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The X Factor – Legends Night With Some Not So Legendary Performances

Well Natalie Bassingthwaite sold Shiane a pup this week, as no 14 year old should ever sing Janis Joplin, and especially with a smile on their face. She was singing Piece Of My Heart. Joplin is meant to be raw and how can Shiane even connect with the lyrics at her age?

Also when she got the inevitable criticisms she teared  up. I do think 14 years old is just too young. Also in the before the performance piece with Nat B I thought she said “she is tackling obesity” and thought WTF? but then realise she said “tackling the beast” meaning Janis Joplin.

It was legend’s night tonight and it just reinforced why these singers are legends and that some of these contestants will never be. Also because it was legends night they decided to break out the smoke machine for just about every number.

Guy appeared to have his competitive or cranky pants on tonight, he said he wanted Fortunate to have a stripped back song,  and also he was negative about Carmello.

Well really Carmello was pretty ordinary and no one bar Mel B gave Carmello a good rap. He does have a likeability about him, though not sure how far that is going to get him.

Samantha Jade did a great rendition of a Whitney song, and Guy was right in pulling out all the trills and tricks as it was one of her best performances. The judges were in raptures and telling her she had one of Australia’s best voices. This is standard mantra year in year out on these reality shows and some of these “best voices” go nowwhere.

Jason sang Bruce Springsteen, Dancing The Dark, with an Elvis Presley hair do. Again like Shiane this is a song with sexy raw lyrics and there was none of that in his voice.

Guy said Jason was turning into someone of coolness and he was starting to embrace it. Clearly Guy has forgotten how he had turned from Mr Geek in Australian Idol to Mr Cool.

The Collective rendition of Hard Day’s Night from The Beatles was fun. As Ronan said they are favourites to win and I have to agree. Considering Ronan has been back in the UK this week and he would not have had much input both his groups did well.

Guy thought it was nerdy. Was he trying to put a spanner in their screaming teen fans works by criticising them, somehow I don’t think this will dent their popularity.

Finally Bella did not do cutsie, whimsical surrounded by an Alice In Wonderland set and it worked. Her rendition and staging of Madonna’s Ray Of Light was enjoyable. Nat B was right it was her best yet. The male judges were not so captivated by it.

Nathaniel Willemse did a lovely rendition of a Coldplay song. Extra points should be given for being able to sing through all that smoke. If Nathaniel could show a bit more personality he might be a fighting chance at the end.

The final act was Angel who sang Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, and it was a bit of a disaster, she forgot the lyrics, not that the audience would notice, but Guy being hard arsed pointed it out to them. Also it looked like she slipped at one point.

Angel is going to struggle to stay out of the bottom two as is Carmello.

Who did you like? Who do you think will be bottom two?


1 Cheryl { 10.09.12 at 3:09 am }

I agree with your bottom two. Both struggled more than the others and given how tight most of the performances were the ones that didn’t stand out for the right reasons are going to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Also, I’m going to put it out there, Nat is either pregnant or asthmatic as she had the most trouble with the smoke machine. I’m going with pregnant as Mel appeared to cover for her by talking about how much “dry ice” there was. That was no dry ice.

2 chasing vegas { 10.09.12 at 7:41 am }

I really don’t know why these shows bother with attempting to sing ‘legends’ songs. There is a reason why they are called ‘legends’ & having amateurs try & sing them is always a disaster. They were all pretty bad.

3 Mia { 10.09.12 at 11:17 am }

Pretty much agree with you on all points RR. Particularly on Nat’s complete inability to choose appropriate songs for her contestants (of all the MJ songs, why would she pick Dirty Diana for Angel? Seriously, WTF? And Shiane singing Joplin? Just… NO!!!).

Shiane and James were WAY out of their depth. Their performances and lack of connection to the lyrics was more of a slap in the face rather than a tribute to their respective ‘legends’.

I LMAO at Mel B calling The Collective “giant space tampons”! They should immediately change their name to that. LOL Their performance of A Hard Days Night only served to remind me how much better Take That did it in their Beatles medly at the Brit Awares Back in the mid 90’s. It’s interesting to note that while those annoying squealing tweenies make The Collective appear to be hugely popular, it’s not being reflected on the iTunes downloads chart. Says it all really.

It was a relief to not see Bella portrayed as being so painfully twee this week. I didn’t mind her version on Ray Of Light, though if she hadn’t had the enhanced backing vocal in the chorus, it mightn’t have sounded as good.

Nathaniel was my pick of the night. Loved his vocal, though I’m suspicious about his piano playing talents (as in, I don’t believe he was actually playing the piano at all – there weren’t any close ups of his hands).

I agree that Carmello and Angel will probably be bottm 2. Angel has a great voice, but her lack of personality and a tween girl following means her days are inevitably numbered.

4 auds { 10.09.12 at 3:57 pm }

What are they thinking? The mentors are mentoring these contestants right into the dunny.

I dont think any of them picked the right song for their people.

The only half decent ones were Sammy and Nathaniel and they were just ok IMHO.

RR maybe we need a thread where we – the experts – can pick the songs for them LOL

5 Bolders { 10.09.12 at 4:03 pm }

RR Samantha may have done a great job with her song, but I couldnt get passed the first few seconds where she appeared to be a floating head with all that dry ice about.

Was there a sale at Aldi?

6 Chunks { 10.09.12 at 4:31 pm }

Song choices, song choices. Poor Angel. WTF? Don’t know how much longer I can stand all that tragic screaming. I almost hope the Collective get eliminated in order to reduce it, but that would unfair as they are quite good, despite last night’s bad decisions on Ronin’s part. Still think the other guys are solid but he stand-outs last night were definitely Sammy and Nathaniel, two genuinely great voices and great production. But was he playing the piano?

7 brain dead dave { 10.09.12 at 4:42 pm }

I haven’t watched this for a few weeks and was going to tonight, but now it appears Jessica Mauboy is being stumped up the mute button will be getting a caning again.

Shiane -notify FACS , it’s child abuse.

8 A.P { 10.09.12 at 7:32 pm }

I kind of liked The Collective singing” A Hard Day’s Night”. It was fun and I love the Beatles anyway so I enjoyed it and thought the comments given to them were a bit harsh.Had any of those annoying screaming girls even heard of that song before? Its hard to hear what anyone is saying over all the screaming so I wish they would be told to stop, at least during judging.
Agree, Shiane is out of her depth, she’d never heard of Janis Joplin, someone told her she was big in the sixties and died in 1770!
The bottom two should be Angel and maybe Samantha.

9 Georgie { 10.09.12 at 10:02 pm }

Bye bye Mr Bean.