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So You Think You Can Dance – The Ninja Twins

So You Think You Can Dance is currently screening on Eleven on Friday nights at 7.30pm. It is the audition phase, and sometimes it is not about the dance but how you entertain.

Unfortunately the Ninja Twins were too old to get through to Las Vegas but their schtick was very entertaining. Cat Deeley again shows why she is one of the best reality TV hosts.

So You Think You Can Dance on Eleven Friday nights at 7.30pm.


1 Izobel2 { 11.03.12 at 10:18 pm }

US Dance is fab and I’m thrilled it’s back on. I tape it weekly and thoroughly enjoy it. Would love the Oz version to return too.

2 Sue N { 11.03.12 at 10:30 pm }

Loving this show again, now it is finally back on :)