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Big Brother – They Need To Spend More Time Having Conversations Not Just Strategising

Has there been any other season where the housemates have so openly strategised about other housemates and about how they are perceived by the viewers?

You have to wonder if they think they are able to manipulate the viewer. However the reality TV viewer is more savvier these days in my opinion. In a sense should the person who has played the game best or the nicest person win?

Also interesting how you can have a perfect run for two and half months but if you stuff up, lose it, or get a bad edit in the last two weeks you are not going to win.

A few points on last night’s episode:

  • I am not buying Sam saying he did not watch the show prior to entering. For someone who has been openly strategic and prepared to be ruthless to take the prize I think he would have done anything to gain an advantage. Also who would have that type of willpower?
  • Michael is desperate to mack on with Estelle, he muse to Ben “what about if I start a relationship with Estelle?”, then he tried to joke it off. However I think Ben was right saying “one small part of your brain thought about it.”
  • Interestingly when Sam and Michael were in the zen temple room, Sam looked like he may have been ready to bitch about Estelle as it looked like earlier she was irritating him. Michael at this point spoke about her in saint like terms.  He also said how carefree and wonderful Layla was. Can we presume that he knew his time in the special room would be shown on air. Michael’s attempt to try and manipulate is manipulating him out of a fan base.
  • Ben was desperate to get into the captain’s quarters and even with help from Big Brother by avoiding the first round could not get the tofu down. He said he hates eating challenges. Don’t take him on The Amazing Race then.
  • Stacey was still down on Ben about being down about being nominated, and about him whinging about not winning things;
  • Surly played bingo with Estelle and Zoe, I must say it was a bit rough on Zoe that he obviously thought Estelle was far more attractive. Can’t a made character go for substance over looks? Though it was funny that Surly was asking Zoe if she would like to cuddle up to Michael and she said she did. Estelle was squirming.
  • What is the deal with Sam and Layla’s relationship? One day it is all strong emotions, next day it is a see how we go vibe. Also the girls played with Layla’s mind, about the fact that Sam may have come in and started a relationship with her out of strategy.
  • Michael realising that the ostracising of Estelle may have led to her popularity told Ben they should not do  the same thing to Layla at that would put the wind in her sails.
  • I hope Ben was being ironic when he said “Layla does not talk to me which gives me reason she is not being very nice, and if she is not being very nice and I am being a good person then I am the victim. Is the 32 year old gay man the victim.” Wasn’t he ignoring her nomination night? This is all very hilarious.
  • Have to admit the montage of Estelle in BB Confidential showed that she would be irritating. to live with, however not sure why the bitching about her show jumping as Josh used to pretend to surf.

However I do agree with one thing Michael said when talking about his housemates “they were all friends with an asteriks beside them.” at that moment I did believe what he was being honest.

I think Estelle will go this Sunday just thinking the edit is starting to turn on her. Stacey looks like she will be safe

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1 Stacey { 10.28.12 at 9:22 pm }

Haha thanks. I think they just show the nicer stuff now since they’ve made BB ‘family friendly’. Pft. And the bloody eviction interviews are so short!

2 Carole { 10.28.12 at 9:27 pm }

Bah, I can’t believe Ben is still there. And yeah, Stacey didn’t even try to hide her dislike of Estelle, when the percentages of Estelle, she goes why, and turns her nose up. And says she thinks Ben will win, well I hope she is wrong on that count. And boo hoo, poor Ben crying. How is he going to cope now his beloved Stacey is gone. Will be interesting to see. I almost want Estelle to win now, just to piss all the mean ones off.

3 Bailey { 10.28.12 at 9:29 pm }

Me too Carole. If this Micheal/Estelle thing continues Ben’s going to be feeling lonely!

4 Beau { 10.28.12 at 9:30 pm }

Stacey , I lol’d about Betty Rubble, good one!
Hi A.P., who are James and Amy, those two from the other day?
Stacey made my damn angry the way she alluded to Estelle, damn cheek, I wish they could have shown how two faced she behaved in the house. As if her and Ben could do no wrong.
I hope Ben and Michael go next. I don’t want them to get too near the end. Zoe will never win it, so doesn’t matter how close she gets to the end but we have to get rid of those two quick smart.
Watching Michael with Estelle makes my skiing crawl, I really believe it is just strategy for him, I cannot really believe she is falling for him.

5 Nathan { 10.28.12 at 9:47 pm }

zoe just snapped estelles toy pony in half….wtf!

6 Carole { 10.28.12 at 10:24 pm }

I know, I just read that on Twitter. What a bitch!!! Can’t wait for tomorrows show to see how it all pans out. Plus she’s been saying how pissed off she is that Estelle is still there, and how if she had gone instead of Stacey how happy the house would be.

7 Beau { 10.28.12 at 10:34 pm }

I think Zoe has somehow forgotten that she gave her beloved Stacey 4 points! Something I think Stacey was quite surprised to see when she was on stage. That will teach her.
I see Ben is getting the shits with Michael for being all over Estelle . I really think Michael is hedging his bets, he is thinking Estelle is a far more popular person than Ben is on the outside I think and that is why he is aligning himself with her and also because of the couple thing like Sam is and has been doing with Layla. Or maybe Layla has been doing it with Sam! Now there’s something to think about! D you think Layla could have worked that one out all by herself before she came into the house?

8 Emzilla { 10.29.12 at 6:45 am }

Last nights eviction was pure reality tv satisfaction in our house hold. The look on Ben & Stacey’s faces was priceless.
Stacey was a complete cow on stage & completely self absorbed, I am glad her tv image was embarrassing to her.
The clips they showed I think ripped on her & made sure the public saw how evil she was.

If I was the design studio that employed her I would sack her ass quick smart for being such a little troll.
In saying that Ben should also get fired, however that would be nothing new for him.

I’m backing Sam for the win this time just to stick it up them all. He is the only honest one in there (unless of course it’s all a sham – then well done Sam).

Estelle is stronger than given credit for imagine how isolating that place would feel with all these bitchy people.

My prediction for this weeks goings on: Ben, Zoe, Michael, Estelle gone, Sam.
& Layla final two.

9 Nathan { 10.29.12 at 6:53 am }

i get the feeling that layla isnt as popular with the public as everyone thinks…
wouldnt be surprised if she goes early.

10 Rapunzel { 10.29.12 at 9:40 am }

Yes im disappointed in Layla at the moment if she feels Estelle is trying to cut her grass or if her and sam want some alone time its a fairly easy thing to mention. I know i would. Im so angry that zoe did such a spiteful bratty thing but Estelle comes out the villain and zoe the victim. I want Estelle to win to send a msg that their pack mentality isnt acceptable. Estelle is annoying and im not sure about some things she does but its the actions of the others that gets my goat. And as for that stacey im so glad shes gone she only furthered Estelles case when she put her down on stage. Stacy reminds me of one of those 50 yr old women that hang out at rsl’s playing the pokies with a gin by her side.