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Big Brother Producer Reveals Why Contestants Were Picked

It was ironic the day where there was a blog post about the contestant, Peter Nduati, who never made it on our screens that there is an article in the TV Week with Alex Mavoidakis outlining why he picked the final seven contestants.

Here is what he told TV Week:

Michael: He won Alex’s vote from the moment they met. With his quirky and off-coloured humour, the tattooed Queenslander was the easiest pick. “He constantly comes up with ridiculous games and conversations,” the EP says. “In the audition he played Would You Rather…? with me and gave a few examples that made me laugh my head off. But, it was non-PG, so I can’t go into detail!”

Benjamin: He scored a spot after having auditioned for the Big Brother franchise three times before. The right mix of catty, mean and occasional good-heartedness, Benjamin had Alex wondering why he never made it over the line. “Straight away, he divides people down the middle,” Alex says. “People love him or hate him, and that’s what the show’s all about. He’s one of the best housemates we’ve ever had.”

Layla: She had only just moved to Queensland from the UK when Alex met her, which made the EP feel a little concerned. “Layla stood out from the crowd because, from a mile away, you could see her amazing eyes and big hair, but then I heard her accent,” Alex says. “I wasn’t sure if Australia was ready for a Pommy housemate. But, she turned out be ana endless source of amusement in the auditions. She didn’t even know what a bogan was!”

Sam: His model-worthy good looks hot bod nearly cost him a place in the house. “Sam got chucked out of the auditions,” Alex laughs. ” I was focused on being different to the old Big Brother, so I saw his muscles and dismissed him.” However, Alex found Sam continued to remain a talking point during the auditioning process. “I made a note to keep him up my sleeve. When we needed a beautiful male to be a threat to the alpha males halfway through, he was perfect.

Estelle: She wowed Alex when someone told a racist joke during the Melbourne auditions – and she exploded with rage. “A few laughed, but Estelle went red in the face, because she could not contain her anger,” Alex says. “She was furious and didn’t care who knew it. “She was so interesting that by minute two of talking to her, I had almost decided she was going in.” Describing the law student as the “smartest girl in the house”, Alex laments Estelle hasn’t been showing her wits to the cameras.

Zoe: She braved the trauma of wearing a swimming costume on national TV and it’s this fearlessness that made the NSW student and country gal stand out. “At 180cm, Zoe was the tallest person in the audition room and she was the loudest,” Alex says. “There was one guy with a beard and thongs who had a go at her and she responded, ‘Nice to hear from you, Bondi Jesus.’ Anybody who could come up with that line off the top of their head and also have a lovely warm centre had to be in.”

Stacey: She was loud and flirtatious but her quirky traits shone through straight away. So, it came as no surprise when she decided to sleep next to a life-size Ryan Gosling cut-out in the house! “Stacey turned up to the Sydney auditions wearing a Zooey Deschanel-style red dress and red lipstick,” Alex says. “She talked like a text message with LOLs and cray-crays. I needed a translator to work out what she was saying, but everyone was laughing, so I knew it was funny.”

Interesting article would love to know why the picked the other housemates as well.

Big Brother screens on NINE 7pm on weeknights.


1 Culinary Boner { 11.01.12 at 2:29 pm }

What an unremarkable exercise in post-purchase rationalisation –

2 Samantha { 11.01.12 at 2:48 pm }

@Culinary Boner- I think you just said it all.

3 SomeoneSensible { 11.01.12 at 3:37 pm }

Even though i didn’t know that specific terminology, it was my exact thought reading through the article…100% agreed CulinaryBoner

4 bron { 11.01.12 at 5:06 pm }

stacey is someone i’d avoid like the plague in real life, ugh

5 Suziekue { 11.01.12 at 6:04 pm }

So what was the point with Michael and his impressing Alex through his “non-PG” jokes. Could understand it if we were to be shown live streaming or the show was non PG, but we didn’t get any of that!!! We got bland and beige BigBrother *sigh*.

