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The X Factor – The Boy Band Groups Has Split Votes

Well the good news is the boy band vote aka the tweens and teens are at least voting for the bands that can sing in tune with the very average What About Tonight landing in the bottom two and then were eliminated. This leaves the two stronger groups, Fortunate and The Collective, to battle it out for boy band supremacy.

The same cannot be said for the older voter who must be voting for Justin over Nathaniel. How Justin was safe with his abomination of a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was amazing. I have heard better renditions at two o’clock in the morning in dodgy pubs.

Seriously he seems like a nice guy with a great back story but Simon Cowell will flat line if he is delivered up Justin as the next X Factor.

Nathaniel was one of the better performers last night, but obviously he did not connect with the audience. Maybe his fan base moved across to Carmello. Ok I confess I voted for Carmello. I rarely vote but I like him and did not think he would have time to build a fan base and at least he can sing in tune.

Nathaniel’s mentor Guy Sebastian was not there as he has flown to the US to go on the David Letterman show with Lupe. That is a tad controversial that he was not there but it was an opportunity he could not turn down. However it would have been more controversial if none of Guy’s acts had not been in the bottom three and there were only three judges voting to decide who was going home.


1 joan { 09.26.12 at 10:31 pm }

Not really controversial about Guy, if the show had its normal show days he wouldn’t of missed it, Thank god WAT went, maybe the screaming tweens will shut up a bit.

2 A.P { 09.26.12 at 10:51 pm }

Some of those girls were going hysterical, I seriously thought they were going to faint!
It was impossible for all three boy bands to win but I was surprised that it wasn’t Bella and Justin in the bottom two, they weren’t very good at all.
Don’t worry about WAT, they will probably do okay out of it, I think the voting is rigged half the time anyway, The Collective will win, its time for a boy band.

3 Fiona { 09.26.12 at 11:35 pm }

Shocker – some much weaker acts were given a free pass this week. WAT have been hurt by the big brother band Collective, I agree with Joan – and will not miss the screaming. Perhaps it was the screaming that alienated voters? We could never hear them sing properly, I think they can actually sing better than we saw them but it was almost like they couldn’t even hear themselves singing which is never good for your pitch. They will survive, but it will be interesting to see if Ronan sticks by them as promised. Did it hurt WAT about the differing stories about how they got together? I don’t care either way, the other two bands are superior. How Justin wasn’t in the bottom 2 I don’t know, and Jason had a lucky escape too.
Loved James Morrison – great singer.

4 chasingvegas { 09.27.12 at 7:51 am }

happy to be proven wrong after making this statement yesterday.

‘It’s unfortunate to say that perhaps each week a better act will go home due to those screaming tween girls who are happy vote for a novelty boy band that will never survive in the industry! It’s the one major flaw with the format & it’s target audience’.

YAH What About Tonight booted! So happy to see those tweens in the front SHUT UP! Still can’t believe that Justin is still there?!

5 joan { 09.27.12 at 9:43 am }

Ronan will not stick by them its all tv talk, I found it interesting that some of the WAT parents on twitter thanked Guy for everything they did for the boys and did not thank Ronan.

6 Chunks { 09.27.12 at 1:23 pm }

Only tuned in for the last few minutes and was floored to see who the bottom two acts were. Puts paid to my theory. Or did the producers decide to dump WAT after last week’s little controversy? Do we really know whether the votes are legit? Looking forward to Justin taking out this year’s trophy then. Hopefully he’ll release a cover of that great Aussie classic Old Man Emu as his first single…

7 Georgie { 09.28.12 at 10:01 am }

Umm, sorry Ch9 but X Factor is not so good that I want to sit through an hour of re-hashed Series 2 footage and One Direction’s five minute journey, instead of an episode of the current series. Thank God for Robson Green.