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Guest Post: Survivor Episode 3 – A Guide in Cementing Alliances

Again JStar has done a cracker guest post, thank again.

Also fans of the show and Jeff Probst might be interested to know that he will be on Rove LA this Sunday on Fox 8 at 7.30pm. Survivor fans might also be interested in this interview Survivor OZ did with Survivor star Boston Rob. Also there are some other great interviews on there as well.

Episode 3:  Between Four-Fingered Handshakes and Spirit-Fingers Waves – A Guide in Cementing Alliances

Previously on Survivor, Mother Denise Matsing sent her favourite son, Malcolm, to the local farmer’s market to buy some apple seeds with the few remaining precious coins the family owned.  She hoped to plant the seeds in the backyard, next to the outhouse, and watch it grow into a giant stalk stretching all the way to the clouds.  She heard rumours there was a giant up there named Mark Burnett who was doling out $1 million golden goose eggs.  But on the way to the market, Malcolm was ambushed by Zane, a troll living under the bridge.  Zane told Malcolm that he would secure the Matsing’s family future by providing him with a milking cow named Cadbury.  Seduced by the wild-eyed, gap-toothed features of the tattooed Zane, Malcolm foolishly parted with his money.  Instead of being provided with a cow, he was left holding a pair of melons as the troll disappeared into the local RSL club to gamble away his winnings.  Angry and upset, Malcolm slowly made his way home with melons in hand.  Sister Roxy was not happy upon spying the pair of melons in her brother’s hands.  As she correctly pointed out that unlike apples, melons were not suitable to grow during winter.  They were a bitter fruit to carry.  But Mother Denise was not having a bar of any criticisms over her favourite son.  She told her husband, Russell, that he could not punish Malcolm’s foolishness for choosing melons over apples as he is a boy and therefore apparently more invaluable than Roxy.  Because the family had no more money to spare to continue feeding two children, Russell and Denise had to make a difficult decision.  Keep Malcolm happy with his melons as he was physically capable of ploughing the fields in the dead of winter, or keep Roxy who was a girl that bible-bashed them at nights with scary tales from the Old Testament.  A decision was made and Father Russell reluctantly sided with his wife.  Roxy was dumped in the forest to fend for herself and, with a bit of luck, she may find out the fate of her two older siblings (Hansel and Gretel) that were discarded the previous winter.

Night 6 and the Matsing Blue Tribe make its way back from its second consecutive Tribal Council.  It was a particularly brutal experience as Roxy blasted the tribe’s stupidity of wanting to keep Malgie together despite the fact that the tribe would diminish to four people after the vote.  As a former Miss Teen Utah winner, Angie was incensed that Roxy was wasting away her talents at seminary school instead of joining the beauty pageant circuit because at Tribal Council, she showed that she can provide clear, articulate, and logical responses to questions.  Russell is trying to put on a brave face as he knows that if his tribe loses again, he will be voted out next.  Cuddlegate will be his demise as the viewers are shown another snippet of Malgie grappling with each other’s legs in the cold night.

Full intro time and yes, the snake shot is still there next to Wiggle Hips.  Blair’s shot is preceded again with the lurking reptile.  I wonder what this could mean?  Well it is now the morning of Day 7 and we visit the Tandang Yellow Tribe.  RC and Wiggle Hips are sunbathing on the sand fulfilling the mandatory sexy-shots quota for this episode.  RC is trying to calm Wiggle Hips down as Abi-Maria is so paranoid that she is seen as a liability on the tribe because she does nothing and lays around all day.  Apparently Wiggle Hips injured her knee badly on the island but yet was somehow this was not caught on camera by the cameramen that hovers around every contestant 24/7.  So Wiggle Hips strategy at this point is to prove she is not a liability by not participating in the last challenge or helping gather firewood or water.  RC tries to rationally explain that maybe they should go look for the idol today instead of resting her knee.  With the idol in hand, Wiggle Hips wouldn’t feel so paranoid.  But Wiggle Hips is adamant that the best thing for her right now is to work on her suntan, rest her “injured” knee, and moan about how people will vote her out first due to this “injury.”  As RC tries to press on with her reassurances, Wiggle Hips just interrupts and snaps at her and starts accusing RC of putting words in her mouth.  It is nonsensical from Wiggle Hips so RC gives up and gets up to leave.  Wiggle Hips continues mouthing off at RC.  RC approaches Daddy Michael to have a swim in the ocean and to have a de-brief about what just happened and how moody Wiggle Hips can be at a snap of a finger.

