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Big Brother – Four People Up For Eviction

Michael’s day went from great, getting Josh back to himself and having fun, then it wen pear shaped as he was nominated for eviction.

There ended up being four people nominated Bradley, Sam, Angie and Michael. Michael looked shocked as did the other housemates they all gathered around him and left Sam sitting on the edge alone.

Unless he gets a killer edit he should be safe, surely they won’t one of the more interesting and assertive characters in the house to go.

Estelle had the super power given to her by Ava, and it was an interesting one. She was able to pick two people to hear their nominations. She ended up selecting Michael who was quite forthright in why he was giving Estelle three points. It must have been hard to hear. His reasons were her kooky personality, lack of social skills, and how she killed conversation when she entered the room, and the big blow was saying how the housemates did not like her.

Yes there was tears and for someone who had been nominated four times would have been another kick in the guts. The nomination this week will have ongoing ramifications as Estelle is sure to continue to nominate Michael now. Also now she has heard Ben not nominate her she will be less inclined to nominate him.

Seriously Michael for a genius was a bit stupid, if you don’t know what the super power is why nominate the person who has it.

The friendship between Layla and Angie is over as she nominated her, as did former cuddle buddy Josh.

The nominations:

  • Layla – four points to Bradley because she is not getting on with him, and one point to Angie because there is too much bitchiness in the house;
  • Zoe – three points to Michael for flying under the radar and  two for Sam;
  • Josh – Four points to Angie due to speculating and one point to Stacey as he thinks she will win the competition;
  • Michael  – two points to Sam as he does not have a deeper connection with him, and three pints to Estelle because of complete lack of social skills;
  • Angie – three points to Sam because he is trying to impress the housemates rather than getting to know them, and two points to Bradley;
  • Stacey – three points to Bradley does not do much and two points for Josh as he removed himself from the group;
  • Sam  – gave three points to Ben for being a rival and two points to Bradley for being annoying;
  • Bradley – Gave four points to Layla because of a bad temper, and one point to Michael; and
  • Ben – nominated Sam for four points as he is not getting anything back from him, and one point for Angie because she counts all the beers and when she drinks she gets aggressive;
  • Estelle – Michael for two points as he has not been honest in his interactions with her, and three points to Bradley and he is overly rude.

The tally was Bradley on 14 points , Sam  on 11 points, Angie on six points, and Michael on six points.

It will be interesting to see if Angie follows through on her threat that if she is nominated again she is just going to pack her bags and leave.

Big Brother is on NINE at 7pm on weeknights.


1 A.P { 10.04.12 at 8:02 am }

RR, I didn’t hear Angie say she would pack her bags and leave if nominated again, I hope she does, one less out of the way, we can only hope! Do it Angie, it would be good for ratings!
Good to see Michael got what was coming to him, he thinks he’s Mr Perfect in the house and better than everyone else when in fact he’s a bully and has been responsible for other people going such as George.
I think Estelle was rather generous to Michael as she could have given him 4 points instead of two, that would have wiped the smile off his face!
She’s shown how smart she is by her choices of who to listen to nominating but Michael has shown that his high IQ is just a load of BS because he should have realised its not a good idea to nominate anyone who has the superpower.
Layla has proved again how dumb she is with BB having to explain things to her again, and why does she think Estelle is acting? They all are, especially Ben so what’s her point! Layla is not a trustworthy friend.
Hope Michael and Angie go !

2 Stacey { 10.04.12 at 8:04 am }

Can’t wait to see Micheal have a complete meltdown this week. I don’t think he will cope well at all!
Also loved Benjamins noms last night:
“He’s a vanilla latte and I just want a regular latte.”
“When Angie drinks she turns into Frank. One drink and she’s toast.”
BB’s response:
“So your nominating coffee and toast…”

3 A.P { 10.04.12 at 8:15 am }

Ben was trying to be funny but BB was having none of it. He likes the nominations to be taken seriously, not mocked at.
BB was also not happy with Ben saying “Hi Australia” before his nominations began.

