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Big Brother – Not Sure Who Is Getting The Elimination Edit This Week

What is interesting with the truncated voting week because of the mid week nominations that who will be eliminated on Sunday night is anyone’s guess.

Michael and Angie are getting more air time than Sam and Bradley but it is not unduly negative for any of them.

In fact Michael’s meltdown is rather entertaining. When he and the other nominees were cooking in the kitchen he played the why do you think you got nominated game and then told them what they could do to modify their behaviour to not get nominated again.

Sam was told to stop cleaning, Angie to stop counting the beers, and Bradley to ensure he cleaned up when there were people there. They also told him to stop being a bit of hypocrite. The example they gave was he was uptight about people not cutting the pork properly, but he was happy to use someone else’s tooth brush. Did I hear that right? If so that is pretty gross.

Angie also was upset about being nominated and was in tears in the diary room about how she feels she is not part of the in group. Her emotional state was also not helped by having to hang up on her father this week.

She was still weepy when she was helping with the shopping list.

Only three housemates do the shopping list otherwise it gets messy with a time limit. Ben refuses to do it with Estelle who apparently does it every week.

Ben is very forthright about giving his opinions about what people should do the other night to Zoe telling her she would be happier if she ate better, exercised more and wore better clothes.

When Angie confided in Ben how upset she had been with her nomination he again gave her a passive aggressive “advice”. You wonder how he would feel if someone dished him an honest assessment of his personality.

Layla appears to having a hard time getting guys to treat her seriously. When her and Sam were discussing travelling. She told him he would like England because the girls are hot, he then proceeded to tell her about a Brazilian girl he worked with.

Was this code for telling her not he did not want anything with Layla on the outside. Needless to say she debriefed with Stacey about the situation.

Who do you think will be eliminated Sunday night?


1 Calliegirl { 10.06.12 at 12:51 pm }

Sam will probably be the one to go on Sunday, but I would LOVE it to be Michael. At least it would enable him to attend to his grooming – eg: Hair cut/style, eyelashes tinted, shave his beard, buy pants that don’t show his crack! I could go on, but that is enough for starters.

2 Suziekue { 10.06.12 at 1:16 pm }

I think it will be Sam for eviction. However like Calliegirl, I’d be happy to see Michael go. He was grossing me out last night – preparing food, licking his fingers and shooshing his manky locks all at the same time. Errrk! So I guess hearing that he uses other people’s toothbrushes is no real surprise.

I don’t think Sam was using code with the story about the Brazilian girl. I just don’t think he has enough smarts to realise how insensitive that would be to Layla.

3 Nathan { 10.06.12 at 2:29 pm }

michael to go for sure!
whenever i see bradley and benjamin carrying on like they do,i just wonder how they could possibly survive outside the house. every club/pub ive ever been too are full of broken men like these two ,who thought they could voice their opinions and got totally cut down for their

4 GoΕ‚o i WesoΕ‚o { 10.06.12 at 2:36 pm }

@Nathan: All gay men like Benjamin overreact to everything, which is why it’s a struggle being around them. Sure, it’s amusing for a short while, but it gets old very quickly.

Bradley will go this week; people won’t vote to save those who have such little airtime. The females will be flocking to vote and save Sam though since they all want a nice piece of meat to look at for a few more weeks.

5 brain dead dave { 10.06.12 at 2:40 pm }

Sam looks like dead meat…if he isn’t already. What a deluded Ken doll to think that he can win BB.

Oh, I was hoping that’s what wasn’t said about the toothbrushes. Among many nasties, HIV and Hepatitis C can both be transmitted via toothbrushes. Absolutely unforgivable state of affairs that the producers should address.

6 brain dead dave { 10.06.12 at 2:51 pm }

Comment4 -it’s a struggle reading your bigoted garbage.

7 Emma { 10.06.12 at 3:07 pm }

I’m thinking it will be Sam but as mentioned Bradley could be in trouble of getting save votes. Agree with brain dead dave- Sam is deluded to think that he has a chance of winning. And airing that opinion has made his chances even lower.

I think Layla’s little flings and their failings are helping her to be the potential winner.

As people have said though I also would be ok if Michael went. He has annoyed me this week and his treatment by BB and other housemates has too. He basically said who he nominated and kept moping around about it. He expected everyone to feel sorry for him when people like Bradley zand Estelle have been nominated loads. And then BB consoled him with the Surly mission and the message from his brother- how unfair is that? I mean Brad is 18 and has never carried on like that and received a message from home.

8 brain dead dave { 10.06.12 at 3:22 pm }

Can Lay-her make it to the finish , I wonder?

By then she’ll be about 160 kilos and covered in cold sores

9 Nathan { 10.06.12 at 3:26 pm }

whats the deal with the girls this year? theres nobody in there that i would want to see naked….
and yeah- i couldnt believe how michael got the kfc and the surly mission…thats why hes so confident… the cards keep somehow falling in his favour πŸ˜‰

10 A.P { 10.06.12 at 3:59 pm }

People like Michael sail through life and seem to think they are better than everyone else. I think he is genuinely shocked to be nominated and is trying to work out in his head who would want to nominate him and why?
He had no sympathy for Brad and Estelle who are probably used to it now and he was basically responsible for getting rid of George and maybe Ray by giving the others hints on who he wants them to vote for.
When they don’t do his bidding he acts confused and has to explain his feelings to BB who rewards him to cheer him up.
Having said that, my daughter loves Michael and has already voted twice for him to stay so it must be a generation thing, I can’t see the attraction!
Hopefully it will be a double eviction with him and Angie to go.