Timelapse footage time.  Sun moving from east to west and behind clouds.  Must be footage from later in the day in case you weren’t paying attention viewers!  We see Wiggle Hips and Pete talking about trying to find the hidden immunity idol.  Wiggle Hips confesses that she is having second thoughts with having an alliance with Cotton-Wool Michael and RC but she trusts Pete completely as he has abs and therefore must be dumb.  Fool on her!  Pete explains that his strategy was to lay low for a few days and observe his tribe members and get a read of them.  When the time is right, he will pounce on his victims like an eagle swooping down on its prey.  Animal metaphor time as we see a little scene of Pete talking to Lisa being intercut with the hungry beak of an eagle.  Pete tells Blair that she is the first boot.  Lisa confirms she guessed that would be the case given that no one talks to her and makes her gather the firewood and water by herself so the others can strategise when she is not there.  However, Pete is the true rainmaker on this tribe in his own mind.  He tells Lisa that he can secure her place in the tribe if she joins him in a secret alliance.  The first boot has to be Michael because he will be a huge challenge threat come the merge and if he makes it to the end, his backstory may convince people to give him the million.  Lisa isn’t too comfortable voting out a fellow bible-basher from the game – (can’t wait for her reaction when she finds out Roxy was given the boot yesterday night).  Lisa would prefer if RC was the first boot but because no one had up till now wanted to align with her, she agrees to join up with the secret alliance of Wiggle Hips and Abs Pete.  So they agree that at their first opportunity, they will get rid of Cotton Wool followed by RC.  We head off to a commercial break hearing from Lisa’s confessional that she thinks Survivor is like a poker game – (because as a hardcore Christian she doesn’t gamble and only knows about these sinful activities when she protests outside Las Vegas casinos) – so at this stage, she has to slither and slide her way in this game with the hand she is dealt with.

We return to the Kalabaw Red Tribe from the commercial break….at least I think it is the Kalabaw Red Tribe because as the words Day 7 – Kalabaw Tribe appears on screen, it is quickly obscured by an even larger promo of the upcoming Big Brother Halloween episode.  Back at Kalabaw, Penner, Katie (wearing pink socks because as a former Miss Delaware, she knows about the importance of not talking and just letting her clothing speak for itself), silent Carter, and Dana are chatting around the fire.  Spunky Dana pulls the rice basket over to sit down and realises immediately that the elaborate handle on top is missing.  She asks an approaching Jeff if he knows where it is.  Penner helpfully chips in saying he hasn’t seen where the handle went.  Dana and Jeff forensically begin to pull apart of the basket whilst a nervous Penner looks on.  After a short while, both Jeff and Dana exchange wry grins.  Away from the campfire, Jeff approaches Dawson (defiantly sporting a pink tee shirt and pink runners) and tells her that the handle on the rice basket is missing.  And then a truly ground-breaking moment on Survivor.  Carter speaks!  Yes, apparently he will no longer take Katie’s advice and let his bright red chinos, bright red swim trunks, and bright red socks do all the talking for him from now on.  Carter tells Jeff that the handle is probably the idol.  Both Jeff and Dawson are just shaking their heads in disbelief as the idol was there in front of them, in camp, the entire time.  Carter even goes further to suggest that they should continue acting like normal and at the first Tribal Council for Kalabaw, blindside Penner with the idol in his pocket.  My goodness, why has this young, blonde person been rendered mute for two episodes?  He makes perfect sense……and he doesn’t even ask for a cookie!  Jeff later confesses that he is pissed off that he didn’t find the idol but has to give props for Penner for finding it given that it is his THIRD time playing this game.

The camera quickly pans over to take the viewers on a first-person trip to the middle of the ocean where a raft is just floating aimlessly by.  The camera quickly then travels and zooms in on the Matsing Blue Tribe.  Figures that this raft would belong to this dysfunctional tribe.  After being given the heads up by the off-camera producers that the raft is missing, the tribe have a mini-meltdown at their collective stupidity of not tying the raft to coconut trees (cue more pervy shots of Angie’s cleavage) instead of assuming they would know where the tideline was.  Malcolm immediately puts the curse on the Matsing Tribe when he says in his confessional that he hopes this morale downer of losing the raft would not come back to haunt this tribe.  [Gee, I wonder which tribe is going to Tribal Council next.  Mark Burnett, you’re not even trying now with being subtle with your clues!]

Denise is having a debrief with Malcolm by the campfire about last night’s Tribal Council where Malgie were “pummelled” by Roxy.  However, she is gleefully ecstatic that so far no one in the tribe suspects that the true alliance in this tribe is between her and Malcolm and not Malgie.  If they lose again, the vote will be between Angie or Russell – (cue shots of Angie sleeping in the shelter in her bikini whilst Russell is out by the ocean trying unsuccessfully to gather two coconuts from the ground.  The editors sure love their coconut metaphors for the Matsing Tribe).  Despite again sealing their secret alliance over the campfire through the wagging of spirit-fingers at one another, it is clear that Denise’s confidence in Malcolm’s ability “to cut Angie off” is misplaced.  Malcolm does not want to talk about the decision to choose who to go home next at this point if the tribe loses again.  He doesn’t want to lose Angie just yet whilst he has a comfortable pillow to rest his head on at nights.  However Denise is quite realistic that because the tribe is small and it is still a numbers game, she knows Russell should be kept on for his strength.

