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Australia’s Got Talent – Axed

Stop practising your yodelling whilst bootscooting routine, Australia’s Got Talent has been axed reports the Daily Telegraph. The talent shows which did not have a great year in relation to the ratings it received has been dumped by Channel Seven.

Michael Idato from the SMH called it a couple of weeks ago, and it was no real surprise it was either that or getting a huge refresh button.

Dani Minogue should be grabbed by a UK version of one of the many talent shows, and Kyle Sandilands will continue with his high rating radio show, but it must be a real blow to Brian McFadden as he will need to look for another gig. Whether that will be in his homebase the UK or in Australia we will have to wait and see.

There is still no news on whether The Amazing Race Australia will be screened next year but rumours persist that The Mole will replace it. They are also going to go ahead with Celebrity Splash as celebrity diving competition, a show that I appear to be the only person enthusiastic about. Now Jules Lund is no longer contracted to NINE there are rumours he will host it along with his radio co-star Fifi Box who was last seen on SEVEN as host of Four Weddings.


1 Culinary Boner { 10.30.12 at 3:19 pm }

I was going to say that this announcement means my TV’s IQ will probably jump up 10 points, until I read that they are seriously going ahead with a concept as diabolically lame as Celebrity Splash.

2 bron { 10.30.12 at 3:50 pm }

YES, the end of 2012 is shaping up quite nicely.

3 Culinary Boner { 10.30.12 at 4:23 pm }

On the subject of Celebrities who’d make a pretty big splash here is my wetdream Ajay (looking a bit less alluring than usual) –! –
and doing her impersonation of the Spanish Infanta from Black Adder series #1? –

*scratches head*
Least that’s what I think it is.

4 imaketheshow { 10.30.12 at 4:28 pm }

If Jules Lund hosts Celebrity Splash theyre going to be reducing that show to ‘Hole in the Wall’ straight off the bat.

Get Johnny Ruffo to do it, or Johanna Griggs.

5 Stacey { 10.30.12 at 4:41 pm }

Hmn is it too early to predict that Celebrity Splash wont last?
Imaketheshow – I remember that Hole In The Wall show, what an atrocity that was. And no, we don’t need anymore Johanna Griggs than we already get!

6 Culinary Boner { 10.30.12 at 4:49 pm }

The person I’d pay more in taxes to see on Celebrity Splash –

7 Alyssa { 10.30.12 at 6:52 pm }

So what happened to Four Weddings this year? Didn’t rate well enough last year?

8 A.P { 10.30.12 at 7:23 pm }

Don’t want to sound negative but Jules Lund and Fifi Box are very irritating and wouldn’t be my choice to host Celebrity Splash.
That diver Matt Mitchum should be involved in some way.
Looking forward to The Mole if they get the right host.

9 Stacey { 10.30.12 at 7:34 pm }

Agree AP – Matt Mitchum should be a judge! A very good looking one!
Haha yeh the Mole should be great. I loved that show back in the day, although I don’t think Grant Bowler will be involved hes getting quite big over in the US, although he did TARA… Questions!

10 Dr T { 10.30.12 at 8:34 pm }

At least there is some good news today in the world… now they just have to get rid of X factor… and bring back Dance Yo Ass Off!

11 Stacey { 10.31.12 at 12:00 am }
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13 Pangus { 10.31.12 at 7:19 am }

What a co-incidence, Sandilands had been a judge when Big Brother was cancelled and now Aust Got Talent.
Wonder if TV producers will put 1 and 1 together?