bow, wow, wow Delilah…

Tom Jones