4 Nathan { 10.04.12 at 8:19 am }

i cringe every time layla speaks…..has to be fake for the camera.
thought it was unusual how josh and stacey nominated each other….its hard to know why people really do things without the live feeds.. : /
anyone notice in the diary room big brother prepping estelle re the super power, just before sonia cut in live?? that was weird- bet they didnt want that to air LOL

5 Isabel { 10.04.12 at 8:25 am }

God, I feel so sorry for Estelle – Michael is a pig. But I hope she was happy to know that she wasn’t nominated – in fact it would be nice if she knew that she was nowhere near the red zone. Did you see Michael blush and swallow when he heard that Estelle had the power to listen to two nominations! He’ll be wondering now if he was one of them. Ha!

6 Stacey { 10.04.12 at 8:28 am }

Something that pissed me off actually was Ava’s message about the superpower. She said it was a no-brainer choosing Estelle, when clearly in her eviction interview she was persuaded by Sonia! What a fake little betch.

7 A.P { 10.04.12 at 8:32 am }

Stacey, I thought the same thing, Ava had to be talked into choosing Estelle, it wasn’t a no brainer!

8 VioletsRBlue { 10.04.12 at 8:54 am }

Hi AP I agree with most of your comments here but I think you might be a bit hard on Layla. I agree that she is not the smartest girl in the world but what BB had to explain to her is more of an Australian saying and since she is from UK she might not have heard it. I can promise you that if you would go to UK you would have to have some sayings explained. Anyway as I said she is a bit simple but to be honest I rather her than Stacey who might be funny but is quite mean in her comments on other housemates.

9 Calliegirl { 10.04.12 at 9:07 am }

So glad to see Michael nominated and up for eviction this week. Sure wiped the smile off his face. Well done Estelle.

10 The Oracle { 10.04.12 at 10:07 am }

Despite the fact that Layla appears thick I think she’s probably quite endearing..they like her in the house and out.
I thought Josh going “red cordial crazy” was just overkill.
I’m surprised Estelle was quite astute when picking to whom she would listen …my guess would have been Bradley and Angie.
No Michael you are NOT adored in the house so deal with it.
About time Zoe was nominated..she’s way too much under the radar.
I have a feeling a double eviction might be up next.
Angie is all talk..she won’t voluntarily leave..

11 Michelle { 10.04.12 at 10:20 am }

Ben is acting up to the cameras, we hardly see the real Ben IMO.
Josh also plays for the cameras & I think that his hooking up with Ava was motivated by thinking that traditionally couples in the house get a lot of airplay. His comment to bb along the line that he wasnt getting his fair share of time on the TV when they thought there was a 2nd house indicated his mindset to me.
It doesn`t take a genius to figure that the person who holds the superpower has the upperhand, silly Michael. I just think his hate for Estelle overrides all his other thoughts.
Bradley is not well liked in the house, they all say the similar thing about him. The little bit I have seen of him he gives me the creeps, the fishing for kisses, almost opportunist?

12 Michelle { 10.04.12 at 10:23 am }

Layla I doubt is as dumb as she is playing. She actually comes across very stragetic when she is nominating, dumb people can not pull off strategic.

13 Nathan { 10.04.12 at 10:27 am }

they are all scared of benjamin as he isnt afraid of confrontation in the house.the only time i remember seing anyone stand up to his shite was when ava and estelle told him to back off.and interestingly he hasnt nominated estelle since….

14 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 10:41 am }

I thought Estelle might have plonked for listening to to Josh and Michael- the two alpha fails in the house….but just dropping Mr IQ in it was enough. We’ll be seeing concrete ooze from his crack all week, no risk.

Agree that Lay-her might not be familiar with more Australian terms like “pick up the slack” but hey, that’s our “expressionative” culture for you. She wants a tattoo on her forehead proclaiming-

“Oooh, what doos thut mean, Big Brootha?”

She’s as dumb as Delilah droppings. If it’s an act…it’s a dumb act.

Michael’s been nominating Estelle for weeks now. Good to see the boot on the other moronically KFC emblazoned foot.

Good to see Sonia bounce back from her eviction night wardrobe failure as she looked smokin’ in that rd dress.

15 Kelsta { 10.04.12 at 11:27 am }

Ooooh, I can’t wait to see Michael meltdown either. He will NOT handle being nommed at all. At first, he was charming and funny, he may still be funny but I don’t like his superior attitude. I wish Estelle could see that she wasn’t nominated by anyone else other than Michael – I think Michael has the grandeur notion that “everyone hates Estelle”, when in fact, they don’t. It will be interesting to see how Estelle treats the other housemates now that she’s heard that.

