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Big Brother – Josh And Ava No Longer Snogging

One of the great romances on the inside of the Big Brother house, Josh and Ava, appears to have fizzled on the outside. Fans of the show will remember Josh and Ava spent most of their time together snogging.

Josh Moore who left the Big Brother house after his brother passed away also says he wants his buddy Michael to win.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph Josh reveals:

Moore, who had an onscreen romance with fellow housemate Ava David, said the pair have met since he left but have decided to stay single.

“We will remain friends. I didn’t go into the house looking for a relationship. The fact Ava came in was just a bit of a bonus really. We both know where we are at,” he said.

He also says he might have been the one to take the $250,000 prize:

“I’m fairly confident I would have been in there for a lot longer. But I had to make the decision and I had to leave,” the 29-year-old musician told The Sunday Telegraph.The early favourite to win the revamped show this year, Moore left the house last month after Toby, 32, died of a suspected heart attack.

He said was coping with his brother’s death by “staying positive” and getting back to things he enjoyed – and that the show’s fans had helped him come to terms with the loss. “It’s taking some getting used to, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s quite surreal.

 “I came out under strange circumstances and everyone has been really nice to me.

“People have been coming up to me in the street to ask for photos and to stop for a chat.”

Moore hasn’t had many work offers yet, but puts it down to how he left the show: “Because I came out under different circumstances people have been, I guess, not wary, but respectful and keeping those sort of talks to a minimum.”

 Josh will be snapped up to be seen somewhere in the future.
One person will be eliminated from the Big Brother house tonight who do you think it will be?
Big Brother screens on NINE at 6.30pm.


1 Bailey { 11.04.12 at 8:24 pm }

That would be awesome. I actually wondered whether they’d show her much of that footage? That stuff is going to hurt her more than any bitching between the other housemates.. I’d be worried about how it’d affect her self esteem and whether it would be seen as inappropriate/tactless by the producers

2 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 8:39 pm }

Nathan1 @ 47 I am not sure but that guy looks very like Layla’s brother that was on her video from home last week. He said he had been to his first party in Australia on the Gold Coast. I am 100% sur it is him. Can anyone else remember him? Means nothing if they have different surnames. Positive it’s him.
I think we all really knew the intruder would go tonight. Michael and Zoe tomorrow night!!

3 A.P { 11.04.12 at 8:42 pm }

Just finished here, so bummed that here in backwards QLD we have to wait an extra hour especially when its filmed here! Doesn’t make sense, wish we had daylight savings, I can’t bear the suspense!!!!!
I just don’t understand why Sam left over Zoe, unbelievable! Who voted for her after the psycho way she’s been acting all week? I tried to save Sam by voting twice but it didn’t work unfortunately.
I’m sad for Delilah but I liked the way they did it apart from Stacey getting in on the act as usual. Hope the dog settles down okay.
Hate the fact that the voting was revealed, they just want us all to vote like mad and spend more money, looks like I will have to do more votes for Estelle, I was surprised how close it was.
Hopefully it will be Zoe and Michael tomorrow.

4 Rapunzel { 11.04.12 at 8:47 pm }

Bailey thank u 4 bringing me back from an ugly place. I was hoping zoe got nailed on the stage and thats not like me. I dont like her i think she is a spoilt child. But… She dosent deserve the evil thoughts i was dreaming up for her. I have a little devil on one shoulder and a err well slightly less evil devil on the other baying for her guts. But that is abit mean she obviously does have issues that need attention and a slaughter on stage might just push her over the edge.

5 Bakerboy { 11.04.12 at 8:49 pm }

Take a bow RR; your poll perfectly reflects the order of percentages on BB!

Estelle has a healthy lead folks, so lets keep her there by continuing to vote! I know that I will keep the pressure up by voting every day.

Only 3-days to go!
Lte’s get our girl across the line:-)!