We’re not even one- third through this episode and we are suddenly transported to the immunity challenge.  Apparently it is now Day 8 as the sun is shining down on the contestants.  And today it is a water-based challenge.  All the tribe members are standing on the platform modelling their swim suits.  Ofcourse the cameraman just happens to linger that extra bit longer on Angie and her blue bikini as he is forced to pan across and shoot all three tribes.  However, the highlight is Dawson’s continual middle-finger salute to the producers as she rocks up in a hot pink swimsuit.  Coupled with Pete’s neon-yellow swim trunks, Katie’s red bikini (so yes, apparently she did get the memo), and Carter’s bright red swim trunks, Dimples is completely overshadowed in the colour department as he is just wearing a pale-blue shirt.  [Dimples radio to the off-camera producer to fire his wardrobe department for letting the contestants upstage him].

Today’s immunity/reward challenge will involve four members of each tribe diving off the platform to retrieve eight puzzle wheel pieces hooked on a line at various depths, with the last puzzle piece hooked quite far down the line.  When all eight puzzle wheels are retrieved, all four members have to solve the word that is written from the letters on the puzzle wheel.  Immunity is the prize for the first two teams that finish.  Further, the first team that finishes wins a fishing kit complete with bait, fishing lines, nets, dynamite, canoe, and paddles.  The second team that finishes wins a much smaller fishing kit that contains instructions on how to fish with wooden fishing rods and no bait.  Two members from Kalabaw and Tandang have to sit out.  Katie and Dawson sit out from Kalabaw.  And because Wiggle Hips is “injured” she walks (without limping) to the sidelines followed by Blair.

Challenge begins and Kalabaw and Tandang take the lead with Dana and Artis having no issues in retrieving the first puzzle piece which is only two-feet deep.  Angie, however, having brought her own inflatable floaties with her, is having trouble with her internal buoyancy as she can’t seem to dive down deep enough – (cue more necessary underwater sexy shots of Angie as she struggles in vain to dive deep enough to release the first puzzle piece).  By the time Jeff and Pete retrieve the second puzzle piece for his respective tribe, Angie finally gets her piece on the platform and it is time for Russell to prove how strong he is to the rest of the tribe.  And boy does Russell live up to the stereotype of African-Americans sucking in any water sport.  Although he retrieves his puzzle piece quickly, he can’t even climb back up the ladder onto the platform to tag Denise.  He’s not the only returning player sucking in this challenge.  Whilst Penner has no issues retrieving the third puzzle piece and extending Kalabaw’s lead, Cotton Wool decided it was wise to dive face-first into the water with the mask on.  We see underwater shots of blood coming out of the mask and by the time Michael surfaces, the viewers see that the mask had shattered and cut Michael’s face under his eyes.  Another episode of Survivor, another injury for Michael.

Denise stars for Matsing as she collects her tribe’s third puzzle piece in record time.  However Malcolm clearly learnt nothing from Michael’s stupidity and dives face-first into the water and shatters his mask.  He’s lucky he didn’t cut himself.  But the true star of this challenge is RC.  She has no issues with retrieving Tandang’s fourth puzzle piece.  She then decides to retrieve the fifth piece just as Carter tags Dana in having retrieved Kalabaw’s fourth piece.  As Malcolm makes his way back, we hear a frantic discussion between Denise, Angie, and Russell about who should go next.  Angie says she isn’t sure if she can do it again due to her buoyancy issues.  So Russell tries to make amends for his previous sucky performance and retrieve the fifth puzzle piece.  GC, having retrieved the fifth piece decides to swim out and dive for the sixth piece.  [What a machine!  I guess all those morning swims with Daddy Michael has finally paid off!]  Kalabaw is in the lead after Jeff retrieves the sixth piece followed closely by GC’s superhuman effort in retrieving her tribe’s sixth piece.  Penner dives in to try and retrieve the seventh piece and GC tags a bleeding Michael to retrieve the seventh piece.  Russell fails to overcome the stereotypes of African-Americans and surfaces with no puzzle piece.  His tribe yells at him to just come back to the platform but then we get to see him struggle, yet again, with climbing the ladder.  Eventually he gets back onto the platform and Denise dives in and wastes little time in retrieving the fifth puzzle piece.  Penner returns with this tribe’s seventh piece and tags Carter in who impresses with a flying leap and dive straight into the ocean.  Michael returns with his tribe’s seventh piece and tags RC the Swimming Machine to retrieve the final piece.  Denise tags Malcolm in and he too wastes little time in retrieving the sixth piece but by this stage, Carter has made his way back to the platform with Kalabaw’s final piece and RC had just unhooked Tandang’s final piece.  Denise dives back in again to retrieve the seventh piece but Kalabaw has begun to assemble the puzzle pieces together whilst over at Tandang, RC was making her way up the ladder with the final puzzle piece.  Denise wastes little time in retrieving the seventh piece and Malcolm has to dive in to retrieve Matsing’s final puzzle piece, which he does with ruthless efficiency.  Although the editors engage in some trickery to make it look like Matsing recovered incredibly to be neck-and-neck with the other two tribes, it comes to no one’s surprise that Kalabaw solves its puzzle first by correctly spelling out the word, “Treasure”.  They wisely cover the puzzle pieces with a cloth to prevent the other tribes cheating.  Tandang solve the puzzle next leaving a devastated Denise to contemplate the thought of yet another trip to Tribal Council.  Fittingly, Dimples gives GC the immunity idol to hold for her tribe given her superhuman effort in today’s challenge.  As we head off to the commercial break, we hear Angie trying to justify to the audience that Russell should be voted out next because although he is big and strong, he is the weak link because he gave up.  Angie is clearly hoping that everyone forgot about her reluctance in participating further in the challenge.

