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Big Brother – Secrets And Lies Revealed

So imagine you are stuck in a house and you find out what other people have been saying about you. Logically you know you are in a game and you have done the same thing that others have done to you, however emotionally will you be able to understand this?

That is exactly what occurred last night and kudos to Big Brother it will make the last week very interesting indeed. The housemates know they are now being voted for the win so will they be on their best behaviour or  will what the saw last night fester in their minds and erupt on screen.

It was an ode to The Last Supper, however instead of Jesus having his last dinner with his apostles, it was the housemates having a meal whilst giving up secrets as well as gaining some. That is they got to see what the others were saying about them, but in return others got to see what they had been saying about them.

All of them agreed to the deal with the devil aka Big Brother, and there were a few shocking moments.

The highlights:

  • Estelle  caught out telling Michael she had only nominated him once, and he said no it was more than that “I saw it” – “well twice”, “three times” – maybe her memory is not good;
  • Benjamin’s face when he heard Zoe nominate Stacey for four points;
  • Sam and Layla saying they would put the prize before the other;
  • Layla hearing Michael and Benjamin bitch about her, including Benjamin’s “I will destroy her” comment;
  • Conversation about Sam between Michael and Ben and getting him to drink protien powder drinks whilst they do something funny in the background so it will be on screen;
  • Estelle in the diary room playing the they are being nasty to me and and I am being ostracised card;
  • Sam hiding Pumba, and Michael burning the rollers;
  • Ben hearing Zoe and Stacey bitch about him;
  • Michael’s mum and sister telling him to pull his pants up;
  • Michael revealing he would like to know how the Labor Party is going – considering he does not vote does it matter?
  • Estelle seeing Michael nominate her over and over again including the “everybody hates her comment”;
  • Zoe was mainly about her crush on Michael;
  • Ben hearing Estelle say she nominated Ben because she thinks he is behind the nastiness, and Ben revealing he had never voted for her. By the way the two are not mutually exclusive but does help his cause.
The fallout will be interesting as they all explain themselves. Though Estelle less than others however her issue this week will be containing her ego as she has guessed the “everyone is being nasty to me” line is working and she thinks her personality is making her popular.
Personally I can see why the others find her irritating however she has done some hard yards in that house which does show strength of character.
Prior to the last supper Zoe had a meltdown about Estelle not being eliminated, ironically forgetting she had actually nominated Stacey for four points.

“Why is she still here. What is about her as I can’t figure it out? Oh my God she is frustrating. She is playing the game is 110%.”

Zoe then broke Estelle’s toy horse, she said she did not purposely do it and ended up apologising. However she did make me laugh when she muttered wait till it goes over the wall. She ended up fixing it. However she was punished by Big Brother by not being allowed to sleep in the bedroom and having to run 3200 metres.

Benjamin was pissed off and snarked at Estelle “Why do you still have that horse anyway”. I think he was thinking that Estelle was one of Big Brother’s favourites.

Michael at this stage still thinking nominations were on was playing both sides off. Bitching with all the others about how annoying Estelle is and then going to comfort her with a hug seeing if she was upset by Ben’s comments.

He looked a little shocked in the diary room when Big Brother revealed there were no nominations this week, something to be honest I thought they already knew. He probably realised the public would be shown is hypocritical behaviour.

Michael, as they all are, wants to win. Benjamin gave him the pep talk that he could win it, but he won’t if he sits around wondering who else will win it and why. It should be noted this occurred after a conversation they had where they thought Estelle or Layla had it in the bag. Interesting that they did not think Zoe had a chance.

Benjamin who was clued in they now all looked like bullies to Estelle told the others that even though she is the captain of annoying  “the more we trying to say anything the more we are just hating on someone”.

So expect them all to be nice to and about Estelle this week.

The last word should go to Surly who was last night interviewed by Sonia Kruger who asked him what he was going to do after he got out of the house. I would have liked him to say “First I just want to get out of here alive unlike the other pufferfish”.

 Big Brother on NINE weeknights at 7pm.


1 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.02.12 at 10:58 am }

Well said BDD on all accounts. As for her falling for the Ginger Leeech, he was the ring leader of the haters, bulies whatever you want to call them against Estelle. Poor disillusioned girl. Her friends a probably quaking in horror when they see her being sucked in nightly by him.
Also I cannot believe that Zoe believes the Estelle/Michael relationship is al one sided and it is all down to Estelle and Michael is hating every minute of it.
Get with the real world (literally) Zoe. He wants it, for whatever reasons as much as she does. I think it is wishful thinking on Zoe’s behalf.
As I said in another comment, try and leave the house with a little bit of dignity Zoe and lay off the whole Estelle/Michael thing, we have had enough, you are making a bigger fool of yourself.
I have said right from start I do not think Sam/Layla will survive outside of house for a number of reasons. Will be interested to see if I am proved right or not.
What do the rest of you think about the lifespan of that relationship?