@Michelle: totally spot on about Josh’s ego with the limelight! I forgot about that comment he made to BB about wanting more time on TV and then BAM – hooks up with Ava, and now seems to be over it very quickly? He’s definitely playing the game carefully.

And yeah, I think Layla is playing the dumb princess too.

I don’t think Sam or B-Rad will go this week, it will either be Angie for being a cow or Michael due to his excessive jealousy and pettiness over Java (yet another coffee reference). My absolute pick is Angie will go.

16 Stacey { 10.04.12 at 12:01 pm }

I read on behind big brother that they’re not doing doubles yet, and that they will be evicting singles until there is like 6 people left at the final. Strange way to do it I think!

17 A.P { 10.04.12 at 12:11 pm }

VioletsRBlue, Yes I take your point about Layla but I think she knows more than she lets on. I actually am from her part of the world (Yorkshire UK ) originally and we had to learn Australian expressions pretty quickly so I know what its like. I still remember first arriving here years ago and being invited to a BBQ and to “take a plate”. My mother thought it was very strange and turned up with four empty plates, one for each of us, how embarrassing! However I think Layla’s been here for some time so I still think its a dumb act she puts on which was my point that she said Estelle is acting when in fact so is she and everyone else in the house.
Look at Stacey, do we even know her as a person?, all we see is a performance, same as Ben.
It would be good to see them all up for eviction to see how the viewers really feel.

18 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 12:27 pm }

A.P. I read recently, can’t remember where (possibly behind Big Brother), unfortunately that Lay-her has only recently come to Australia and lives with her father. She has crapped out getting on BB UK and is rolling the dice here. Desperate.

My favourite Yorkshire saying would be the definition of a gentleman~ one who gets out of the bathtub to pee. Courtesy of F.S.Trueman.

19 Jenny { 10.04.12 at 12:39 pm }

It is so true about Michael being silly for nominating Estelle when she had the superpower. The other housemates were smart enough to steer clear.

20 Isabel { 10.04.12 at 12:47 pm }

Ha, AP, I too laughed about bring a plate when I first came here. I remember looking at share units and one of the girls showing me around said that they were getting a new lounge. I puzzled over that for a long time before I realised a lounge here is a sofa!

It will be great if the first big upset takes place on Sunday with the eviction of Michael!

21 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 12:52 pm }

Obviously, Michael also considers it a “social skill” to walk around the house with his ar$e hanging out of his shorts, all the while in a juvenile tizz about his boyfriend Josh’s capers..

22 Ari { 10.04.12 at 12:58 pm }

Oooh Michael is BUSTED. I like Michael but I think his being trapped in the house without many intelligent people brings the arrogance out of him. I felt bad for Estelle then, poor girl.

I think Ava and Sam being nominated for “being bland” and “not contributing enough” shows how horrible the casting has been for the intruders. Pick more interesting characters not single 20-somethings with nothing to contribute but their presence.

I like Ben, glad he didn’t nominate Estelle. He seems like a mature guy and funny too.

I like Bradley, despite his lack of manners, I really do like him and adds a nice touch and personality to the house.

Yeah when Ava got evicted my perception of her changed completely. She just looked like she was no longer interested and didn’t care about anyone. Very arrogant.

23 Bolders { 10.04.12 at 1:06 pm }

BDD have you noticed that Josh is now going for the underwear look just like his BFF Michael? Just what the viewing public needs, two cracks peeping out of two grungie underpants.

And AP re Lay-her and her smarts: it’s not just Australianisms, a few weeks ago, she didn’t understand what “commence” meant.

Oh and by the way, if you had to phonetically spell Montague to assist a person who had never read Romeo and Juliet or saw the movie or flicked through the graphic novel or could read, just what would you change to help someone like Ms Layla?


24 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 1:08 pm }

Ari, I think Ben deserves credit for twigging maybe 2 weeks ago that Estelle is relatively well regarded outside the house and distancing himself from the lynch mob controlled by Michael and Josh. I think Stacey and Zoe have been influenced by this change, too.

