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Big Brother – Michael’s Moaning And Is Angie Cutting Layla’s Grass?

OK well the theory that Layla is faking her dumbness has now been settled. She truly is thick. There is no way she was faking those answers when the prize of a car was on the line.

Layla, Benjamin and Angie were the final three standing in the win the Holden, and they were asked questions and the one closest to the answer got to pick a key and see if the car would open.

Thankfully the questions were not about the car that would be pushing the product placement just a bit too far. However they were about the Big Brother compound. The first question was related to the number of litres in the pool and Layla wrote 250, to be fair Angie’s wasn’t that much higher. The answer was 80,000 even Benjamin was 70,000 litres out.

Also she was asking what was a metre was. Not that it mattered she lucked a couple of answers and Layla won the car.

By the way did anyone else notice that when Layla had her first selection Sam was signalling to her to pick key number two? She did not. Personally I think it was a bit controlling.

Interesting Stacey and Zoe when talking to her about him told Layla she could do better and that he was a bit of a heart breaker.

This week’s challenge is a good one. The housemates were randomly split into two teams of red and blue. Zoe, Layla, Josh and Benjamin were the red team, whilst Michael, Sam, Angie and Estelle were blue. Stacey was neutral she could speak to anyone or go anywhere in the house.

Neither team could speak or look at the other and if a person did breach a rule they would get one nomination point for the week. Loved the penalty.

The red team were all friends and but Michael was not happy that he was in with all this week’s nominees and away from his mates. He told big brother that he felt like he was in high school and he was not in the cool group.

Ok you can see how the bickering between Estelle and Angie would do your head in but it is only for a few days. First world problem, but then Big Brother is probably a first world problem.

Part of the challenge was to have mini challenges to see which team would get access to certain parts of the house. The blue team won the first challenge therefore received the rights of the kitchen and the food in it. This included any other food Big Brother wanted to give them, which he did.

The blue team were trying to rub in their prize to the red team as they were stuck with an outside camp kitchen with canned food.

The red team were not happy with the food gloating that was going on. However on the plus side they did win the challenge to get the bedroom to themselves. It would have been a dire few days if they had lost that challenge as the blue team had to sleep on camp beds outside.

Stacey aka Ms Neutral was having a great time of it she was eating with the blue team and sleeping with the red team and was at no risk of attracting nomination points.

She also had a special room called Switzerland and she had the power to bring in a person from each team who were able to talk to each other. She decided on Michael and Benjamin.

Michael moaned about how his team was doing his head in and Benjamin told him they had been peeved the red team was when he had spoken about how delicious his oreo cookie with peanut butter was.

Michael tried to back track with Big Brother and Benjamin on this by trying to say he had not been gloating, which of course was bollocks.

With Layla sequestered in another section of the house was Angie trying to cut Layla’s grass with Sam or was Sam trying to get flirty and touchy with Angie? Did either of them really need a massage? Anyway the look on Estelle’s face said it all. Once Estelle tells her what happened, Layla will be giving Angie four points on Sunday.

What do you think of the challenge? Is Michael right to upset that is in the disliked group?


1 Carole { 10.11.12 at 10:00 pm }

Yeah, I wondered about the super power as well. Without it that could really change things.

2 Kaz { 10.11.12 at 10:25 pm }

I am becoming really irritated with the ‘untouchables’ (aka mean girls) behaviour this week. Their true colours are coming out finally. I completely agree that some of the conversations this week crossed the line, they basically told each other that they would continue to pick off the Blues until they were out of the game, if that’s not talking about nominations, I don’t know what is.
The incredible irony of the Reds not seeing their own behaviour as constant bitching is incredible. They are so cocky and arrogant, it’s really starting to make me not want to watch.
I would love to see a week where everyone is up for nomination, sooner rather than later. I think quite a few housemates would be very shocked to realise how they are actually coming across.

3 PK { 10.11.12 at 10:33 pm }

Yes Angie has never nominated Josh (that I can recall) and he nominates her all the time – nice friend!

4 PK { 10.11.12 at 10:37 pm }

And I can’t BELIEVE that no-one nominated Josh (I think Stacey gave 1 point) for his repulsive behaviour when Ava was in the house. He completely ignored everyone else and they just forget about it???? It’s tragic circumstances, but I am glad he is gone as I would’ve hated to see him win; he’s the worst of them all.

5 brain dead dave { 10.11.12 at 10:40 pm }

You buggers. Now I’ve got this repeating in my head ;

Status Quo ~Mean Girl

Now I’m a sad one, and she was a bad one
A mean, mean girl
I never had one as greedy as that one
A mean, mean girl

Mean, mean, mean, mean girl
I guess she’s not the kind that I was looking for
Mean, mean, mean, mean girl
She said I was the first but there were many more

She was a big one, met-at-a-gig once
A mean, mean girl
I felt a sick one, she was a quick one
A mean, mean girl

Mean, mean, mean, mean girl
I guess she’s not the kind that I was looking for
Mean, mean, mean, mean girl
She said I was the first but there were many more

6 Stacey { 10.13.12 at 1:44 am }

Thank you so much RR – this literally is my favourite website. I wake up, turn the laptop on and it’s ‘reality ravings’ and ‘listverse’. ! Sorry for the craziness, it’s just my bday on the 13th so I’m on edge! But seriously I come here for my reality dose every day!
Miss mars- thank you for agreeing with me! I have always really liked Zoe but lately she has been very two faced. However I can’t say it’s not surprising given the circumstances. I would be hypocritical for bagging on her for bitching. Honestly, it must be extremely mentally challenging to NOT bitch in the bb house. I would’ve cracked a thousand skulls already. Yeh. I bet no one picked up on the breakfast club ref.