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The Amazing Race – A Stolen Passport Sees A Team Out

Abba and James, the rock lawyers, were running a great race until their passports was stolen in Russia. They had left their bags in the back of a cab whilst going off to get a clue ant the driver took off with them.

Fans of the series will know once a contestant has lost a passport it means they are gone from the competition as they cannot continue to race.

James and Abba had more chances then most to get it back as it was a non elimination leg, and the race was not leaving the city of Moscow, however they were in Russia the bureaucratic capital of the world.

They discuss their ordeal in an interview with Hollywood Reporter where they say James’ passport is normally tied to him but was in his bag due to his clothes being wet from the synchronised swimming challenge. The former rockers also admit they had no idea the Sri Lankan sisters had their money.

In the end last night the goat farmers, Josh and Brent, were extremely lucky as they received a four hour time penalty because they did not complete the synchronised swimming challenge. They would have been eliminated if the passport incident had not occurred.

The bumbling Chippendale’s are finally looking like contenders at the pointy end of the race. They came first in this leg closely followed by Lexi and Trey. The Sri Lankan girls came third and they unnecessarily used their challenge pass to skip the Russian time zone road block.


1 daisy { 12.04.12 at 11:02 pm }

Even though I liked the rock lawyers, I thought the rule was if you lose your passport, you’re out immediately. I do think that AR tries to save the teams that the viewers like because (surprise, suprise) they always seem to be the ones that cop a non-elimination when they come last. Don’t the nicest teams usually win. It’s a dilema because I want the nice ones to win but I don’t want to be sucked in by a rigged game.
I really liked the way the other last 2 teams supported each other last night.

2 Sioux Denim { 12.05.12 at 12:11 am }

I was a disappointed to see the Rock guys go – were they brothers?

Am warming to the Chippendale’s now – they certainly made that Russian dancing look harder than it was – I know one of them had the bung ankle but most of the other teams just breezed through it.

Agree RR – the twins did seem to waste that free pass – although I would have been stumped on that time difference challenge – I’m all for ‘girl power’ but this is not the team for me to see a first all-female AR winner!

3 Gy { 12.05.12 at 12:20 am }

The Express Pass is only valid until leg 8 so the twins either had to use it on either one of this episode’s task or not use it at all.

Also @Sioux Denim,
The twins wouldn’t be the first all-female winners of TAR. Nat & Kat (doctors) won race 17, while Kisha & Jen (sisters) won race 18 (Unfinished Business).

4 JStar { 12.05.12 at 12:26 am }

@RR – The Express Pass had to be used by the end of the eighth leg which was this episode’s leg. I believe the twins mentioned that was the reason why they did not hesitate to use it at the Roadblock. Agree that the goat farmers were extremely lucky not to be eliminated. What’s the bet that those stolen passports are now floating on the black market? And one last thing, I would have thought China would have been the bureaucratic capital of the world.

@Sioux Denim – Rockers had the same hairdo but weren’t related. Bandmates. And there has been one all-female team to win the US Amazing Race. It was four seasons ago (17) when the very nice doctors won, edging out the two female home-shopping hosts (where one will forever be remembered for copping a watermelon in the face).

5 chasingvegas { 12.05.12 at 10:48 am }

It’s been a really entertaining season with lots of differing characters. Love the Dynamic between teams, Texas, Twinnies & Chippendales, especially the Chips! Love those guys. Hopefully they all head to the finale then I really don’t mind who wins.

6 daisy { 12.05.12 at 3:03 pm }

Yeah, the Chippies are cute…and I don’t mean hot! Although people do love hot chips. The precocious, right-up-themselves SL twins are the evil villains of the show. How charming and funny they think they are. Spoilt brats no doubt.

7 Carole { 12.06.12 at 8:42 am }

Yeah, I felt sorry for the rockers as well. Thanks for the explanation about the passport, that explains why it wasn’t on him. Those other teams were very lucky, they would definitely have been eliminated if it wasn’t for the lost passports. The only teams I don’t want to win is the Twinnies, really went off them when they stole the money & Abby & her partner, I can’t remember his name. Really don’t want them to win the $2 mil after what they did in the first leg overtaking that couple who helped them.