Bolders, I did notice Josh “standing out” in his underpants last night, so to speak. Almost as far as his nose. Not a good look.

25 Samantha { 10.04.12 at 1:35 pm }

What was up with Zoe during nominations last night?
As for Layla, she went to school in England, surely she’s been made to read Romeo and Juliet. She can’t be that daft. And the English get cricket, which she claimed to enjoy, but didn’t get the references.

Sometimes I wonder if they’re all acting.

By the way, is eviction this Sunday, or is it Wednesday again?

26 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 1:48 pm }

Words like”gracious’ and “commence” mean exactly the same in the UK as here, too. Nor are they by any stretch big or uncommon words.

Except to Lay-her. I also don’t agree that coining gobbledegook like “expressionative” is an act or that running with the pack and nominating Bradley is “strategic”, either. Just a Yorkshire yobbo at work.

Lay-her needs to expand her vocabulary beyond-

” Where’s me kerlers?” and “Ooooh, e’s joost ma tarp, ‘e is !”

27 A.P { 10.04.12 at 2:19 pm }

Don’t forget that tricky word that had George stumped, “Amicable”. I suggest they be presented with a dictionary when they get out of tha house. At least its a prize of sorts!
Love everyone’s comments today BTW

28 Miss Mars { 10.04.12 at 2:58 pm }

I think it’s funny that Michael seems to cop quite a bit of shit for being ‘nasty’ and ‘manipulative’ but IMO the most mean spirited and manipulative person in there is fan favourite Ben. He’s constantly playing both sides and says incredibly nasty things about the others behind their backs. I actually really enjoy watching Ben, but he’s not exactly Mr. Nice Guy.

Interesting that the sentiment here is very anti Michael and quite pro Estelle. Estelle has certainly picked up more fans over the weeks (in my opinion this is largely due to her continued ‘outsider victim’ edit rather than any newly developed endearing personality trait), but she’s still far from a firm favourite in the eyes of the public. Angie trumped her with 10% more votes to save during last weeks eviction, and this was inspite of a sympathetic Estelle edit and a rather unflattering one for Angie…
At any rate I would bet my life savings that Michael is going nowhere this week, I’m almost certain he’s a favourite with a lot of fans. I also think Angie is probably safe, especially if it’s only a single eviction as given that eviction before last Estelle received more save votes that Bradley and last week Angie received more save votes than Estelle it’s probably unlikely she’ll be evicted over Bradley. Nope, my guess is it’s probably a contest between ‘ugly potato head’ Sam and B-rad. Sure Sam is more liked than Ava but intruders are a hard sell, he’s only been in there two weeks and the public does have a tendency to feel a bit of loyalty towards the original housemates… Will be interested to see how it pans out.

29 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 4:04 pm }

Big Brother 2012 “Dicktionary”(feel free to add)


Agree that the boofcake son of Frankenstein, $am will be evicted. He’s in dire need of a personality transfusion.

Lay-her will just have to suck it up- something she does know about.

30 Sioux Denim { 10.04.12 at 5:43 pm }

The nom noms must be pre-recorded as Sonia made mention at the beginning of the show that if there were a tie there could be 4 up this week……………dont recall her sying that before so she musta known.

I thought Estelle really played her cards well last night – she must be so relieved to have a week off.

Agree with you all – Michael’s face – priceless!

31 Izobel2 { 10.04.12 at 5:50 pm }

Lucky Sonia was pimping Ava to choose Estelle to have the super power. Imagine if Josh got it. Would’ve been another snoozefest.

32 Miss Mars { 10.04.12 at 6:33 pm }

BDD, totally agree about Sam, he’s a snooze and a half. I’ve been checking the FB page and he seems to have a few fans though, but I’m not exactly sure what they’re fans of… I’ve herad the term ‘eye candy’ thrown around but I really don’t see it, dude needs a dentist stat and in the words of Janet from Rocky Horror: ‘I don’t like men with too many muscles’. His saving grace might be his relationship with Layla, while her in-house hookup with Josh was literally the kiss of death for Ava; Sam and Layla actually seem to have a bit of a following. He’s also a dude, which means he’ll be viewed more favourably amongst female voters than Ava was. Still don’t know if it’ll be enough to save him though.