We return from the commercial break to see the Kalabaw Tribe get excited with finding the canoe back at its beach.  Dana is hoping to catch some fish as everyone is hungry (clearly those chickens did not last very long).  It is very unusual to see any footage from the winning tribe after an immunity challenge.  Clearly something is up.  Another clue from Mark Burnett as to how this season is going to unfold perhaps?  Or maybe the audience is going to be spared more footage of the pathetic Matsing Tribe returning despondently from yet another loss?  We see Penner pulling Jeff aside and having a pow wow that only two older alpha males can.  Penner confirms to Jeff that he does have the idol and he hopes that by sharing this information, they can work together.  Penner wants Jeff to trust him and Jeff plays it smooth by letting Penner know that it is wise that these two align together.  To seal their new found trust, a “manly” handshake is given except Jeff gives him a four-fingered handshake.  He explains in his confessional that unless he gives a “manly” handshake, in his mind the deal is not legitimate.  I say a major clue here.  Expect Jeff to do a Gillard and knife Rudd Penner in the back at some stage.  Being independently wealth in real life, Jeff has plenty of money to replace the cutlery he will no doubt stick in Penner’s back as this season unfolds.  [After watching the “four-fingered handshake” confessional from his couch at home, Penner returns the favour to Jeff by giving him the one-finger salute].

We cut over to the Tandang tribe.  Again, seeing footage from the winning tribe.  Something game-changing must be about to occur.  And it does.  Artis has been given his first confessional to the camera.  OMG!  And he is mad as a cut snake.  He is pissed off that the tribe did not win because Michael broke the mask by diving face-first AFTER Michael made a big deal during the pre-challenge strategy talk about people not diving face-first into the water.  We see RC yet again doting on her daddy Michael by tending to his cuts.  The tribe then agree on collecting clams tonight to celebrate.  So whilst RC, Michael, Artis, and Lisa head off to look for clams, the background music turns sinister and the return footage of the striking snake reappears.  Wiggle Hips is making her move.  She calls Pete over and together they hunt for the hidden immunity idol.  Wiggle Hips wants to find it before RC.  They madly dig around at the camp and overturn baskets.  But Wiggle Hips is confused as to where it may be.  Fortunately for her, she spies the cameraman not so subtlety focussing his camera on the lid of the rice basket.  She goes over to the lid and chisel off the handle.  Screaming at the top of her lungs that she found the idol, she and Pete make their way into the jungle all the while having Wiggle Hips scream about how she found the idol.  Wiggle Hips is lucky that Blair, Cotton Wool, and Artis are old and deaf because everyone in Manila could hear her screams of jubilation.  Pete, on the other hand, is playing it cool and not openly celebrating.  He is ecstatic that the idol has been found because it makes it easier for him to now sway Blair and Artis over to him and control their votes.

