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The X Factor – It Was Eighties Week Surely The Songs Were Not That Bad Back Then

It was the equivalent of singing dark ages for the contestants last night when they had to perform eighties tunes. The majority were not even born in that decade. No wonder Bella Ferraro was having a panic attack she probably had no connection with the tune at all.

She sang 99 Red Balloons and did an ok rendition, she was a bit off notes at times but the judges did not hear that and gave her rave reviews. She was noticeably upset after her performance finished. It would have been great if she had sang it in german to make it really quirky. She is certainly one of the more interesting people in the competition.

Samantha Jade had her best performance yet making a Phil Collins tune palatable she deserves to be safe. Interestingly her vocals were not as strong towards the end but still it was entertaining.  Fourtunate with their Whitney Houston cover  and The Collective also should be safe.  I note The Collective received the lucky last performance slot with their song Like A Prayer. Are the producers pushing them for the win?

Ronan Keating must have been pleased about his groups performances and he would not have been happy that his former lover sold her story to The Sun saying that he had promised to marry her and other intimate details of their relationship.

The not so great performances were Jason who sang Elton John, I’m Still Standing, possibly in response to still being in the competition. Angel Tupai and Nathaniel will be at risk due to poor song choices, she did Foreigner and he sang a toned down Tina Turner tune.

Finally Shiane did a nice rendition of True Colours, but again not a lot of emotion there and that is understandable due to her age. Yes I know Guy thought she had emotionally connected with the song and she wept about a friend who was in a wheel chair, but it all looked a little awkward to me.  Shiane would have kicked this competition out of the ball park in two years time, however she is very popular and could be the last of the under 25 girls standing.

Who do you think will be bottom two? I think Jason and Angel are at risk tonight.

The X Factor has Reece Mastin, and Psy the Gangnam style dude on tonight. This will be on at 7.30pm on SEVEN.



1 thenezzie { 10.16.12 at 11:25 am }

I didn’t like Samantha’s performance. The Collective were alright. They will be safe though.

I am hoping that Samantha and Jason are in the bottom two. If not Samantha then Angel, who is good but seems to not be improving.

I really like Nathan’s version of Tina Turner. I still not sure why the judges didn’t like it.

And Bella did a great version of that 99 Balloons and it seemed like she enjoyed herself.. even though she was panicking.

Nat seems to not pick the best songs for the girls. Shiana needs fun youthful songs to sing, she isn’t old enough for overly deep or lovely songs. I think she should have done Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I agree that she should would be doing better at this competition if she was a little bit older.

2 A.P { 10.16.12 at 11:37 am }

Shiane does sound very nasally to me, I know the braces might affect her speech but I can’t understand the words she sings sometimes. I think she’s out of her depth here.
I quite liked Bella’s version of 99 red balloons, don’t know why she broke down.
Samantha and Angel I think for the bottom two.

3 Culinary Boner { 10.16.12 at 11:39 am }

“The X Factor – It Was Eighties Week Surely The Song Were Not That Bad Back Then”

The flaw in this sentence?
No. Not the grammar mistake of “song” instead of “songs”, but instead the very naive question.
The cultural wasteland that was 80s pop and rock (especially post Band Aid – 1984 and after) was truly that bad. Thank Jerry Lee Lewis for the rock of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 90s.

THE musical highlight of the 80s –
The event that officially ended The Cold War. Go The Hoff!

4 Reality Raver { 10.16.12 at 11:42 am }

CB – I thought you might come in and give your opinion on eighties music. Will fix typo

5 brain dead dave { 10.16.12 at 11:47 am }

Mainstream Eighties music was like being shat on by a huge flock of seagulls.

6 Culinary Boner { 10.16.12 at 11:52 am }

Good point, bdd.
And a good reminder that the pre-1984 ‘New Romantic’ music was truly dire and almost as diabolic as the band’s hairstyles –

7 Chunks { 10.16.12 at 1:09 pm }

Pretty sure there were better songs around in the Eighties than that, especially the truly hideous ‘I’m Still Standing’, surely EJ’s worst single ever. Absolutely nothing Eighties about ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, (apart from nightmares of Phil Collins) in which Samantha frequently mixed up the lines with no comment at all. Bad songs choices all around and much as I like Shiane, she should go about now.

8 chasing vegas { 10.16.12 at 1:29 pm }

Whats with Shiane singing her words like she is suffering from reflux? it’s hard to put in writing what I am referring to, but if you watch each week you’ll understand what I mean.

9 Culinary Boner { 10.16.12 at 1:41 pm }

This list is fair enough…

I’m still highly sceptical about some of the stuff in this list though…(450 good songs? in the 80s? *tsk* too many drugs)

10 joan { 10.16.12 at 2:07 pm }

For me Nathaniel was the standout, plus he has abs, guaranteed will make the final, I put my money on now.

11 LB { 10.16.12 at 2:23 pm }

I really thought that Samantha Jade was out of her depth and seemed to be concentrating more on not falling over than singing (particularly when coming down the steps at the beginning of the song). She also seemed breathless at several points, so was surprised when praise was heaped upon her.
I’m sure Jason is a very sweet guy and he has improved over the weeks, but for mine he is Shannon Noll Lite. Think his time might be up.
I love Shiane’s voice and her intonation & inflection – don’t know why, just really enjoy it. Agreed that she is too young – another couple of footy seasons will see her improve.
Does Bella have the heart or nerves to succeed? Only time will tell, I guess. I thought her performance was ok, but only so.
As for the others, I found them all a bit meh, mainly due to the absolutely appalling song choices.
What are the judges thinking? Did someone in production Google “eighties songs” and pin a list up backstage? Would be very interesting to know how they come to those choices – any thought process involved at all?

12 Georgie { 10.16.12 at 4:13 pm }

Why oh why do the producers insist on dressing Angel like a big African mamma? I mean WTF – is that the best image for her as a performer? Last night she looked like she was off to Carnivale in Soweto.

13 bella2012 { 10.17.12 at 9:23 am }

I hate Samantha Jade.. She had to chance to make something of herself and failed.. Get her off and let someone else have a chance.. Fake mole..