2 CommStu { 11.02.12 at 11:19 am }

I am truly enjoying these discussions! I realise that I often write in very strong language – I do this to provoke reactions, but I hope that I haven’t sounded arrogant. I am actually very open-minded – if someone can provide me with a good argument without resorting to personal attacks etc…

Thank you for explaining your point of view BDD – I do see where you are coming from.

This just shows me how we all can agree to disagree – we all have different agendas. We are all offended by some things more than others.

Fantastic blog RR!!!

3 Jane { 11.02.12 at 11:46 am }

Gabby, we’re on the same page her. But of course it’s always going to be put soley onto Estelle. When Ava befriended her Estelle got the blame. Realistically the one that is pulling the string with regard to Estelle and Michael Ii have seen him in the NZ hobbit add) has to be Michael. The hms have frequently commented that he is the power in the house. They hms have commented on Estelle’s immaturity on a number of occasions. SIlly girl of course for being manipipulated but I wonder how most of us would react if we had been rejected by the majority and at times all the hms for weeks on end without support or diversions. Suddenly the guy that rules the roost lets you in to his private world. that has to be tempting (even though I can’t look at the guy myself. I have to ff when he is on). Yes of course Michael’s slimy ways are all down to Estelle and Michael merely the passive victim. Afterall didn’t he begin by setting her up with the rumoour that she touched his leg. Good grief with all the kissing and cuddling that has always gone on in the BB house why are they so indignant when Estelle follows suit. It seems one rule for all and another for Estelle.
I hope this doesn’t spell Estelle’s downfall but if it does, has anyone noticed what a decent guy Sam is?????

4 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 12:18 pm }

You ask for a debate without resorting to personal attacks CommStu, then resort to calling Estelle a callous bitch. Scratch my back and I’ll **** yours, hmm?

I note you had no lucid replies to George’s “weak” arguments, that were backed up with solid research, making me think that you’d be out of your depth in a birdbath.

You’ve said you only judge on personality yet have labelled Estelle’s behaviour as ‘flirting’ and made subsequent judgements about her.
Sam, Ava , Ryan, Josh and Layla seemed to have miraculously escaped your fire and brimstone assessments of their moral standards.

5 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 12:29 pm }

“I prefer to judge people by their personalities”#82

“As I said I judge people on their behaviour”#99

Not that I really care, but which one is it?

6 CommStu { 11.02.12 at 12:47 pm }

BDD – I meant personal attacks amongst the posters – well thanks for your personal attack to me!
Gee it is so difficult to communicate in writing – while that was just a sarcastic statement I have not otherwise meant to have sounded sarcastic.
Sorry if my words ‘callous bitch’ caused you offense (again not sarcastic) I guess I just got lost in the heat of the moment. Perhaps I should have said callous person/woman. Bitch just sounded more provocative to get responses. I guess playing with fire risks getting burnt.
But seriously is getting directly personal really necessary?
Is that not bullying?

7 Nathan { 11.02.12 at 12:51 pm }

i grow weary of the long winded haters….
go esTelle!!

8 CommStu { 11.02.12 at 1:02 pm }

As for George’s statement, I didn’t have anything to argue with hence my commendation of “great responses”. I was not being sarcastic! I read it and agreed. Simple. I didn’t feel I had anything much to reply to.

And behaviour and personality are intertwined.

9 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 1:02 pm }

Since CommStu “I only see bullying as someone standing over you and deliberately trying to make you cry etc”

Well, your question- “Is that not bullying? “is a bit strange, don’t you think? I’m armed with a sense of humour, a keyboard and a few words.

Be provocative if you get your jollies doing that, but you’ve mistakenly assumed that the bloggers here will come up with “weak arguments”to critique your long winded lectures with. They drag on like Question Time in The Senate.

10 CommStu { 11.02.12 at 1:12 pm }

Finally, BDD – Ava, Ryan and Josh have left the show – hence pointless to discuss now. As for Sam and Layla – I do not see such a strong following for them so I’ll save my breath. I honestly think I’ve had more than my fair share of opinions. Do you really want me to drone on more? Sorry sarcasm again – this time – as you’ve upset me with your tone.

I was just honestly saying how brilliant this blog has been that everyone is able to explore their opinions without getting immaturely personally attacked – thanks. I’m done.

Sorry all for my long-winded lectures. I was just hoping to get some open discussion – I was not callously provoking discussion to ‘get my jollies’. Lessons learnt. (This was the first time I’ve ever done this sort of thing – it was just something to occupy my holidays…) Perhaps this was the wrong forum for me – but it just seemed so relevant to whats going on in my mind ATM.

