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Big Brother – It Was An Eerie Episode

It was eerie watching Big Brother tonight knowing that Josh was soon to be told of his older brother Toby untimely death.

The last scene when we saw Josh walk towards the Captain’s Quarters where we knew his parents were waiting was particularly uncomfortable knowing he was walking into a life changing and devastating moment.

A thought should also be given to the crew on the show who would have known hours before, as his parents had to fly up from Adelaide. They would have had to work out the logistics on how to sensitively break the news to him, plus keeping the house ticking along as normal. It must have been a tad surreal for them watching an up beat Josh dressed all in read and eating canned food knowing later in the evening he was going to hear some awful news.

In the episode the challenges continued with blue team winning access to the pool and the bathroom.

However the red teams spirits did appear higher than the blue team. Michael was moaning to Stacey how there was no one funny person in his blue team for him to bounce off. Maybe he was worried he was going to be seen as boring by the viewer.

Layla was telling her teamates about how Angie had a crush on Sam, which they agreed with.

However when Layla and Sam spent some time together in Switzerland he appeared to be affectionate. He also  was saying he was worried how the segregation was going to affect his chances of getting nominated next week as he has not been able to get to know the red team mates better.  Layla also revealed she had been sending messages to him through Stacey, but he said he had not received them.

Is Stacey’s halo starting to slip? Benjamin also started btiching about Stacey as he felt she was not interacting with him in the same way.

However it appears Stacey is a bit flat and she said she was losing her mojo and was not sure why.

Benjamin  continued his manipulation of the housemates when he was in Switzerland with Angie. He told her she was an incredible person and that she should not give up. However earlier in the episode he had been bitching madly about her wanting to get in Sam’s bed and making fun of her teeth. Also Zoe must have been peeved Benjamin got to go into Switzerland twice and she had not been in at all.

However she was amusing in Big Brother Confidential when she was having a laugh about her crush on Michael, she was realising it was because she was trapped in a house.

She also revealed she was bit of an over text messager with guys she like, in fact the whole conversation between the housemates on dating/texting issue was amusing.

It was revealed that Zoe’s parents did not know she was entering the Big Brother house which was a bit strange. She got very emotional when she saw a DVD message from them. She received this treat because viewers had voted that she deserved it. Later in the episode the viewer was told to go to Facebook and tell them who deserves a message from the outside world. This week all of them do.

UPDATE: Here is an article in the Daily Telegraph that gives further information on the Big Brother house.


1 tvjunkie { 10.12.12 at 8:01 am }

When Zoe first went into the house she mentioned that her loved ones did not know she was going to be part of BB. When Sonia asked “Now Zoe, have you told your loved ones that you’re going off the radar and not going to be contactable for awhile”, she replied “Negative Ghost Rider. I have not. My family thinks I’m at Uni, and my Uni mates think I’m at home on holidays”.

However, as part of her package when she was being introduced there was a clip of her and her parents on the farm.

2 Carole { 10.12.12 at 9:44 am }

Yeah, I noticed that about Stacey, how Ben was bitching about her, maybe she will finally be nominated. Yeah it was surreal watching Josh, knowing the bad news he was about to receive. I was annoyed at her allowing Layla and Sam the captain’s quarters. Meanly, I liked them being separated this week. Usually I like having couples in the house in other series, but all the couples this year have annoyed me. As for winning the pool, that was short lived. Yesterday was a crappy miserable day up here, and the challenge finished early anyway.

3 Kaz { 10.12.12 at 11:19 am }

Initially I loved Benjamin, he was funny, intelligent and seemed to be the only one who would take any issues to the person involved directly. As the weeks have gone on his halo (in my opinion) is slipping, all he seems to do now is constantly bitch about his housemates, ironically often criticising them (especially Angie) for bitching behind peoples backs. The hipocracy is palpable.
But last night when he spoke to Angie in Switzerland I started to get really angry. Ben the master manipulator came out again, he was spouting his regular line of “You are an amazing person, you so deserve to be on this show”, etc, etc. I don’t think there’s a person in the house that he hasn’t given the same speech to. He has said very openly that he really dislikes Angie, and constantly points out to the other housemates all the reasons why the house would be better if she left. I understand that it’s a game, and to that effect he might be playing it well. The other housemates seem to look at Ben as the person to go to if they need to talk, he fulfills that role well with his platitudes and ego massaging, but as he becomes more confident that he will never be nominated, he is becoming more arrogant and seems to revel in the fact that he can manipulate the housemates.
My opinion of Ben has changed, although I can acknowledge his skill at playing the game, I am starting to dislike him as a person.
As for Layla, she might be dumb, but she is playing the game! Watching her being so incredibly two faced with Angie turned my stomach. I really feel sorry for Angie now, when she is evicted and sees her ‘best friend’ nominating her over and over again will no doubt upset her greatly.
Please, please, please Big Brother, give us a week with everyone nominated. I’d love to see how it would shake up the house and maybe bring some of the ‘untouchables’ down a peg or two.

4 Mahlia { 10.12.12 at 11:32 am }

I agree Kaz, last night in Switzerland did not make Ben look good. He seems to like to take advantage of others vulnerability. It would be ok if it were out of kindness – and maybe in real life it would be – but as part of the game it is manipulation.

