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I Will Survive – Mike Snell Wins And You Can See Him On Stage Now!

I Will Survive final was last night with musical theatre professional Mike Snell taking out the title and the prize money.

Yes the $250,000 in prize money is fantastic, but unfortunately the show was not the ratings smash they were hoping for to make them household names in Australia.

On the plus side 500,000 people now know his and his cohorts names that did not previous.

The good news is the winner, Mike Snell, is getting good reviews in as Kyle the delivery with a large package in Legally Blonde in Sydney. Hopefully he will soon be able to step up to be leading man in a musical soon as he has now proved he is indeed a triple threat! The show will also be going to Melbourne early in 2013.

I was lucky enough to interview Mike a few weeks back to talk about his time on I Will Survive and Legally Blonde, and he did say that next year he might give it a crack in New York. The interview is here.

Clearly I Will Survive is not getting a second season, however with the success of overseas shows Glee and Smash on our screens it would be interesting to know if a network has ever considered making a similar musical type show here.


1 chasing vegas { 10.24.12 at 12:09 pm }

what a shame ch10 stuffed this one up. If it had not gone up against X-factor, I do believe the show would have performed stronger in the ratings. Mike is a worthy winner for sure, but Tom is a class act, talented & above all captivating, a real showman, which doesn’t come along everyday. He reminded me of a young Micheal Hutchence. I really do hope that we see Tom in a starring role somewhere soon.

I understand the editing was cut from 2 to 1 hour for the finale, but it was quite disappointing for there not to be some sort of build up to the winner being announced & when it was announced poor Tom quickly shuffled off the stage never to be seen again! Shame on Ch10 for treating those loyal viewers & fans of the contestants with utter contempt!

2 Eliza { 10.24.12 at 2:53 pm }

Totally agree, Chasing Vegas. This was exactly what I wrote in RR’s previous posting! The ending was so rushed. Bam, and it was all over!

3 CAM { 10.24.12 at 3:44 pm }

I agree with both of you: the ending to the show was an utter disgrace. We didn’t even get to hear from Tom afterwards…every other bloke who left got their own little goodbye segment but not the runner up, ridiculous! I thought Mike was fantastic but I wanted Tom to win…I hope we see him somewhere soon, he was utterly captivating.

I am disappointed this show didn’t do well but agree with previous posters who suggested the drag was a bit much after a few goes, it got old quickly. I would love to see another show like this but with less drag…more focu on the singing / dancing / acting alone.

4 Scott { 10.24.12 at 4:52 pm }

The only question I have is how did it remain on air so long. Talk about damage to the TEN brand.
An average of 345,000 viewers over the 12 episodes (Max of 506,000 for the first episode, Min of 218,000 on 2nd of October) Not good enough for a 7.30 time slot.
And then we come to the investor damage –
TEN share price when it started : $0.44 a share on 21/08/2012
TEN share price when it ended : $0.31 a share on 23/10/2012
(a 29% loss of value in 2 months compared to the 4% gain in value in the ASX200)
A debacle, any way you look at it.