And wtf with the reference to Zoe’s weight. “She braved the trauma of wearing a swimming costume”!! If it’s a trauma for girls who are not size 10, then it’s trauma created and recreated continually by the media who judge young women’s value on how they shape up to very narrow norms. No wonder young women have self-image issues with this drivel.

6 Carole { 11.01.12 at 7:05 pm }

That’s funny I was just reading that article today and found it interesting the reasons for him picking them. Wish he’d done it for all the house mates not just the final ones. But he said Estelle didn’t live up to expectations. And how interesting would it have been had Ben been in one of those other seasons? Who would he have accused of being the ‘meepers’ in those ones? It would have been a whole new dynamic. Imagine him in the series that Vesna was in, she would have given him what for, she didn’t take shit from no one. I guess how people behave in their audition tapes and at the auditions, does not necessarily mean that is how they will behave when they get on the show. Estelle hates racist jokes, Zoe hates refugees or boat people. What a pity that subject never came up. There would have been fireworks for sure.

7 A.P { 11.01.12 at 7:09 pm }

Alex explained why he chose these people, but he didn’t explain why he disregarded lots of others such as people like Peter, older people, married people, more everyday people who are not looking for fame and fortune etc.
Michael seems to be his pick as he was given the honour of being the first one to enter the house but to me Alex failed to deliver what the promos promised.

8 Nathan { 11.01.12 at 7:52 pm }

im suprised there werent more intruders to add to the mix.

9 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.01.12 at 10:22 pm }

I think his favourite is Ben from reading that.
It is a shame we have had no interesting debates to listen to amongst these so called educated ones. Would have liked to have seen some of Estelles “wits” or Michael’s “ridiculous games or conversations”, but instead we got buggar all.
If this was the best of the bunch, goodness knows what the rest of them were like.

10 VioletsRBlue { 11.01.12 at 11:43 pm }

I think that a lot if them would be much more interesting to watch if they just stop strategizing all the time. I know that it’s a game and there is $250k at stake but most of them focused too much on the final price. Michael for example started really well but then he started to form alliances and lost himself in the process.

I think we did not see all of Estelle as she got affected by the bulling tactics in the house and could not properly blossom. The worst think is that they made it a family show. This kind of show should not be watched by young kids anyway. The whole idea behind BB was to lock 12 adults in a house with no tv or books and observe what will happen and how will the boredom affect them. To achieve this you can’t put too many restrictions on topics for discussion for example. You have to allow them behave naturally. Channel 9 made a huge strategic error there I think!

11 Michelle { 11.01.12 at 11:50 pm }

You are right Violets same as the block became too family friendly and adored by kids……..a renovating show?? All those silly challenges and very little actual renovating spoiled that show.
I doubt if BB will ever again be as it was originally concepted whilst the contestants have so many personal agendas …seeking fame & the prizemoney being foremost on their minds

12 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 12:19 am }

What about the Surlys, Mr Producer or is that non PG, too? Why are you feeding cooked bones to Delilah, too? Not good enough.

The producers achieved consistency as the show began appallingly and promises now to go out in a blaze of mediocrity.Worst season of BB I’ve ever seen.

13 Kaz { 11.02.12 at 1:23 am }

I would have loved to have seen the BB producers use the recent Channel Nine problems to mess with their heads. Can you imagine if a couple of weeks ago some news footage of Nine’s financial crisis was shown, followed by an announcement that the show would continue but the $250,000 was no longer on offer. It could have thrown a huge cat among the pigeons, potentially affecting the strategies that most ( if not all) housemates have this season. It could have made the last couple of weeks very interesting indeed!

14 Georgie { 11.02.12 at 8:14 am }

“Zoe: She braved the trauma of wearing a swimming costume on national TV and it’s this fearlessness…”

…that made BB decide to dress her as a tombstone on Halloween!

15 pnduati { 11.04.12 at 4:28 pm }

Simply another case of buyer’s remorse if u ask’s too late now really.I believe the original premise of the show had potential but it simply failed to deliver.just look at the ratings and general feedback…they had a chance to bring something different to the audience and they didnt so this article comes as no suprise