11 Suziekue { 10.06.12 at 4:01 pm }

@ comment 4 – all bigots like you Golo, overreact to everyone who doesn’t match their narrow view of people, which is why it’s a struggle to be around all people like you. It’s not even amusing for one nano second.

12 Isabel { 10.06.12 at 4:40 pm }

God, let it be Michael! Licking his fingers and flicking his hair whilst cooking – gross. I’d be giving him four points for lack of hygiene, four points for using my toothbrush and $10 for a new pair of underpants that fit. It was also quite gross watching Michael and Josh in the super duper bathroom, rubbing cream all over each other ……….. ffs ….

13 Stacey { 10.06.12 at 4:54 pm }

AP – I agree with you 100% about Micheal swanning through life. People like that really get up my goat! However there wont be any doubles according to Behind Big Brother and Little Sister. I think they’re going to do a whole heap of evictions at the final, so there’ll still be like 6 people there on the last day.
I think Sam’s going this week.

14 Spot The Ocelot { 10.06.12 at 5:10 pm }

B D D comment #8… just snorted. I mainly come on here to read your lively little additions, they make my day.

Sam will go… and puff his puffer fish lips elsewhere.

15 brain dead dave { 10.06.12 at 8:58 pm }

Thanks for the kind words, Spot The Ocelot.

I’m also thankful to RR and have a list of about fifty other regulars here who I know aren’t trolls and have said similarly kind words to me this year. Would thank you all by name but would hate to forget anyone or see you get trolled by the couple of nutjobs who soil these pages from time to time.

16 brain dead dave { 10.06.12 at 11:30 pm }

On reflection, I suppose it’s not so bad if it’s a toothbrush that is rarely used…like Sam’s.

His teeth look like a row of dilapidated, neglected tombstones at Rookwood Cemetery.

17 VioletsRBlue { 10.06.12 at 11:57 pm }

RR I feel no one is getting eviction edit as this week it seems that Michael us getting ‘to save’ edit. As if the producers are going out of their way to make him ‘happier’ and not go into meltdown which could see him go.

Regarding Sam, I am not sure why he is getting so many nasty comments here about his looks, probably all from envies males! I bet secretly a lot of guys would like to look like him! He might be playing a game but at least he has been nice to everyone so far. Unlike a few other housemates.

18 Someonesensible { 10.07.12 at 3:06 am }

@VioletsRBlue I think it was you who had commented elsewhere about how annoying you found Stacey…& once again I find myself agreeing with you. Although I dont think Sam is all that, atleast he isnt being a d*** to everyone just for the sake of being “funny” or “witty”
& could the producers be more obvious with their pampering ‘Micheal’? He is definitely a condescending prick. I’d rather a dumb but polite Layla than the so called geniuses any day.

19 Mahlia { 10.07.12 at 4:45 pm }

I think Sam will go. You have to be a very interesting intruder to get a fan base that will vote to save you and Sam is not an interesting intruder.

The great Zach Douglas did it back in 07 but that guy really knew how to make an entrance

20 A.P { 10.07.12 at 6:15 pm }

Zach was great! he got runner up but should have won that year I reckon.

21 Lisa { 10.07.12 at 6:59 pm }

I agree. I loved Zach

22 Bolders { 10.07.12 at 7:13 pm }

I’m getting excited- could this be the last time I have to mention Micahel’s crack?

Micahel’s crack!

23 Bolders { 10.07.12 at 7:16 pm }


More Michael’s crack to come I suppose.

24 A.P { 10.07.12 at 8:28 pm }

It’s still on here, I got excited for a moment thinking it might be Michael, no such luck!
I was a bit surprised Sam got through though.

25 Bolders { 10.07.12 at 8:30 pm }

I’d rather Sam – he’s less offensive in every way. And after the number Ben did on him today I feel sorry for him.

26 Nathan { 10.07.12 at 8:34 pm }

i can see now that voting is a complete waste of my money…the last few days have been a michael love-fest.
bb wouldnt let him out of the limelight.
so theres no point to it as fas as im concerned..the end will unravel in the exact way that producers want it too.

27 brain dead dave { 10.07.12 at 8:44 pm }

Michael had a huge save vote. Maybe KFC coughed up for that. It now looks like a set up for him to win. Yawn.

Bradley came into $1.85 favourite to get booted this arvo. I found out too late, after I’d voted for saving Brad.No more voting for me this season.

Sam crapped on Lay-her again tonight. She’s such a doormat and then goes and whines that she’s in a “mood”. He’s just not that into you so no need to carry on like ‘es your ‘oosband. That’s what you’ll get from Sam Schwarzenegger.

Don’t know why Bradley wasn’t shown who nominated him and even more puzzled why he gave the superpower to The Nose.

28 Mahlia { 10.07.12 at 8:55 pm }

Loads of people on Twitter saying that if Michael got voted out they wouldn’t watch again. I guess he has a big fan base.

In my opinion he could easily get a bad edit if the producers wanted because he’s sly and controlling at times.

29 Bolders { 10.07.12 at 9:56 pm }

BDD what was the percentage vote for Michael and his crack – do you know? I couldn’t watch after he was saved.

If they still ran the vote to evict I would have picked up the phone

Michael’s crack.

Is back.

30 brain dead dave { 10.07.12 at 10:05 pm }

He “cracked ” 49% to save from memory, Bolders….but he doesn’t know that- otherwise he’d be strutting around like his $hit doesn’t stink.

31 Bolders { 10.07.12 at 10:08 pm }

Dammit – what do people see in him? Other than his crack I mean.

32 Reality Raver { 10.07.12 at 10:39 pm }

Bolders – Michael received 46 per cent of the vote from viewers to save him.