5 A.P { 10.12.12 at 1:03 pm }

Zoe is making a fool of herself mooning over Michael, he is so not worth it.
Who made Ben an expert in counselling and why does everyone listen so intently to him while he is stroking their egos? He is such a hypocrite.
Why didn’t Stacey pass on the love messages from Sam, what is she playing at?
If the same three get nominated next time it proves that they all listen to Ben the manipulator and will get rid of everyone in the “loser group”
No surprise who Michael will nominate, he’s chosen Estelle every week.
I’ve got a feeling Layla will win Big Brother.

6 Carole { 10.12.12 at 1:14 pm }

It really annoyed me after that big fight with Layla, how everybody nominated Angie that week but not Layla, she was involved as well, and Angie actually tried to walk away from her a few times when she was obviously missing the point of what she was trying to tell her, but she kept going at her. Then, can’t remember who it was now either Estella or Stacy, stuck their noses in and tried to be ‘mediator’. It was nothing to do with her. Ever since then, they have voted for Angie every week.

7 Bolders { 10.12.12 at 1:46 pm }

Carole it was never clear to me how that fight happended or why – was it really over just some hickey and who got “there” first?

8 Bolders { 10.12.12 at 1:54 pm }

The issue I have with Ben now is the monotonous drone of his voice when he gets all physchiatristy on the housemates.

Makes me want to slap myself.

9 Kaz { 10.12.12 at 2:06 pm }

Carole, I couldn’t agree more. The whole fight between Angie and Layla was ridiculous. I wasn’t a huge fan of Angie, but she did have good intentions with what she was trying to tell Layla (ie: just be aware of how it might look jumping into another relationship straight after dumping George). Layla did get incredibly defensive and wouldn’t let the arguement go. Ang tried numerous times to walk away (which is very difficult when you are in a compound), then she finally had enough and snapped. I think people forget sometimes that she is only 21, Ben was quick to remind people that Bradley was ‘only 19’ and that should be taken into account when he kept getting nominated.
The whole situation really changed my mind about Layla and Angie, Layla was happy to make up with Angie afterwards, but behind her back kept bringing it up to everyone else and badmouthing Angie. Angie on the other hand had the maturity to apologise (Layla never did), and as far as she was concerned the matter was dealt with. Angie has never nominated Layla, Layla has consistently nominated Angie since the arguement, despite being best buddies with Angie to her face.
As for Sam, he came in with a game plan, ie: get into a relationship with one of the girls (I think he recognised that Layla was the most popular female housemate to the public, despite saying he never saw the show). His actions on the Truth or Dare night really showed his character early on. I understood what Angie was trying to say about not kissing a guy your friend had been involved with, Layla coming back with “Will you kiss Sam now?” was a ridiculous question, because it’s apples and oranges, at that stage Layla and Sam were not a couple, so the situation was totally different. But Sam following Angie into the kitchen and giving her the hickey, followed by the comment “Where are your morals now?”, that was the true game player coming out.
Now Layla is telling everyone that Angie has a crush on Sam, I went online and read all the ‘live’ posts , and all four (Estelle and Michael included) were massaging each other. Totally platonic, yet the only massages being shown are of Angie and Sam massaging each other. This is one of the biggest problems with no live feed, the editing is so crutial to how a housemate is perceived, hence the dreaded eviction edit.
I apologise for my long rant, it’s just refreshing to find a forum that has an intelligent discussion about a show like this (unlike the Facebook page).

10 Mahlia { 10.12.12 at 3:57 pm }

Heh, Hey Kaz if you want intelligent discussion NEVER go to Facebook.

Yes I think Angie has been a bit hard done by. I am not usually a feminist but I do think that the women get judged way more harshly for relationships in the house than the guys do.

Sam’s comment ‘where are you morals now’ was disgustingly judgemental and inappropriate.

11 A.P { 10.12.12 at 4:41 pm }

Kaz, thats the whole problem though with Angie. If only she would think smart and nominate Layla every week it might have changed the whole nominees outcome. She had every reason really to nominate her but instead she always votes for Estelle which is getting her nowhere.
The same ones will get nominated over and over again until they are gone. Do we want someone boring like Zoe to win, or two faced Stacey?
They have to wise up and change what they are doing to make a difference.

12 Anonymous { 10.12.12 at 5:56 pm }

Didnt Layla apologise to Angie in the conversation in the Bedroom after the said event but Angie showed remorse for the situation but never actually said the words “sorry” – Lets not forget Angie got on her high horse about the whole “looking bad on television” situation to Layla and then proceeded to make out with the guy in the kitchen (and get a hickey) after she had been trying to land Josh for weeks prior. Just reeked of a pot-kettle situation. I understand Angie is young, but I find people who push their opinion on me and arent willing to budge when confronted about it a little hard to take especially in such close confines.

I dont mind Angie at all – think she adds a good bit of spice to the house, but Layla remained fairly composed during the whole argument and Angie let the alcohol affect her which ultimately led to nomination points being thrown her way.

13 Anonymous { 10.12.12 at 7:21 pm }

ben is a master manipulator and is showing his true colours – you do not turn on your best friend over nothing! his game play with angie is a great tactic..but will Ben come undone?
Loving Angie more as time goes by, but Michael or Stacey to win.

14 A.P { 10.12.12 at 7:25 pm }

One thing’s for sure, it will be a bully who wins!

15 Den { 10.12.12 at 9:46 pm }

I ask myself how would I behave if I had a one in ten chance of winning 250k. Would I want to tell everyone they were great etcetera. Just a thought.