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Big Brother – Looks Like Ava Is Getting The Elimination Edit

Every Big Brother viewer simultaneously rolled their eyes when  Ava said “I don’t seek out the limelight in fact I loathe it”. She could not even see the irony that she saying this while on a TV show that has multiple cameras around the house and is screened six nights a week into Australia households.

Thankfully Stacey asked the obvious question “But you are on a reality TV show?”. Ava responded that she did not notice the cameras and was just trying to get to know everyone.

Ava appears to be getting the elimination edit as she came across as a spoilt, petulant princess. First she was sobbing because Big Brother had told her off again for speaking without her microphone.

Then when she went to sulk to BB in the diary room saying today was the day she was finally getting to know the girls. If she wants to get to talk to the other housemates it might help if she took her tongue out of Josh’s mouth occasionally.

Also at the dinner which Angie, Estelle and Ava prepared Ava who said she was an open book admitted she was a bit of a princess and “used to a certain way of living and being treated”. She also said she had a certain cache in another country. However that was where the open booked ended as she was pretty reluctant to outline what this status was.

At first it appeared to be related to her profession, which is a singer. However later on she said she could not talk about it because of legalities.

If she is on the show to promote her musical career, then she is not doing a very good job of it. Maybe her and Josh should do a duet after the show is over as he is a singer in a band. That’s right this year’s contestants were not going to be ones who were wanting to be famous….

You get the feeling that she is used to getting her own way and her apology to Big Brother in the diary room appeared a tad manipulative. Seriously she is 29 years old just suck it up. When she was put in the naughty corner to count coins she was still pouting.

Estelle was the other one that ended in tears when Josh told her to “shush”. Benjamin said her personality was endearing her to the viewer but maybe her kookiness was not endearing her to the house mates.

We did see some of her kookiness last night and she appears to say random things that don’t make a lot of sense. Josh also bitched to Michael about her saying she was very “woe is me” and her claims that she comes from the hardest background of the housemates.

Michael doesn’t like her either because she told him off for an alleged racist joke. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear the joke so really can’t enter the debate on whether it pushed the boundaries of good taste.

In other Big Brother news:

  • Michael not only burnt Layla’s hair rollers but also a limited Burberry bag as well. In fact she took it pretty well. Zoe and Ben seem a bit suspect about who it was.
  • This week’s challenge was a prank where the housemates were told they were working in a factory however it was only Sam in there slaving away. The rest got to party and eat outside. Their challenge was not to reveal anything to him. Layla will be a definite weak link in this challenge.
  • It was not Sam’s day. He and Layla won the captain’s quarters challenge but it had been wrecked and they were outside near the pool, canned food and bruised fruit with nothing to drink.
  • Angie and Ben threw food over to them and were punished in the dog house, but Estelle who had actually cooked the food escaped being disciplined.

What did you think of Ava’s behaviour last night?


1 kazi wenge { 10.02.12 at 5:33 pm }

where eva came from origin? even idiot guy like me can see how boring eva is bcze she doesnt involv anything with other house mates except kissing and bushing josh.kissing,bashing kissing,bashing,my lucky t-shirt bashing and kissing if i was josh i could:) if you knw what i mean .

2 PK { 10.03.12 at 3:57 am }

Ava was just wierd. I would have been a lot ruder than any of the housemates were to her face if I had to put up with her. How anyone can spend that much time just kissing someone I don’t understand, but it was largely her covering up for a lack of anything to say and inability to relate to anyone else.It’s so sickening as no guy would ever act like that, only silly females (I am a female), she’s an embarrassment! Great article.

3 linda { 10.05.12 at 12:55 am }

I heard Ava has a young boys body…no breast tissue at all. Mans shaped body…transexual in nature & not that clever to listen to. Someone said she is from Peru but but but I heard she is Indian?

4 Fiona { 10.07.12 at 3:42 pm }

Thank goodness Ava has gone. Does she not know that everyone knows that anyone who says “To be honest” as much as she does is an absolute fake. Pleeeeaase let that be the end of her in the public eye

5 linda { 10.08.12 at 2:25 pm }

Fiona for sure Ava was lying all the way & very rude. She thought her looks were enough to get her way. But then again I think the show isn’t true to form I think it is scripted in many ways. I mean who would really be kissing like that in the so called real world? She knew there were camera’s on her every move.

6 linda { 10.08.12 at 2:27 pm }

What a brat