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Reality Stars Kicking Goals In The Australian Entertainment Industry

The Who Magazine is out today with their sexiest people of 2012 and the three girls on the cover are all reality TV stars.

They are Megan Gale, Jessica Mauboy and Ricki-Lee Coulter. Ricki-Lee and Jessica came to fame via reality show Australian Idol, and Megan Gale who is a model is now continuing her career onscreen on Project Runway Australia.

They are not the only reality stars who are having successful careers, the singers from the reality shows are also kicking goals, well selling records.

The Herald Sun via TV Tonight have list of the winners in the reality TV singing stakes. Some like Guy Sebastian, Reece Mastin and Shannon Noll are selling album, and others have used the shows to move into other areas, like Johnny Ruffo, Rob Mills and Ricki-Lee who has was a mentor on this year’s The Voice.  The Herald Sun is a good read and highlights how reality stars are now all pervasive in the entertainment industry.


1 Veronicali { 11.17.12 at 11:53 am }

Jessica looks like she’s busting for the loo there.

2 Janenowdaisy { 11.17.12 at 1:37 pm }

Cover girls: not my pick, except for Megan Gayle. But then I’m not sure who I would choose since it looks like you have to be a celebrity first. Maybe Georgie from the today show because she has looks, brains, grace and dignity. I think the surfers that won Aussie Amazing Race are also cute.

3 Janenowdaisy { 11.17.12 at 1:39 pm }

Oh and did Sonia Kruger make the list? She must have one of the best Aussie bodies.

4 brain dead dave { 11.17.12 at 1:56 pm }

In the interests of keeping it real…

5 Janenowdaisy { 11.17.12 at 3:43 pm }

BDD@4 Thanks for the link. I’d rather look like Jacinta. I might be more like half way between her and JG. Not a fan of a big tummy.

6 Morgan { 11.18.12 at 12:45 am }

I’m sure CB will be very upset to see that Ajay is not on the list.

7 Culinary Boner { 11.19.12 at 9:34 am }

Morgan, I’m more upset with reports that Ajay is now a celebrity lesbian.