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Big Brother – Should Estelle and Michael Confess About Their Hook Up

So Michael and Estelle were snogging then Estelle bailed to get back into her own bed. Zoe said she was in fits of rage all night wondering where she slept. However none of the housemates realised what had occurred.

After Zoe was talking to Layla and Benjamin about her feelings. Ben revealed Estelle had hopped into bed with Michael a couple of weeks back and Michael had told him that it had made him feel very uncomfortable. Yeah right. The only discomfort Michael was feeling was in his nether regions.

Zoe said she was hurt by Estelle making a move when Estelle had told her that she was the closest person to in the house. Considering Estelle has no intention of hooking up with Michael on the outside it was a bit inconsiderate of Zoe’s feelings. As Zoe said if she is meant to be this great friend of mine as she knew how she felt about Michael.

However none of the housemates knew they had actually hooked up as when questioned Estelle said they had just been talking.

Benjamin did not think they would hook up in the house as it would look bad as Michael had been so nasty about her all the way through the show.

Zoe revealed that she is used to taking a back seat with someone she likes as someone usually gets to them first. It happens all the time.

Estelle wasn’t feeling upset about it as she was very chirpy in the diary room. She said it was nice to have some comfort in the house. She said she did not see a future with Michael.

Should Estelle have cut Zoe’s grass even though Michael has shown no interest in Zoe?

Also Michael denied anything occurred with Estelle he said go ask Australia they know what happened. Yes we did. He continued to deny anything occurred again when he was in the Captain’s Quarters with Ben, Layla and Zoe. By the way congratulations Benjamin for winning the last Captain Quarters challenge. Was it rigged? If so who cares.

Sam was not happy being stuck with Estelle and he told Big Brother he had limited conversation topics with her. He said it was awkward since her flirting. He addressed this with her saying other people were talking about it which made him feel awkward. However Surly gave Estelle and Sam a dance party complete with large crowd noises which had Ben wondering if he was missing out on something better even though he was in the Captain’s Quarters.

What do you think about Estelle and Michael’s hook up. Should they ‘fess up to the other housemates?


1 Bakerboy { 11.02.12 at 8:28 pm }

Carole @ 49,

I would not believe a thing that anybody says unless it comes direct from BB.
Twitter is troll central as is FB.

2 Mia { 11.02.12 at 8:46 pm }

God, I sincerely hope nobody has bought Michael’s ‘I really like Estelle, it’s not stategy, I promise!’ crock of shite, purposely designed for the gullible of mind watching at hime, in tonight’s episode.

My stomach churned with absolute revulsion in seeing (let alone hearing – urgh!) Micheal and Estelle pashing, Did Zoe actually know what happened when she woke up and sat up in bed? BB is going to have to have a couple of psychiatric nurses on standby with a straight jacket and a tranquilizer needle at the ready because she is dead set gonna chuck THE most almighty wobbly over this development! LOL!

3 Mia { 11.02.12 at 8:58 pm }

Re voting line dodginess – I attempted to vote for Sam this afternoon and got a message saying something to the effect of “This Big Brother phone line is currently unavailable”. What the…?

4 DD { 11.02.12 at 9:00 pm }

At last the ranga made his move tonight on Ewwstelle cant help but think of the excitement that girl had stroking that hair ugh that stomach ugh and touching that rasputin stubble ugh !
Think these two signed their leave passes tonight.
Ben all the way.. by far most entertaining and stuck to his original plan that he told Sonia Kruger on entry night ..that he would go in and make sure he would stir up the housemates and he surely has .
Layla, fake as they come !
Michae,l IQ of a goat !
Ewwstelle, omg my life has been so hard Big Brother !
Sam, get a dog a real one !
Zoe, at she she hides jack about how she feels …runner up !

5 Carole { 11.02.12 at 9:01 pm }

Yeah true Bakerboy. Some of them are even saying if Estelle wins to boo as she didn’t legitimately win. Now that would be poor form to do that.

6 Nathan 1 { 11.02.12 at 9:07 pm }


dont medicate

go esTelle!!!

7 Anonymous { 11.02.12 at 9:11 pm }

bring back Stacey!

8 Bakerboy { 11.02.12 at 9:12 pm }

I agree Carole @ 55.
Being a good sport is as important as winning.
In fact, how you lose says more about you than how you win.

I would be disappointed if anyone other than Estelle or Sam won, but I would accept it for what it was. There would be quizical surprise on my face, but no boo’s coming out of my mouth.
Geez, I hope Zoe goes before Sam this weekend?

9 Jane { 11.02.12 at 9:14 pm }

I thought it was funny, but not appealing, how Ben won the CQ and STILL grizzled and cried unfair when he thought Estelle and Sam were getting something. Entertaining but rather bratty.

10 A.P { 11.02.12 at 9:15 pm }

IMO, Michael is doing everything he can to spoil Estelle’s chances of winning BB, even if it means ruining his own chances as well.
I feel he’s getting very uncomfortable around Zoe, she is becoming crazy around him, she just went on and on again tonight about him and Estelle! Michael will breathe a sigh of relief if she goes on Sunday.
Nathan 1, glad to see you putting 1 after your name since that other person is using your name!
That will leave basically two couples in the house and Ben who might sneak through to win this thing!

11 Nathan 1 { 11.02.12 at 9:17 pm }

even sam is playing the – estelle is following me around/flirting card….
i just hope estelle wins – dont care what she does with the money….
couldnt stomach any of the others getting any form of fame or fortune from this show.
go esTelle!!!