6 Stacey { 11.04.12 at 8:52 pm }

Gabby- yes that’s Layla’s brother. I read somewhere that Layla’s votes were somehow going to Estelle too. Conspiracy!

7 Bakerboy { 11.04.12 at 8:53 pm }

If the voting continues on its current path, Zoe and Michael will both be evicted tomorrow night.
Especially if they are on stage together?

8 Bailey { 11.04.12 at 9:04 pm }

Rapunzel trust me I’m in the same boat as you! Part of me feels like she needs to be shown her behaviour but then that already happened and it didn’t change anything. The girl clearly has deep self esteem issues and I don’t think that’ll be fixed overnight.. As frustrating as it is!

Interesting line she came up with tonight where she said she wanted to protect him, despite the fact he’s an adult & can make his own choices and no matter how bad a friend Estelle might be, she’d be a great catch and Michael doesn’t need protecting.

The word limerence comes to mind.. The mental condition where instead of getting over someone you just fall more and more in love with them, sometimes not so much wanting necessarily to be with them but wanting to “save” them or “protect” them.. It’s peculiar!

9 Bakerboy { 11.04.12 at 9:19 pm }

Hi Stacey @ 56,

There are two things that I dont believe about the voting on BB:

1. That there was a mix up on the voting lines between Layla & Estelle. If that occurred, BB would be legally bound to divulge it and correct it. The fact that BB has said nothing about it is evidence enough that it is a load of tripe.
The fact that the original complaint came from Layla’s brother is sad.

2. That people who voted for Stacey will vote for Ben; and people who voted for Josh will vote for Michael, etc. I dont believe this at all. If voting was free, then sure; but when there is a fee involved, people only vote if they are really invested in someone winning. That investment does not carry over to other people. I know for myself, that if Estelle was voted out, I would stop voting and just let the chips fall where they may. I think that most people are the same?

Just to be clear, I don’t think Estelle will be voted out. I think she will win BB!
A big pat on the back of all Australian’s if she does, because it will show that our hearts are in the right place, on average.
Estelle is a humanitarian.
It is entirely possible that we will see her working for Oxfam or some other third world emergency aid charity in the future.

Ben; I could easily see him working for ASIO. he would be the perfect undercover operative:-)! Im laughing at the thought of him completely bamboozling and pissing every other enemy agent off with his perfect lies and BS:-)!!!

Layla; She will go on to BB NZ and/or BB Fiji and/or BB Russia and /or BB Latvia, until she finally wins it:-)!

Michael; He will continue to be Australia’s smartest person on the long-term dole:-).

Zoe; Yeah, Jane I love your idea! Zoe to go on to Framer wants a wife where she finally meets true love…with a guy called Michael:-)!

10 Nathan 1 { 11.04.12 at 9:25 pm }

what REALLY happened re the voting :
friends/fans of estelle reposted the voting info on facebook twitter etc..with estelles voting number on the the other hm’s photo.
so if u used those numbers to vote – u would be actually throwing votes estelles way.
if u used the official site or channel nine – u would be using the real numbers.
moral = go esTelle!!!

11 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 9:26 pm }

Thanks Stacey for confirming Layla’s brother for me.
Stacey really did try to hog the whole Delilah episode, anything for another five minutes of fame. Thank goodness she has gone!
I am having an awful feeling Ben could come up and win this. If the gay population decide to get behind him (no pun intended) I think he could take this out from under Estelle. Sorry A.P. but it wouldn’t surprise me.
Anyway Michael and Zoe tomorrow, I hope.

12 A.P { 11.04.12 at 9:27 pm }

Its funny how if you look at twitter on BBB, most people there can’t understand why Estelle is in the lead, one person said that if she wins then they will burn down Dreamworld!
I guess its a generation thing, they are all young and don’t have the maturity to see all the bullying that went on towards Estelle and are saying the votes are rigged!
BTW, does anyone know if we receive a reply if we vote by sms because I’ve just voted twice and got no message back from them. I want to know that I’m not wasting money and my vote counts!
GO Estelle!
Gabby, that’s okay, my own daughter who is the same age as Estelle, doesn’t like her and wants BEN to win because he’s funny!

