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The Amazing Race – Moral Dilemma – Should The Sri Lankan Girls Got Penalised?

The Amazing Race travelled from Bangladesh to Istanbul, Turkey this week, however the big talking point was whether the Sri Lankan girls and Trey and Lexie should have handed back the dropped money to the rock star lawyers.

What happened there were three teams were in the travel agency in Bangladesh and they found $100 they picked it up and showed it to Trey and Lexie. They were not sure whose it was but guessed it was the rock star lawyers, James and Abba, who were still in the travel agency with them.

The girls and the dating couple who said we would not normally do this but considering it is a game, took the money and did not ask the two guys whether it was theirs. Of course the lawyers realised they had lost it after the other teams had left but figured they had lost in in the taxi getting there. They then had to beg in the third world country of Bangladesh to get money to get to the airport and have money for the leg in Istanbul.

I like the Sri Lankan girls as I think they are running an aggressive race and it is harder for an all girl team to win. However in this case I think they should have asked the lawyers who were still in the travel agents whether it was theirs.

Another story if they had left without realising they had lost it perhaps. What do you think?

Most of the leg ended up being run in Istanbul as was a leg in the Australian version on The Amazing Race. I thought the challenges were a bit tougher in our version. Challenges where the first team in is the first team out annoy me, as it does not allow people at the back to catch up or over take.

In the end Trey and Lexie came first in the leg and won a trip to Australia, well really the Gold Coast, and the bumbling goat farmers, who I like, managed to get to the pit stop before the monster truck drivers Rob and Kelley. Who had taken the metro rather than a taxi which put them behind and they could not catch up.

Here is an exit interview with the truckers where they say the Sri Lankan girls should have been penalised for taking the money from the floor, and also Rob says he is now not homophobic because of the time he spent with Josh and Brent.


1 JStar { 11.14.12 at 3:34 pm }

RR! It is not like you to mention the gratuitous amount of male nudity splashed across our screens in this episode. The Chippendales got more naked than their “dance” act in Las Vegas. Mary Murphy lost her voice after this episode was screened in the States.

2 chasing vegas { 11.14.12 at 3:44 pm }

No way! it’s all part of the game. Those stupid rockers lost it so they have to deal with it. you find it, you take it as an opportunity to get ahead. Go the Chippendales! HOT HOT HOT!

3 Reality Raver { 11.14.12 at 4:23 pm }

JStar – LOL didn’t mention it as The Chippendales do nothing for me, not into beefcakes. But your right I should try and find a pic to stick it to even out the PETA one I earlier posted.

Chasing Vegas – The chippendales are a bit thick though….but then I suppose it does not matter.

4 Sioux Denim { 11.14.12 at 6:41 pm }

Love this show…certainly not a fan of the twins – and definitely think they should have asked the brothers at least, if it was their money…they would drive me nuts but I can see why they make good reality TV.

Really liking Trey & Lexi – and yes, the Chippendale’s are certainly perve-worthy IMO.

I would like to see the rock’n’roll brothers win….just cos I’m a bit of a head-banger myself!

5 Carole { 11.14.12 at 7:14 pm }

Actually, I think one of the twins when they first saw the money, held it up and called out, but her sister quickly shut her up. I think they did the wrong thing in taking it, especially when they were still in the room. It’s one thing to take money you find lying around if you don’t know who it belongs to, but when it’s someone you know and they are right there, it is wrong. Especially then they had to beg in a poverty stricken country like Bangladesh, it wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been in Europe or somewhere like that. I used to like them, but lost all respect for them now and hope they don’t win. And those idiots that went to the wrong ice cream vendor, they should know by now to look for the yellow and red flags. And why would you pick the bread rolls over having a bath. Sitting there doing absolutely nothing and get pampered or carry heaps of bread rolls on your head. Duh!!!!! Next week looks interesting, someone is going to lose their passport.

6 Janenowdaisy { 11.14.12 at 10:31 pm }

OK. Taking that money was stealing, plain and simple. The Sri Lankan girls tried to cover their shame by telling themselves it was a game (games can have good sports and bad sports) and by sharing their guilt with another team. Shame on you girls. I would like to have seen them penalised but didn’t expect it to happen because a team has to break a rule to get penalised and the shows producers probably forgot to include ‘no stealing’.
One of the girls also shoved one of her little ‘home boys’ when she’d finished with him. Last week she shoved aside the little boy she had elicited to cheer with her. Those girls are well up themselves.
Even if the rockers had been reckless, it doesn’t justify stealing. “Oh look that stupid old lady dropped her money. Serves her right if I pick it up and keep it.” Nah, I like to sleep at night.
As for reality TV, yes we enjoy having goodies and villains. I think those girls are villains.

7 Janenowdaisy { 11.14.12 at 10:36 pm }

I thought the turkish bath task was stupid because they couldn’t pass by doing well. I agree that tasks need to allow for people to catch up or fall behind.

8 AJ { 11.16.12 at 9:37 am }

I thought the two sisters and possible the other couple who participated in the theft (and shared the reward) should have received harsh penalties.

While I’m not a fan of the rock star team, their money was stolen and that should be prohibited by the rules. IF the sisters had left the money where it was, then the rock star team would have found it when they realised their money wasn’t in the backpack (where they thought it was). The sisters were fairly certain the money belonged to the rock star team, didn’t ask them when it was their money and instead stole the money. For all they knew, it could have belonged to someone else in the travel agency (e.g. an employee), yet they still stole it.

I was surprised that the Beekman Boys didn’t follow Chip and Dale to the bath challenge. I’m not sure which one, but I think Chip or Dale play for their team.