12 Jane { 11.02.12 at 9:19 pm }

Yes I wondered too if Michael’s hatred for Estelle could be so great that he decided that if he wasn’t going to win he would at least take her down with him. Afterall he did tell Ben he didn’t think he was going to win.
The other theory is that prior to moving in on Estelle, he was musing about the power and watchability of couples.

13 Nathan 1 { 11.02.12 at 9:20 pm }

@60 yep, i agree.
they were all living large in the captains quaters and still managed to whinge about sam and estelle ….
they are really just classless trash.
go esTelle!!!

14 Lisa { 11.02.12 at 9:24 pm }

Michael says he hates hates hates that he has to consider Zoe’s feelings.

Great news for Zoe cause we all know what happens when Michael hates!

15 brain dead dave { 11.02.12 at 9:29 pm }

Come back when you can spell “schtick” , Cruel and Artless. Fool. Drool and Gutless is more like you.

“John ” @46. You’ve got some major problems because it’s already been explained that Georgie and myself are not the same people, so your post belongs in the John.

16 A.P { 11.02.12 at 9:29 pm }

Pity he didn’t pick Zoe to hate on from the beginning instead of Estelle then.
I don’t even care if Estelle gets a bit of comfort from Crackzilla, if it makes her happy in the last week, god knows she’s had a crap time most of the way through the show with everyone hating her!
BDD, good to see you back giving those two what for!

17 Someonesensible { 11.02.12 at 9:34 pm }

Why is it so bad if Sam won? I get that as an intruder it wouldn’t be fair so to speak…but then when was BB about being fair anyway? The fact that some people get secret tasks, some people get their things destroyed, & some get to enjoy certain benefits itself shows that the HMs are favoured or not at different points in the game. & even if going in as an intruder had benefits it wasnt without its disadvantages. Honestly dont think Sam winning is that unfair.
& thank God I’m not the only one who is replused by the fact of anyone hooking up with Michael. On Wednesday’s episode, right before BB’s Halloween story, I thought I saw him scratching his …umm – u-know-whats…from under the sheets…then there was a shot of his hand over the sheet & still scratching…um that area…ever since I saw that I have been too grossed out to even look at him without disgust…& wondering even more how anyone in their right mind could hook up with him…I guess after being locked up for 3 months, no one would be in their right mind so to speak…

18 Carole { 11.02.12 at 10:36 pm }

Zoe apparently said she would hate it if she was left with Estelle as the final 2. Well I don’t think she has anything to worry about as I doubt very much she will be in the final 2.

19 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.02.12 at 11:04 pm }

Zoe should be so lucky to be in the final two!
Thanks BakerBoy for your take on the Ryan situation. I agree with you, due to his lack of experience I think he is going to be pretty hurt by this, he really thinks Estelle is going to be his girlfriend when this show is over, poor guy, hasn’t got a clue.

Mia. I lol’d when I read what you wrote about having to have the tranquilliser needle ready for Zoe if she saw the action between Michael and Estelle tonight, very funny. Looking forward to next episode and seeing if rest of housemates find out about it. Michael seemed to be pouring his heart out but he wasn’t getting much back from her ladyship was he? Be interesting to watch their body language tomorrow.

20 Jane { 11.03.12 at 12:05 pm }

BDD@65 As soon as I read the “John” comments (on one of the RR blogs) I was immediately convinced it was C_H. The nasty rantings without any sensible substantiation was exactly the same. The toxic language was identical. The supposed John praised C_D AND strangley she finished by accusing someone else of writing under two names to suppoort their own argument because no-one else would.
And tthankyou whoever cleared up the confusion between 2 differnet Nathans.

21 Jane { 11.03.12 at 12:16 pm }

Has anyone seen the movie Carrie (Siissy Spacek)? Without giving away the ending, it is about a girl who is ostracised and mocked for being different. Then she gets invited to the prom by the school hottie. She is rapt. SHe doesn’t know the guy because he is in the cool crowd but she doesn’t doubt his motivation. She gets ready with great excitement and is escorted by her charming date to the prom. But it was all a nasty trick. And I won’t give any more away. See the resemblance?
I have to defend Estelle and say 1. She hasn’t seen all of the footage of Michael saying she makes his skin crawl etc, etc, etc. 2.She has been without friends for so long and may be desperate for a life-line. 3. I was watching Dr Phil yeaterday (not Ben) and he was talking about (putting it simply) how girls that grow up without Dads seek affection from men. It may be instead of overplaying the sympathy card, Estelle may be actually underplaying it. It’s more likely.

22 CommStu { 11.03.12 at 12:23 pm }

Thank you for your insight Samantha @10. I’ve been thinking about it and I totally understand your point of view re:flirting & infidelity…

But – I’m not arguing here only making a comment – isn’t that a sad way to be – treating every future encounter like your past when you could be pleasantly surprised? Even worse when you have that sort of atttitude there’s a good chance that you’ll simply attract similarly minded individuals therefore feeding the cycle. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that as long as EVERYONE is on the same page.

I find all this discussion fascinating. Sometimes I wonder if I hold myself up to an unrealistically high standard (ie limiting interaction with the opposite sex etc…) and I know that am setting myself up for utter devastation if I were to be betrayed. I guess I’ve been so lucky – so far. What is anyone else’s perspective? Or am I too off topic here? Sorry.

Thanks again for the food for thought!

23 Myself { 11.03.12 at 8:47 pm }

CommStu- I believe 100% in what you said in your post. I have exactly the same views and morals. It is just about considering the other persons feelings and questioning what can happen when Michael and Estelle will hook up with each other. They are basically being selfish because they know it will hurt Zoe . Estelle believes in not to gossip but yet she is still hurting Zoe by doing this. At least she could of talked to Zoe about it before.