Sorry again.

11 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 1:25 pm }

Since these were all housemates who demonstrated flirting behavior and you’ve overlooked them and numerous examples of bullying the house beyond the tofu and broken horse, they are obviously pointless(for you) to discuss because they get in the way of your War and Peace harangues of and moral judgements of Estelle.

12 The Oracle { 11.02.12 at 1:44 pm }

@ 101..Sorry Gabby but I think that relationship will be dead in the water as soon as BB has finished.
Sam likes Layla as a “buddy” but in the pressure cooker of the house that “relationship” has taken on preportions much larger than it would have been in real life..I doubt it would have even got of the ground.
Let’s face it Sam’s 21 and by all accounts would be “hot shite” :) on the outside ..he wouldn’t have trouble playing the field.
He’s actually quite moralistic judging by some of his comments, and this is Layla’s second hook up in a short space of time so not sure at the end of the day he would consider her girlfriend material.

13 Reality Raver { 11.02.12 at 1:47 pm }

Commstu – your comments have been interesting and thought provoking – no problems with doing that. Obviously at this end of the BB series there a are people emotionally attached to contestants hence the strong arguments.
What would be interesting to know is whether anyones vote or opinion has been swayed by the discussion on this blog.

14 The Oracle { 11.02.12 at 1:52 pm }

I agree BDD @101 ..Some people obviously take this blog way too seriously and feel the need to dissect everything to the raw bone..seriously comm stu although I’m sure you look on your lengthy blogs as a cathartic experience sometimes “less is more” might be applied..they remind me of those dreadful thesis I had to do at uni.
I’m not looking to start any verbal debate with you here..just stating my opinion.

15 Jane { 11.02.12 at 2:10 pm }

OK then, on a lighter note. I want to marry Sam. OMG he cleans up after himself, and doesn’t leave his clothes on the floor. The guy is heaven!!!! He’s honest and smart with out bragging he’s a genius (yeah right Michael…it takes mor e than an IQ to make a person smart

16 CommStu { 11.02.12 at 2:19 pm }

Not at all BDD @ 111. As I said I truly feel I’ve hogged enough space without adding my thoughts similarly on the other HMs.

For example, I did write something about Layla jumping immediately from George to Sam (as well as continuing to cuddle George even after she became aware of George’s ‘ex’) but I must have edited it out because I thought that the issue here is to address Estelle’s questionable popularity and hence her right to claim the prize.

My interest in starting to discuss this online came about because I was appalled to hear that a poll taken in my daughter’s year 6 class had her pegged as the almost unanimous winner. (I’ve even cringed at times letting my daughter watch the show – it was supposed to have been “family-friendly” but once we started she was hooked (I’ve always loved reality TV) but at least we have been having great open discussions! But I did not want to come across as proselytizing to her – I don’t believe in imposing my opinions on others (yes I realise the irony as I may appear to be doing exactly that here – but I’m not) hence why I started looking further into this as I wondered: am I the only person in the world who sees something wrong with Estelle’s behaviour towards males?

I truly am open-minded (sometimes too much so that I feel wishy-washy – believe it or not) so while I have opinions I genuinely enjoy having them provoked – perhaps I should’ve said it that way. (But I don’t appreciate being personally provoked – just my arguments . Even though BBD wrote in such an affronting manner to me I have tried reading into what he/she may have been saying – that perhaps it’s hypocritical to bitch (which I concede I may be doing) and not expect bullying in return? No? Maybe I’m overanalysing now – that’s doing my head in. I just don’t get it.

Samantha @10 @ has given me a great perspective now to consider – thank you! (Not sarcastic.)

Thanks RR for your comment.

@ The Oracle @ 114 – the same could be said about people who take on defence of Estelle so passionately. Aren’t they the one’s taking it all too seriously?!? Even if Estelle wins she’ll eventually disappear into netherworld of former celebrities – which make you wonder why do people care so much to spend their money on voting for her? (I have to confess I have not voted once – ever since the one and only time I voted to save someone back in 2002 saw them evicted that same evening.)

I simply worry about the issue of role models in the media.

17 The Oracle { 11.02.12 at 3:04 pm }

@ commstu. To be honest commstu, I must say that I haven’t voted a single cent nor would I ever be likely to on a reality show. I don’t actually get “caught up” to such a degree that I’d part with my hard earned money to fill Telstra’s? Endimole’s? pockets. I’m just happy to sit back, observe and ocassionally comment.
Yes you’re right, most of them will fade away after BB. I guess people have a tribe mentality and attach themselves to a particular person according to personality or looks etc…could be that they would like to think they can affect an outcome..guess lots of different reasons commstu.