Finally, we get back to see the Matsing Tribe make its way back to the beach.  The silence is deafening.  It is clear both Russell’s and Angie’s faces that they know that one of them will be going home tonight.  Malcolm basically uses all his will power in NOT screaming abuse at his tribe when he reaches the shelter – (oh Malcolm, you’re too kind.  If Russell didn’t know he was in trouble, he would have abused everyone like he did at the end of the last episode’s challenge).  Both Malcolm and Denise need to debrief.  Denise is openly livid that both she and Malcolm had to do that challenge three times each – (um Denise, RC retrieved four puzzle pieces whilst diving in twice.  Where’s her ticket-tape parade?).  They are pissed that Angie’s inflatable floaties proved a hindrance in this challenge but they are even more pissed off at Russell.  Despite being built like an ox, he couldn’t climb a ladder, twice!  Knowing she is in trouble, Angie interrupts Denise and Malcolm and pleads her case.  She said she never said she “can’t do the challenge” – (the people subtitling this episode are liars) – and she would never give up.  She gave everything and will continue giving everything, unlike Russell who just stopped trying in that challenge.  She hopes the other two can see how loyal she is to them but Denise later says in her confessional it would be crazy to keep Angie over Russell when they need their strongest people to participate at the next challenge if a merge is not forthcoming.  However, she is unsure if Malcolm is prepared to write Angie’s name down tonight.

Later Angie and Malcolm are sitting by the beach watching the tide come in.  Angie knows she needs to work on Malcolm to stay in this game.  She tries to explain that the reason she didn’t want to dive in for the second time was because she would have been too slow.  However, Russell gave up.  (Um, Angie, Russell still chose to do the challenge twice whilst your acknowledgment how badly you sucked just lends weight to Denise’s argument that you’re not a strong player in a tribe that is being decimated).  The camera zooms in on Malcolm’s face and he is clearly torn.  Russell is strong but Angie is loyal.  Russell doesn’t cuddle up with him at night.  Angie does.  Russell has played this game twice now.  Angie has two other compelling reasons for Malcolm to keep her around.  Malcolm is definitely in the middle.

Perhaps Angie has a point about Russell giving up as he spends the next few hours contemplating to God about how he could suck so badly this time around after having “almost died” the first time he played this game.  Unfortunately for Russell, Coach, Crazy Brandon, or Roxy aren’t around to join him in his prayers for redemption and Lisa and Michael are on another tribe.  Russell hopes his tribe will make the right choice and keep him for his strength.  He explains that although he isn’t actively lobbying Denise and Malcolm now, he is going to draw strength from his ancestors and go down fighting at Tribal Council tonight.  After Roxy’s explosion last week, I can hardly wait.  Brutal Tribal Councils make the best television.

Tribal Council time and the snake makes yet another appearance, hissing at the cameraman.  Really, really, really scary music in the background.  Dimples is parading around in a darker blue shirt with his khaki pants, and his thongs.  He starts off by asking Denise what she gave up to be on the show.  She gave up her practice and time with her daughter and husband.  However because of those sacrifices, she is not prepared to give up in this game.  (Thanks Denise.  Another passive-aggressive pot-shot aimed at your tribemates).  Malcolm explains that he dreamt of being on this show when it started twelve years ago – a faraway time when Dimples looked older on television back then as opposed to now through the lens of a HD camera.  He is frustrated that after achieving his dream of being cast on the show, he is on a tribe that has done so poorly.  He describes his experience as heartbreaking.  He knows that people could have performed better in the challenge.  Dimples helpfully points out that he didn’t think Denise or him struggled in the challenge.  Malcolm acknowledges that both Russell and Angie did struggle and are on the chopping block tonight.

Angie confirms she is scared she will be voted out tonight but she re-iterates that she would have dived in the second time but it wouldn’t have made any sense as she would have been slow.  It was better to let Denise take over.  But she is not a quitter unlike Russell who couldn’t climb a ladder twice and just gave up after his second dive.  Talk about waving a red flag to a bull.  Russell just launches into Angie.  He says he did not give up but rather made a “strategic decision” to stop what he was doing and to let other more capable individuals take over (aka he quit).  However, the choice is so logical to him tonight.  He is more prepared to last 39 days than Angie, he has more life experience than Angie, he is stronger than Angie, he is smarter than Angie [after the cookies comment last episode, you’re preaching to the choir Russell], and so the decision to choose to keep Russell over Angie should be simple.  Angie agrees she doesn’t have the life experience than Russell but she is a better fighter than him.  This brings out mocks of derision from Russell.  He hammers Angie and tells her that he almost died last time he played the game so therefore he has proven he is prepared to put his life on the line for this game.  He belittles her for trying to revise history when the truth was that she was slow in the diving challenge because she didn’t have the strength to dive two feet under the water to retrieve the wheel.  Everyone saw how she had given up by the time she was back on the platform.

