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The Biggest Loser – Ajay Rochester Cyber Slaps Adro And Reveals Secrets Of The Show

Former host of The Biggest Loser has revealed some secrets about the show whilst giving Adro from Season One a  bit of a cyber slap.

On Ajay’s blog Finding My Mojo she says that Adro was placed back in the The Biggest Loser in season one after he threatened to take the production company to court. She also the extreme aka unhealthy dieting practices that occur on the show particularly before the final weigh in.

She revealed this after Adro allegedly wrote some negative things about obsese people including Ajay on a forum which he has now removed.

Ajay revealed:

It’s funny, I REMEMBER how you got back into Biggest Loser to make it to the final four. Adro, if you remember you were eliminated by the game and fellow contestants but you threatened the producers with a court case and all sorts of things, which in the first year of a show, a costly court case and scandal was not what they wanted or needed to make the show a success. You forced them into giving you another chance, threatening to make trouble for them and so they rewrote the series and gave you a second chance, reluctantly. You think you won that fair and square? I remember Cosi being eliminated by Sam (who went on to win) who spiked his drinks by changing the labels from low calorie chocolate topping to full fat and Cosi left with dignity and grace and if there was ever an opportunity to complain about getting kicked out that was it.

I remember how you presented yourself at your final weigh in (behind closed doors and a few days before filming so contestants had time to recover and look healthy)… were starving, pale, had shallow breathing, low blood pressure, cracked lips and you were unable to stand on your own two feet – hardly a great advertisement for healthy weight loss….. all the contestants begged me to ask the producers to have you drug tested. I took that request to the producers and was told they didn’t want to know the truth, they just wanted a good winner and told me to shut up and go away. This was one of the many problems I faced in the job I became known for being difficult in…….because I spoke up when I felt it was wrong or that we were being deceitful. I refused to be the face of their online diet club, I refused to sell their shakes and diet bars, I complained when someone who went on to win was living off 200 calories a week, I complained when I had to participate in a cover up for the contestant (who also went on to win) who drank bottles and bottles of tea tree oil (and whose relative was caught smuggling more in) to lose gross amounts of weight and more… made me NO friends, but I refused to drink or even sell the Kool Aid. When I joined Biggest Loser I truly believed I would be able to help people learn to love and care for themselves and hoped my message of loving yourself first was more important than chasing a number on a scale. I quickly learned I was never going to be able to do that. And I am grateful for the good that came from that job but I am sick and tired of people like you who forget that fat people have feelings and deserve just as much love and RESPECT as anyone else.

It is well worth reading the full yarn on Ajay’s blog as she gives Adro a few more rabbit punches.  In this little fight between Ajay and Adro I tend to side with Ajay as it appears that Adro may have forgotten what sort of place he was in prior to going on the weight loss show.

The Biggest Loser will be back on our screens on Network TEN in 2013

UPDATE: Adro has now responded on his Facebook page (oh the joys of social media) and both are throwing the bullying word at each other. I would say neither are bullying or being bullying but I will leave that up to you to judge. (Thanks Bron)

From Adro’s Facebook page:

TO AJAY ROCHESTER: first I want to start by saying 2 things, first you’re talking about bullying yet your doing so by bullying and sledging me publicly on a comment that jo jo c took from a PRIVATE biggest loser ex contestants room I’d set up, not a blog but a private room and secondly that what you are going on about has been taken way out of context and conveniently so by leaving out the actual