13 Stacey { 11.04.12 at 9:48 pm }

Bakerboy – Who knows about the voting really. Whether votes were pooled to Estelle or anyone they weren’t meant for, we’ll probably never know. They’d probably have to prove that the rest of the voting was legit?
And I think there are definately people out there who for example, vote for Stacey because they like Ben, etc. Its just that people like you and I that tend not to.
You are dead right about Micheal too haha. Smartest dole bludger out there. He needs to stop latching onto Estelle, cut his hair and get a job!

Im still going for Layla. I realise Estelle probably has it in the bag now, but I can hope!

14 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 9:49 pm }

Bakerboy, lol about your take on Ben, Layla, Michael and Zoe, very funny indeed. Wish I could think of witty things like that to say.
I am going to miss all of you fellow commenters. My days are going to be so long and boring :(

15 A.P { 11.04.12 at 9:54 pm }

Gabby, you can still comment on other shows on here such as Survivor, no need to go. Just wait til MKR and MC start!

16 brain dead dave { 11.04.12 at 10:02 pm }

My understanding is that Ch9/ Producers are under no obligation at all to reveal the voting details, so I don’t necessarily believe the percentage figures supplied tonight any more than I believed Sam when he said he was going to win BB.

17 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 10:04 pm }

A.P. I am not going for Ben, I am just commenting. I am still on team Estelle!
No way would I vote for a two faced, back stabbing, self confessed liar!
Did you read any of the live updates today on the official BB site. Zoe was still going crazy, I can’t believe she won’t lay this obsession to rest. She is getting worse instead of better. Tonight on the live show she looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.
Did you hear or read the bit about where Michael had said to Sam if he had said some of the inappropriate comments to Zoe that she had said to him, he would have been thrown off the show, and he was sick of it.
I wonder if we will see that tomorrow night?

18 Stacey { 11.04.12 at 10:05 pm }

Gabby – I definately think it’ll come down to Ben and Estelle for the iby showing the percentages on tonights show they have hurt her chances of winning? I don’t know. Im still going for Layla. And yes just keep coming to this site RR always posts random reality related stuff even during the off season! My days are boring too so I will be hanging around here like a bad smell anyway!
Also, I have a real soft spot for Stacey as she reminds me of a deceased friend of mine. She would’ve been 23 this year!

AP – You should get an SMS back straight away saying thankyou for the vote and that you wont get any more reply messages for that voting period. Its weird that you didn’t even get one back?

19 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 10:09 pm }

A.P. I fully intend to be present for those shows but they don’t start until next year. Have you been commenting on Survivor yet?
I really am looking forward to MKR and MC. I am sure it will be great fun. Judging by the last week here there won’t be enough hours in the day. I love reading everyone’s comments.

20 Bakerboy { 11.04.12 at 10:12 pm }

A.P @ 62,

Yes, definitely keep voting for Estelle. Two votes is good, more would be better.
With regard to a response from BB by SMS, you only get that after the first vote of each block. Because this block of voting started after Stacey left and wont end until the winner is announced, you will only get one SMS, which you would have already received last week.
Just make sure that you are texting Estelle to 19955999 and you will be fine. They are all counted cumulatively now until the Winner is announced.

We must definitely keep the pressure up. Now that BB has showed the voting percentage, the Ben & Stacey fans will be trying to catch Estelle. The only way we will keep the lead to is put the pedal to the metal and dont let up until we get her across the line:-)!