Brutal Tribal Councils can be hard to watch for the audience but seeing Russell just hammer into Angie was clearly not fun for the participants as well.  Denise and Malcolm look extremely uncomfortable as Russell just tears into Angie.  Poor Angie.  Two consecutive Tribal Councils where she has been hammered.  Angie starts crying.  Everyone is concerned about Angie’s breakdown, including Dimples [although his concerned face is the same expression as his shocked face from last week].  Angie knows it is difficult for her to compete against Russell due to his physical presence.  Malcolm chimes in to explain that because they are down to four people, they don’t have the luxury of the other two tribes in sitting out weaker players.  Angie has had to participate in challenges against much taller and stronger men.  [Malcolm, you’re too kind to Angie.  Are you forgetting how fantastic RC was in that challenge or how Dana also smashed it as well?  Those two women have also competed in every challenge.]  The choice for Denise and Malcolm tonight is do they choose strength tonight or loyalty?  Malcolm pretty much signals to the audience the intention of his vote when answering Dimples’s last question.  He said that loyalty is paramount if you want to win but you have to get to that point of being in the Final 3 first.

It is time to vote and Russell votes for Angie and apologises for making her cry.  Angie returns the favour telling him that she is not a quitter like him.  We don’t see the votes from Denise or Malcolm.  Given that Malcolm cannot even give Angie any eye contact when he returns to his seat after voting, we know our young former Miss Teen Utah is a goner.  No hidden immunity idol is played.  The votes are read out.  Angie (Russell’s vote), Russ (Angie’s vote), Melons…….and the third person voted out is Angie.  She does her beauty pageant tricks of pouting her disappointment when Dimples snuffs her torch but then smiling broadly when told she now can have cookies back at Loser Lodge.  She wishes her tribemates all the best of luck and tells them to kick ass.  As she leaves, audible tears could be heard from behind the camera as the cameramen now have to find more inventive ways of padding out future episodes (sans Angie) whilst adhering to the strict sexy-shots quota mandated in every episode.  In her Final Words, Angie wishes for world peace as she tucks into a meal of Oreos.  A preview for next week and we see Penner hoping his new found alliance with Jeff will carry both of them far whilst it looks like another nail biting finish to determine if Matsing can avoid another trip to Tribal Council.

So after three episodes we have been shown quite a few things which I may be clues.  Wiggle Hips is turning into a major moody bitch as signalled by the snake vision accompanying her in the opening credits.  Because Tandang keeps on winning, Lisa is finding ways to slide around to cement her position in the tribe.  Her secret alliance with Pete and Wiggle Hips (who now has the idol) will guarantee she will be lurking around in this game far longer than expected.  Dana and Jeff were very adamant about not letting a veteran win this game so I’m positive Jeff’s four-fingered handshake with Penner signals an eventual blindside.  And the secret alliance, so heavily focussed on this episode, between Malcolm and Denise may be a long term trump card if both of them make it to the merge.

So can the Matsing Tribe finally get it together?  Will Wiggle Hips beat Courtney’s (from China and Heroes vs Villains) and Sandra’s (winner of Pearl Island and Heroes vs Villains) joint-record of sitting out on the most number of challenges?  Will Carter now be allowed a confessional?  Will Michael stay injury-free for the next episode?  Has anyone seen Artis wear any yellow item of clothing so far?  Stay tuned for the next episode of Survivor: Now 100% coconut-free.



1 JG { 11.02.12 at 11:25 am }

Love love love Survivor – but these posts are just too long and complex for me…. Sorry….

2 Sioux Denim { 11.02.12 at 11:44 am }

Thanks JStar – interesting episode indeed – I keep looking for clues but have no idea!

Seeing that raft in the middle of the ocean I was pretty sure Matsing was going to finally win a challenge and get another raft!

Also seeing the red tribe forming alliances and talk of Tribal Council I was pretty sure they would be on the chopping block – ah well, thats why I love the game so much – I have no idea whats going on!

Sad to see Angie go – it was the obvious choice unfortuntaely – and was so hoping Matsing would actually win one – I hate when one team consistently losing – would make much more fun at the merge if all teams had lost a couple of players.

Bring on next week!

3 Calliegirl { 11.02.12 at 5:57 pm }

JStar I enjoy your posts as much as I enjoy Survivor. Love the depth you go into – love the wit – had to stop reading as I was laughing so much. Please keep up the great work – the are a lot of us that really love your detailed posts. Sorry to see Angie go – loved watching her.

4 A.P { 11.02.12 at 7:07 pm }

Yeah, I’m sick of Matsing losing all the time, they are the only ones I am getting to know so far, not sure who Carter and wiggle hips are yet Jstar!
What happens if they lose next time, surely they can’t compete as a team with only two people? I hope one each joins the other teams as having three teams is doing my head in!
Russell is pretty hopeless though at the challenges.

