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The Amazing Race Kicks Off In China

The latest series of The Amazing Race started tonight with the teams flying from LA to Shanghai, China.

The added urgency for the teams was the new twist which was if they won the first leg and the final leg of the race the prize money would be doubled to $2million.

As per usual the teams were on two planes with seven teams getting a nearly two hour head start.

First the teams had to beat the junior table tennis champion of China even with her not playing with a paddle she was hard to beat.

Then it was off to eat frog fallopian tubes at a Chinese restaurant, the issue was not just the flavour but the texture and they were only allowed to use chopsticks and not pick it up with their hands. One of the teams, the Monster truckers, did and he had to eat another plate of it.

The rock star/Lawyer team, James and Abba, were in the lead after this point, but they lost it once they were at The Bund looking for the lady with the abacus. For those who are interested, the rock star was a working touring musician for White Lion, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, David Lee Roth, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Bobby Brown and DMC.

Anyway back to The Bund ,Amy and Daniel had found the woman first but on the way to the pit stop stupidly told dating divorcees Abby and Ryan where she was. They then got the clue and then overtook them to the pit stop. Amy was upset at her stupidity that may mean she misses out on an extra $1 million.

The twin sisters are looking like they are prepared to do anything to win and it does look like they will have to be a bit strategic as they don’t have the physicality that the male teams have.

Rob and Sheila the lumberjack and the marketing executive were eliminated, as they were overtaken by The Chippendales fifteen seconds from the pitstop. In fact if one of the teams had not pointed out where the final clue was The Chippendales would have been eliminated.

Here is an exit interview with Rob and Sheila.

The Amazing Race series 21 on SEVEN Monday nights at 10.15pm.


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Some more Megadeth, while I wait for Raver to unlock my earlier post:-

3 Trent { 10.10.12 at 12:40 pm }


Shame that Rob & Sheila were eliminated by the skin of their teeth, Seemed like a nice couple.

4 Sioux Denim { 10.12.12 at 12:20 am }

My first American AR experience and I LOVED IT!

Totally loved the Aussie version but too watch Americans out of their league is something else entirely.. my goodness those twins are gonna be entertaining.

Bring it on!