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The Edelstens Are Claiming They Were Extorted – Where Are The Cameras?

Geoffrey Edelsten’s business deals appear to be going sour in the USA with news he is now in court trying to get some money back from a former business partner and he is also claiming that this person tried to extort him.

Each week during Brynne: A Bedazzled Life I wondered how does Geoffrey make his money to lead such a deluxe lifestyle. Well some of that may now be revealed.

Geoffrey is now in court in the US accusing his business parter Rafael Mawardi of trying to extort him. He also says that he has invested in businesses that had been overvalued by Rafael. Mr Mawardi  appeared on the final episode of the reality show in a scene in Florida.

The Daily Telegraph has the full murky details:

Dr Edelsten and Rafael “Alfie” Mawardi, from Florida, launched bitter countersuits in the US District Court after they fell out over a chain of fashion stores and other businesses they were creating.

In court documents, the 69-year-old said he met Mr Mawardi in 2010 and agreed to invest in his fashion brand, the House of Nurielle.

Brynne Edelsten, 28, who married the doctor in 2009, was to become the public face of the fashion line.

According to court documents, Dr Edelsten went to Florida in September, demanding Mr Mawardi account for the $18 million he claimed he had invested in various business partnerships over two years.

At that point, the relationship turned nasty, with Mr Mawardi allegedly threatening to embarrass the Edelstens.

Dr Edelsten claims in court documents his former partner demanded $1.5 million that was allegedly owed to his son, Isaac.

“The theme was that if I didn’t pay the $1.5 million to him, he would destroy me and my wife,” he said in his affidavit.

He also said he, Mr Mawardi and Brynne were in a vehicle driving to an airport on September 5.

“It was in the car on the way to the airport that Rafael Mawardi said to Brynne, ‘You are a gold digger’, and mentioned that he would destroy me and wife Brynne,” Dr Edelsten said.

He claims Mr Mawardi said he would try to destroy Brynne’s reputation and her reality TV series, which aired in Australia this year.

And that is just a snippet the story here, they also goes on to talk about how he paid $4 million for a Casino worth $1 million.

It is a pity the cameras are not still rolling on the Edelsten reality show as it would be a cracker plot line.


1 brain dead dave { 11.22.12 at 10:50 am }

It really is a little late to be threatening to destroy the Doc’s reputation. Fail.

2 Georgie { 11.22.12 at 10:56 am }

Wouldn’t you have to have a reputation worth destroying to start with?

I don’t mind Brynne but let’s face it, the Edelsten’s are really just attention seekers and their only talent is flaunting.

And Brynne as the public face of the fashion line – who was their target market – the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding guests?

3 Georgie { 11.22.12 at 10:59 am }

Oh dear, my comment fell into the black hole!

4 daisy { 11.22.12 at 1:30 pm }

Is Brynne related to Honey Boo Boo?

5 brain dead dave { 11.22.12 at 2:15 pm }

The Doc thinks Brynne is Honey Boob Boob.