5 JStar { 11.03.12 at 8:42 am }

@A.P. – Carter is afflicted with the same illness that will render him mute for the entire season, much like other victims before him such as Purple Kelly from Nicaragua and Rick from Endless Prayers with Coach and Crazy Brandon. As for Wiggle Hips, it was a toss up between that nickname or Latina Jerri-N’aonka-Bully Spice. Decided to go with the former as hyphens in one’s name is so 20th Century. If you recall all the way back to Season 10 (Palau), one tribe of 10 lost every single immunity challenge until there was Stephenie and Bobby Jon left and they still had to compete as a team of two (and lost). However in seasons where they have started with multiple tribes, there usually is a “mini-merge” to revert back to the traditional two tribes after no later than three episodes. However, the previews for next week indicates it is still a three-tribe scenario. Will the losing streak continue?

@Sioux Denim – Whenever you see an animal kingdom shot, you know that something big is about to happen. If we see ants devouring a bigger insect, you know that there is an uprising happening. If we see snakes on our screen for this season, it has to be yet another bitchy exchange from Wiggle Hips or sneaky behaviour from Penner. Don’t be too sad to see Angie leave. She’s got cookies now! Plus she has now shown everyone that she can run in a straight line on wet sand in her bikini. May be problematic that she can’t dive down in a body of water but still, her audition for the upcoming Baywatch TV reboot was successful.

@JG – Can’t please everyone but when you’re bored and can’t get to sleep, feel free to pour over the recaps. Not as daunting as you think. Really, it’s not.

@Calliegirl – Well thanks for the feedback. I guess the tribe has truly spoken! :) With Angie gone now, who will carry all those coconuts, that she perpetually had in her hands, on the Matsing Tribe? That pressing question better be answered in the next episode! Must say I am enjoying this season so let’s hope it doesn’t sputter and die slowly like last season.

6 Izobel2 { 11.07.12 at 11:29 am }

Hey JStar, finally got a minute to comment. Thanks so much for the fabulous recap as always. And I’m with you Calliegirl I enjoy these posts as much as the episode!
My fave comment that you wrote was “Wiggle Hips is lucky that Blair, Cotton Wool, and Artis are old and deaf because everyone in Manila could hear her screams of jubilation” !!!
That’s what I was thinking when she found the idol!

Also it’s a bit of a tricky idol this season isn’t it, as it’s kinda obvious when it’s no longer on the rice box!

And I kinda like Penner, is that wrong??
Enjoying this season and about to watch Ep 4 now. Woo hoo!
I’ll keep an eye out for the snakes/lizards etc JStar.
And PLEASE let Matsing win something!

7 Izobel2 { 11.07.12 at 11:34 am }

And another thing maybe we should throw the Big Brother housemates into Survivor and then they may have something to whinge about. No food, no shelter, constant alliances and blind sides…

8 JStar { 11.09.12 at 6:59 am }

@Izobel2 – Glad I got some fans for my weekly thesis-like recaps and thanks for enjoying them! As for loving Penner, don’t feel wrong or bad. I’m a Penner fan too plus, like two-time winner Sandra, he is very lippy particularly towards Dimples. He gives as good as he gets. Problem is that this has always been his downfall. Unlike Sandra, he doesn’t know when to shut-up sometimes and pay attention to the tiny details. After the “four-fingered” handshake and Carter’s Freudian slip in this week’s episode, I’m thinking he is being set-up for a major blindside later down the track.

This week’s recap should be ready by Saturday. Sorry for the delay. I blame Big Brother for that. I’ve taken A.P’s suggestions on board and have renamed some contestants with more appropriate nicknames so to better identify in the future in the upcoming recap. :)

9 Izobel2 { 11.09.12 at 10:33 am }

JStar did you like Sandra? I finally got my husband to watch Survivor and he watched a couple of seasons including the two that Evil Russell Hantz were in, but after Sandra won Survivor he said he wasn’t going to watch anymore as she didn’t deserve the win.

Looking forward to the next recap, although I thought I didn’t think it was the world’s most exciting episode!

10 Sioux Denim { 11.09.12 at 6:02 pm }

Hi JStar – looking forward to this week’s recap…..please you MUST clarify WTF did Denise pull out of Malcolm’s ear – ewwwwww!

11 Reality Raver { 11.09.12 at 9:03 pm }

Hoping Jonathan can bring it home this season have bee a fan of his in all his seasons but he always cocks it up at some point.

12 PollyB { 11.10.12 at 10:07 am }

I’m finding this 3 tribe thing boring. I’m waiting for the real game to start. But I’ll keep watching.

13 Janenowdaisy { 11.10.12 at 2:48 pm }

I had so much fun with the bloggers at BB and would like to continue here. But I have been having a bit of trouble. Firstly the Jstar posts are going over my head but that might be because I am still getting to know the cast.
Secondly is it just me or is this a week behind? Is it intentionally behind so as not to be a spoiler or have I just come to the wrong place.