fact that the post was directed at certain people in that PRIVATE ROOM.
Yes I commented on your weight gain and said it was a “shame” you’ve gained it again and 2 the ‘Ajay who’ comment was not in reference to you as a person it was in reference to your media presence and the timing of the article.
Other than commenting on your weight there was no reference to you throughout any of the conversation nor was it at all in reference to any member of the public outside of the certain few again in that PRIVATE ROOM! This then seen the conversation turn after an outburst by jo about how I after almost 7 years am sick of other biggest loser contestants continually being victims to being obese still when they simply couldn’t be bothered applying themselves to their weightloss but then blaming either society, the biggest loser or just life in general. The drug alcohol reference was made when I told jo that I will not be made to feel anything other than pride for my weightloss achievements and that I have worked my ass off getting here and staying here(at goal weight). The comment was that the only reason I am successful and some are not is because I chose to give up the life of shit food, alcohol, drugs and no exercise or being lazy for a life of health and fitness in order to achieve my goals and live an awesome life. Which I am doing!!!! I have achieved my weight goal and done so by working hard, not going out to parties, getting thrown out drunk and disorderly from clubs or stuffing my face with crap food all the while pretending that I am trying everything I can to lose weight.
As for you making it personal Ajay yes me getting voted out was contested and the reason you already know was because the biggest loser asked us to make the show 2 weeks longer and filled it with returned guests! One of who voted me out! You know that had we said no we couldn’t commit to the extra 2 weeks when they asked us way before it happened that the show would’ve ended with me Fiona and Kristy in the final 3. Fair??? I think not. Also with the finale, I got there because I pushed my body to its absolute limits, it was a game show and I was in it to win it….i owned my body and made it win. I have never in all of the years said that to anyone even in my book because while I don’t have an issue with it I want to continue to have the biggest loser represented as what it is. An awesome opportunity to lose weight, get fit and healthy and change ones life forever… which is exactly what I did with the same experience that every other loser contestant has had and that is what I am sick of people (some other contestants) saying they are hard done by and that they deserve something more simply because they chose to screw up their biggest loser opportunity.
The new me is me paying forward that exact opportunity where people can come and focus on nothing other than weight loss health and fitness as well as dropping the necessary baggage they cart around as a part of being obese!!! This is exactly what my weight transition entailed and I do it very well!!!! I have nothing but admiration for the people who come to the new me prepared to change their lives with whatever it takes rather than those (some) who have been given I note GIVEN not even paid for the opportunity to go onto the biggest loser and still after all couldn’t be bothered maintaining a life change that was whilst hard work practically handed to them.
Ajay in all of that this has been blown very strategically out of context whether it be to gain media attention for you or your bullying campaign, but I will not stand by and allow you to bully me as an avenue to gain more attention, I will happily be a part of your anti bullying campaign in a positive way as I lived my whole life being bullied, but I won’t allow you or jo to paint me as the ass hole and also if you would like to really get these ‘demons’ you refer to under control then give me a call you have my details, ill have you at my centre as long as you need too.
This is my right to reply, I am not looking to continue arguing the point unless its with you personally ajay.


1 Remued { 11.25.12 at 12:07 pm }

Tea tree oil – who knew eh? I’d love to know who was chugging it.

As much as Ajay annoys me, I still hold on to the dislike I had for Adro back in the first season

2 bron { 11.25.12 at 12:39 pm }

i’m going to go with chris chugging the tea tree oil. everyone was pissed when he won season 2

3 Reality Raver { 11.25.12 at 1:24 pm }

remued and Bron – how does drinking tea tree oil help you lose weight?

4 Remued { 11.25.12 at 2:38 pm }

Hah – who knows? I would have thought it that it can’t be too good for you, and Skeletor Chris looked pretty close to death when he won.
They never show him when they do recaps on previous contestants.

Ajay needs to let Biggest Loser go & face up to the fact that Hayley is a far better host. She’s better in front of the camera & has a better rapport with the contestants.

5 brain dead dave { 11.25.12 at 2:57 pm }

Chris did put quite a lot of the weight back on after TBL and then I saw him used in an ad for some kind of weight loss snake oil ( not Tea Tree). Never liked him or Adro and I imagine a lot of cheating occurred during the show.

My guess is you pour the tea tree oil over your food and then it tastes so bad you can’t eat it.

Ajay lecturing on honesty. Great reading.

6 bron { 11.25.12 at 4:38 pm }

adro’s fired back and brenda, from the previous season, agrees with ajay. love me some fb drama

7 Stacey { 11.25.12 at 6:52 pm }

BDD – Thats what I assumed too, I remember hearing something about celebrities who do something similar, like spraying windex on their food so they wont eat it.

Ajay really sounds ‘grateful’ for getting the job. Hayley is a much better host but the show has lost its charm slightly it needs a bit of a revamp.

8 Jenny { 11.25.12 at 7:11 pm }

Ha ha love a good cyber slap. So funny.So many juicy secrets revealed. Moral of the story don’t piss e off reality show contestants and also nothing is ever kept a secret even private chat rooms

9 bron { 11.25.12 at 7:35 pm }

RR, ajay has added the screencaps of what adro said if you’re interested in adding them.

10 smauge { 11.25.12 at 9:38 pm }

How old are these people??

11 JaniceG { 11.26.12 at 7:54 am }

Interesting that Adro’s response doesn’t actually address some of the abuses Ajay mentions, just the circumstances in which he was allowed to return

12 Paul { 11.26.12 at 9:18 am }

Obviously neither of them went to paragraph school.