33 Nathan { 10.04.12 at 6:50 pm }

i reckon michael is the threat to win….so him being up for eviction at this stage – everyones going to be voting against him.even benjamin/stacey fans who normally wouldnt worry about voting this week ,will be hammering the votes against him.could be their only chance! lol

34 A.P { 10.04.12 at 6:59 pm }

BDD, does “montage”/”montague” count?

35 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 7:13 pm }

Sure, A.P . How did I forget that howler? Angie invented a non word I can’t recall, too. In alphabetical order, it’s now…..

Nom Noms

36 Nathan { 10.04.12 at 7:20 pm }

i cracked a smile when sam nominated bradley because ‘he wasnt on the same page length as him’……

37 brain dead dave { 10.04.12 at 7:26 pm }

Beauty Nathan. I just trawled back for Angie’s pearler. Webster’s has got nothing on this:

Nom Noms

38 Suziekue { 10.04.12 at 9:11 pm }

bbd – did I hear Michael say “cud cuds” for cuddles tonight?

39 Bolders { 10.04.12 at 10:25 pm }

It was the Michael show today – he and his crack seemed to be the only housemates in the house judging by the airtime.
Guess his editing is going to be a lovefest all week. Groan

40 Nathan { 10.04.12 at 11:10 pm }

whats the deal with his crack…is he trying for the gay vote or something????

41 Bolders { 10.04.12 at 11:49 pm }

It’s an affectation: I’m an intellectual slob and unconcerned with mundane concepts like hygiene.

In Newtown they wear purple and black and smell like arse.

42 Dianne { 10.05.12 at 1:50 am }

Given it is voting to save – who is voting to save Michael? It may not be the voting public. If it was vote to evict he may have been safe but given the vote to save scenario I think he may not have enough voting fans to keep him safe.
All the housemates must have originally assumed it was vote to evict but have learned it is vote to save.
Have the public voters realised the same?
I do not think Michael’s fan base would b e voters.
Therefore Michael may not be saved.

43 Pangus { 10.05.12 at 7:28 am }

Last nights show, was all about Michael and Angie. Hmmmmmm.

44 VioletsRBlue { 10.05.12 at 8:57 am }

Re Pangus comment, maybe producers like the ‘drama’ of Michael being nominated but they don’t actually want him to go as they seem him as interesting. That is how BB is the most manipulative in there and we are all his puppets. I would luv to see the change in house dynamics if Michael was gone. I think Zoe was freaking out after nominating him as she is scared what will happen if they lose thier leader. They all want his approval and are scared to disagree with him on anything. I want him to go so that we can see more of the other housemates true personality.

45 Nathan { 10.05.12 at 9:08 am }

im still not fully convinced that the show isnt fake….with no live feeds and alot of the housemates already working in the entertainment industry or having famous friends etc… i mean wheres the reggies or sarah maries??? seems scripted to me

46 Bolders { 10.05.12 at 9:36 am }

Ben seems to have drunk Michael’s Koolaid going by the saccharine pep talk he gave Michael in the bathroom on the show last night: about you know ” you have to be you so I can be me” bullshite psychobabble that Ben likes to indulge in.
Yeah, great integrity Michael has, willing to tell Australia how much he hates a 20 year old girl who interrupts his stories and for justification lies that the whole house also hates her but freaks out when he finds out that she may have been listening to him.

I agree with VioletsRBlue – get rid of Michael so we can see some other personalities shine through.

Or at least leak through.

47 brain dead dave { 10.05.12 at 9:43 am }

@suziekue #38. I’m adding it to the list.

Cud Cuds.
Nom Noms

48 Bolders { 10.05.12 at 9:50 am }

BDD you should add: Crack.

Not because it’s a word they invented or don’t know the meaning of but rather because of the amount that has poluted our screens thanks to grot Michael, Josh and Angie.

49 brain dead dave { 10.05.12 at 9:24 pm }

Thanks Bolders, it’s done. Josh is really giving those Pat Rafter underpants a lot of exposure.

Cud Cuds.
Nom Noms

50 Spot The Ocelot { 10.06.12 at 5:03 pm }

…rather sick of seeing Josh’s apricots and sausage jocks already. Is this his new ‘angle’ since Ava-go has gone?!