14 Izobel2 { 11.10.12 at 10:38 pm }

Hey Daisy, yes this is the latest post. The earlier posts will show you kind of how JStar gets his nicknames etc. He said he may have the next post (week 4) up over the weekend as that was shown on Tuesday night just gone.
It’s always a bit tricky at the beginning of the season with all of the cast, and especially tricky when JStar gives most of them nicknames (like Blair = Lisa – Blair because that was her name when she was on the 80’s tv show Facts Of Life!)

15 JStar { 11.10.12 at 11:49 pm }

Izobel2 – Sorry for the delay in not responding. Firstly, I’m glad you didn’t have to explain who Coconuts was. :) And yes, after reading A.P’s suggestion about nicknames, I have rechristened a couple of players on the recap I just sent through to RR. Plus bestowed a new nickname to someone else. If you have had to endure the scream of tweens, you would know the unfortunate references I have made in the upcoming post.

As for Sandra, I did like her but she didn’t deserve to win Heroes vs Villains. She deserved to win Pearl Islands though. However, Parvati deserved the win in Heroes vs Villains. Russell also didn’t deserve to get zero votes in that final Tribal Council. Note that all of the “Heroes” voted for Sandra whilst the three “Villains” (excluding Sandra’s BFF in Courtney) voted for Parvati. The Heroes didn’t see how hard Parvati and Russell worked to escape the targets they had from Boston Rob. By the time the merge came, Sandra’s alliance was decimated and all the Heroes saw was an isolated Sandra constantly trying to help them out and take out the villains. That’s how she won their vote. She was also good during the final jury questions but Parvati played the better overall game just to get to the end. If your hubby stopped after Season 20, he probably saved himself from the boring season of Nicaragua capped off by the shame of two quitters. Plus he also avoided the smell of how rigged Redemption Island was in Boston Rob’s favour. He, however, missed the great characters in Crazy Brandon Hantz and Cochran for South Pacific and despite all the praying, it wasn’t such a terrible season. And he could have enjoyed and been equally horrified by the behaviour of Colton during the first six episodes of One World.

@Sioux Denim – I got your memo and I hope I answered your query in the upcoming recap. I think it was an Oreo cookie that Angie left behind for Malcolm because they are just “friends.”

@PollyB – It’s probably only boring as one tribe keeps on losing. There has to be a merge soon so hopefully things will step up from then.

@Janenowdaisy – Sorry but this week’s recap was delayed due to a combination of Big Brother finale and laziness. 😛 But it has been sent now. Don’t feel so overwhelmed by it.

@RR – I’m a confirmed Penner fan too but his fatal flaw is not knowing when to shut his trap when the heat is on him.

16 Janenowdaisy { 11.11.12 at 6:03 pm }

Thanks Isobel2. I will stay tuned. I’m probably not meant to say htis so Jstar throw me off if this is too unPC but that crazy blond girl in the yellow tribe forgot her meds. Yikes.

17 Carole { 11.11.12 at 8:50 pm }

Thanks for the recaps JStar. I’m new to your recaps so have a question, why do you call Probst Dimples? Makes me laugh every time I read it. I’m getting sick of Matsing losing all the time too, wish they would win finally. I remember that series too where they lost every single challenge till there was only Stephanie left when they merged. Wow you are really observant, same as the American guy who does the recaps, I didn’t pick up any of those clues you mentioned in the first episode. Those wondering about a merge, we are a few weeks behind the US but from what I’ve read on Twitter following Survivor & Probst’s Tweets it looks like there is a merge in a couple of weeks.

18 JStar { 11.11.12 at 11:20 pm }

@Carole – Thanks for the feedback. I think when I started doing those long recaps, I got bored and started giving lots of the contestants nicknames and I didn’t want Probst to feel left out. Definitely calling him Dimples is less cruel than my second choice – Botox. And it works out well for this season as there is a competitor called Jeff so it avoids confusion. And who is the American person you are referring to regarding the recaps? I do read some but most of them have strict wordcount limits. 😛 As for the clues, always look out for the animal metaphors. Mark Burnett LOVES to draw comparisons between the animal kingdom and Survivor scheming.

19 Carole { 11.12.12 at 8:07 am }

Thanks for the explanation JStar, yeah it is confusing this year with a competitor named Jeff too. The American recapper is Dalton Ross, he writes for Entertainment Weekly. I found him by accident when Meat Loaf was in Celebrity Apprentice last year. I get google alerts for him as I’m a massive fan and one of them was a re-cap for Celebrity Apprentice and I found him really funny, except when he made fun of Meat. ha ha Then I saw they do recaps for heaps of other shows on there too. But I do have to be careful of spoilers for the shows we are behind with.