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The Only Way Is Essex Season 4 Starts Mon 1 October

Lifestyle You have again shown they are thinking of their viewers by scheduling The Only Way Is Essex to start on Mon 1 October at 9.30pm.

The Only Way Is Essex shows The Shire how semi-scripted reality TV is done and is extremely popular in the UK with the stars regularly in the gossip columns. Yes it is trashy (yes that is a positive thing) but it at least has plot lines and characters you like and are easy on the eye amongst the fake tans, fake boobs, and hair extensions. And the boys are not afraid to show off their six packs.

This season on Essex we will see Lydia’s and Ara’s on and off relationship, Mario and Lucy’s issues with betrayal and Lauren is hoping to open a hair salon.

Another show that is starting next week is Dance Moms Miami which is an off shoot of the original Dance Moms. It follows the Miami-based Stars Dance Studio owners Victor and Angel as they push a group of dances to be the best. The format is similar to the original with the pyramid structure deciding who dances where, and competitions each episode.

Victor was on So You Think You Can Dance, and Angel reminds me of Anthony Callea for some reason.

Miss 8 who loves the original show was not quite as enamoured with this version this could be related to a teacher puking on the bus going to a dance meet.  Reality TV just got too real for her and the eject button was pressed.

Dance Moms Miami premieres on Tuesday 2 October at 9.30pm.