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Megatruckers – Have A Truck Fetish This Is The Show For You

Was Megatruckers the show A&E were talking about when they said there would be an Australian series of a popular show on the channel.

Personally I am still hoping a local version of Storage Wars will pop up.

An episode of Megatruckers was made to launch A&E at the beginning of the year, and now there are a further eight episodes.

The show  follows Jon Kelly and his team of heavy haulage drivers  who specialise in moving big loads. Jon who is only 32 years old has built HEAVY HAULAGE AUSTRALIA from a one-truck operation to a 25-strong fleet.

As I mentioned in a blog post earlier this week you are more likely to see mega guts with mega trucks on this channel and this is confirmed when you get a press release describing the vehicles as the “best-looking trucks in Australia”.

This is a show for people who are fans of Ice Road Truckers.

Mega Truckers starts Monday, November 12, 7.30pm on A&E

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1 brain dead dave { 10.13.12 at 6:22 pm }

Highly recommended for those who enjoy watching a load of rubbish….