13 Isabel { 11.26.12 at 12:37 pm }

Where’s CB? He’ll be upset …

Perhaps the oil was used as a laxative.

14 smauge { 11.26.12 at 12:39 pm }

I’m pretty sure it is a laxative. Jeez it’d taste bad though wouldn’t it? And I’m pretty sure CB’s over at Ajay’s house comforting both her and her girlfriend.

15 Reality Raver { 11.26.12 at 12:44 pm }

Maybe CB is in therapy about the whole thing – delayed shock perhaps.

16 brain dead dave { 11.26.12 at 1:50 pm }

I’m getting bad vibes about the Tea tree oil if this info about dosage and side effects from ingestion is accurate.

I suspect the only things losing weight would be the fatties’ wallets.

17 smauge { 11.26.12 at 2:27 pm }

That would explain Adro’s state on his final weigh in.

18 bella vita { 11.26.12 at 4:53 pm }

While not a fan of the publicity seeking desperado “Leanne”….well i think that’s her real name…I also think that Adro is a pompous a&&hole who is scamming people who think he can fix their weight issues by staying in his “school camp” environment outside of Melbourne.

No doubt CB has passed out by sniffing some tea tree oil by this news

19 The Oracle { 11.26.12 at 4:59 pm }

I can see both sides of the case here. AJ has dished some dirt on Adro and TBL and despite all the” touchy feely” sentiments she did fall off the wagon weight wise so perhaps she is a tad upset with herself.
Adro on the other hand may be a complete “tool” but he’s a successful one..has kept the weight off..runs what appears to be a successful fat farm and if fools are willing to pay $17.000 a pop then he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

20 A.P { 11.26.12 at 6:08 pm }

I can’t understand either why CB hasn’t commented on this yet, he needs to defend his beloved Ajay!

21 Stacey { 11.26.12 at 6:20 pm }

Yeh where is CB!

I reckon that if some scandalous shit has gone down on the set of TBL, it would’ve been the first season. Like we’d ever know!

22 Culinary Boner { 11.26.12 at 8:26 pm }

My understanding is that apart from being toxic, tea tree oil is also ‘natural’ disinfectant.

Which makes me wonder whether this old-enough-to-know-better Thai bloke who ironically lost the entirety of his manhood in a botched olive-oil injection to create the tally-whacker of the century made the simple mistake of using the wrong oil –
As Sol would say “oils aint oils”.

Oh Ajay *sigh*
Are you just Charlotte Dawson with love handles, my beloved?

23 smauge { 11.26.12 at 8:43 pm }

Ajay’s real name is Lee.
And thanks for the Cracked link. I love Cracked!

24 Anonymous { 11.27.12 at 10:01 am }

Haha no worries smauge, I actually didnt realise that was page 2 instead of page 1 of the article, it was a cracker.

25 The Oracle { 11.27.12 at 11:20 am }

@ CB..Well at least he won’t get any infections on his todger :)

26 brain dead dave { 11.27.12 at 11:30 am }

Since Tea tree oil has allegedly has properties effective against body odour , that guy’s love truncheon probably smells great, too.

It’s all good.

27 drb123 { 11.27.12 at 12:43 pm }

Ajay does seem desperate for attention. We’ve had her coming out as bi, then dishing behind the scenes dirt on the only thing she was previously known for. Can’t be too many self-publicity options left. I’d be nervous a suicide attempt may be next

28 brain dead dave { 11.27.12 at 12:58 pm }

I think we can safely rule out a hunger strike.

29 Culinary Boner { 11.27.12 at 1:06 pm }

Good point drb123.
Though as she’s in LA all Ajay really needs to do to get the level of media attention she’s now clearly after is to hire a babysitter, go out on the town, get shit-faced in some dyke bar, start cussing, refuse to leave, try to pash the coppers who are sent to remove her, do a few kung fu poses and then get tasered… Oh, and follow it all up by hiring Chris Murphy to defend her.
It’s simple really.

30 Georgie { 11.27.12 at 1:32 pm }

All smells a bit tea-treey to me.

31 LB { 11.27.12 at 3:25 pm }

Someone needs to introduce Adro to the joys of punctuation. If I read “your” where he should have used “you’re” one more time, I was ready to gouge me eyes out with a branch from a tea tree.
As for his assertion on FB that people would sell their “soles” to go to his fat camp, there must be a lot of useless shoes around.

32 smauge { 11.27.12 at 6:30 pm }

CB – I smell a job for Max Markson there!

33 Bolders { 02.12.13 at 1:34 pm }