21 A.P { 11.04.12 at 10:18 pm }

Stacey, I thought it was weird too as I’ve had that message at other times when I’ve voted. There are some people on BBB who are saying the same thing so I will try again tomorrow.
Gabby, I hope that they show that bit too to Zoe when she’s evicted next so she can see what a stalker she is being. Still can’t understand who voted for her after this week. ( I have commented on Survivor already )
BDD, that’s interesting what you said, it seems we can’t always believe what we are shown, I thought the Estelle vote would be higher going on RR’s poll here.
Bakerboy, just saw your post, thanks for clearing that up, will definitely vote again.

22 Gabby formerly Beau { 11.04.12 at 10:21 pm }

Stacey, yes I think you are right, it looks like Ben and Estelle for the final night. Somehow I don’t think your Layla is going to make it but then again the crowd went quite crazy when her name was called so you never really know. I just done want Ben or Michael to win.
I am so sorry you lost your friend Stacey and at such a young age, way too young. I hope you have lots of nice happy memories .
When BB is over I shall keep my eyes open for you on the different sites as I will definitely be hanging around. I am so glad I found RR, I have met some really nice like minded people.

23 Stacey { 11.04.12 at 10:35 pm }

Gabby- Yeh this is the best blog around for sure! Yeh Estelle’s got the win already I think. It’s not an ‘anyone’s game’ situation :)
It was a suicide, too. A real sad clown. But everytime I see Stacey and she slips into that Kath and Kim voice I could swear she’s on TV! Bless her soul. Fantastic memories there.

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25 Jane { 11.04.12 at 11:48 pm }

Oh no. I had BB recording and somehow it got dropped. Thankfully I was able to jump on here to find out what I missed (WA) time. I’m disappointed Sam has gone because he really seemed like a genuinely good guy and he was going to use the $money sensibly.
Baker Boy I’m definitely on board for the voting. I’ll be giving Estelle as many as I can this tomorrow and the next. I too get peeved by the revenue raising tactics of BB; revealing the %s. But then again, I htink I have been getting my money’s worth of entertainment.
As for Zoe on Farmer Wants… she could be a Farmer or one of the potential hopefuls. Love to see her get mad at the other girls for getting in before her. What would ruin her chances with the guys would be that massive thing on her shoulder (the chip).
I’d like the dishonourable pudgy red thing with the sneaky eyes out next. Oh I’m sounding as bad as he is. I was like this with that awful guy from the last MKR …the one in the capri pants. Can’t remeber his name. I wonder if I will forget Michael’s name and get those images out of my head. Go Estelle!!!!!!!! Again I wish we had the Fri night panel where evictees are interviewed a week later. I would like to see their responses, especially Estelle’s after they have had a chance to see some of the show.

26 Jane { 11.04.12 at 11:49 pm }

Baker Boy I will be voting forher heaps before tomorrow.

27 Rapunzel { 11.05.12 at 7:07 am }

Omg now sam has gone layla has turned back into the mindless backstabber pre sam. U am so angry and ovvveer the constant biatching if Estelle. Layla u have list any support from me and shut up. I hope sam sees yr ugly side now u cant hide under his arm anymore he is far too good for yr pettiness im so disappointed at yr complete backtracking. U and zoe sit around knifing this girl to shreds. Michael stepup dude stand up for this girl u say is so wonderful now . Bugger the budget its like now Sam isnt there they have all reverted to their a hole selves again. Message for Layla say it to Estelles face u jealous cow grrrrr and throw that jumpsuit out darling its very unflattering. Grrr again.

28 Bailey { 11.05.12 at 7:36 am }

Yes! Layla is SO bitchy these days! I felt like she’s been struggling to know what to say to Zoe and not looking very interested in her constant complaining (if it were me I’d be flat out ignoring her by now) but then she comes out with her own nasty words.. I know it’s normally a cop out to put it down to jealousy but in this case I really believe it is.

Go Estelle :)

29 Jane { 11.05.12 at 4:44 pm }

I only caught a bit of Zoe interrogating Michael and Estelle about kissing etc. I thought I heard her say something creepy and Michael looked stunned. I din’t catch what either of them said but it was clearly a bit scary for Michael. What happened????

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