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Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne – A Latino Sex In The City

In America there is a huge latino market in all areas fashion, beauty, and of course TV. Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne is one such show.

This reality show follows the lives of best friends and rising Latina starlets Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon as they strive to conquer the cutthroat world of show business in New York City.

Julissa, from the video countdown show “106 & Park” and Adrienne, from American girl group “The Cheetah Girls”, are also on a quest to find lasting love, all while maintaining their fabulous lifestyle and enviable social calendar.

Must admit I am always partial to a show with New York City as its backdrop.

The girls  as well as their careers in common also appear to date douches.  Julissa’s desire to date star athletes constantly ends in heartbreak and puts her at odds with Adrienne who implores her to consider other options. However, Adrienne has her own share of boy issues as she looks to move on from her past relationship with Rob Kardashian.

For fans of this reality genre it could be a bit of fun. “Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne” premières Thursday, November 8th 2012 at 9:30pm on Style.

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1 Stacey { 10.31.12 at 3:26 pm }

I remember Adrienne from the Kardashians, and was Julissa the woman who hosted the Jersey Shore After Hours shows?