There is good news I just read, they will be showing a double ep of Amazing Race next week, then the finale the week after just hours after it airs in the US. I was annoyed when ch 7 didn’t air it last week and thought they should give us a double ep to catch up since it’s non ratings and there is not much on at the moment. It airs on sunday in the US which is monday afternoon our time. Now if only ch 9 would do the same with Survivor, we are 3 weeks behind them.

8 Carole { 12.06.12 at 6:58 pm }

OK, it seems they have stuffed up, read a Tweet from Amazing Race saying the finale is on this Sunday, which is on Monday here, so we won’t be getting it the same day now.

9 Reality Raver { 12.06.12 at 8:48 pm }

Carole – A double episode this Monday and the following Monday (final will be that week)

10 Carole { 12.06.12 at 9:18 pm }

Thanks for that RR.

11 Carole { 12.07.12 at 9:33 am }

Thanks for posting the link to that HR article, just finished reading it. That’s interesting that they still did the challenges, the way it was edited it looked like they just spent the whole time trying to track down their passports. I hadn’t realised they still did the challenges since they never showed it. It’s a shame they cut those bits out.

12 Carole { 12.10.12 at 5:46 pm }

I had to be careful on Twitter this afternoon. The finale aired in the US and Phil was live tweeting, so had to skip past so as not to see the winner.

13 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:23 pm }

OMG and Ggrrrr!!! RR I can’t wait for yoour blog on last nights back to back shows. I spent the morning watching (lucky I can go to work when I please).

14 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:24 pm }

Not rushing you ar anything.

15 Reality Raver { 12.11.12 at 2:42 pm }

Daisy just getting up a couple of other things but will try and push up the list.

16 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:44 pm }

AP I hope this is safe but if you want to see me google The sSilk Caravan. The photos will come up on the topp left and I think you can guess which one I am.

17 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:49 pm }

AP want to do the nextt AR with me? I can swim, and work out puzzles but can’t lift anythiing heavy or eat anything disgusting. I wouldn’t cry all the time but can kill people if I don’t get sleep.
Also I will need to know if the producers will provide us 4 0r 5 star accomodation.

18 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:51 pm }

Oh and I am not scared of heights so will do the scary high things but wouldn’t like to bungy jump because I don’t want my eyeballs to fly out of their sockets.

19 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:52 pm }

Oh and AP do you know when I am joking??????

20 daisy { 12.11.12 at 3:14 pm }

AP The Silk Cravan Home page. There are also photos on other sites.

21 A.P { 12.11.12 at 4:12 pm }

Daisy! Is that really you?.Is it your business, I’m glad to see what you look like!
Unfortunately I don’t watch The Amazing Race but I would go on it with you if I were a fan for sure.
What about us going on Survivor ( as long as we didn’t have to eat bugs, do challenges or sleep outside ) we’d be great at it! You could do an ironing challenge and win and I could watch, perfect!
PS, I liked your egg story too but not sure if you are joking, your poor daughter LOL!

22 daisy { 12.11.12 at 4:26 pm }

AP maybe if I was funny, people would know when I was joking. I am actually a whimp so I would get carried to the final 3 just to be the unpopular stooge. Also they would keep me to make the campsite clean. Or else I would get booted off in wk 1 for being annoying, old and bossy.

23 daisy { 12.11.12 at 4:28 pm }

And yes, for now that is our business. We get to travel a lot.

24 A.P { 12.11.12 at 4:41 pm }

Love the look of your shop, would love to see it one day, how lovely to be able to travel to all those places. I can see why you would be good in The Amazing Race.

25 daisy { 12.11.12 at 4:56 pm }

No, I would be terrible. I would get grouchy when I didn’t get a good night sleep or it was too hot. I am a bit of a princess for accomodation, and Rolf does all the bookings. He’d be the one to take. I might know my way around Asia but I avoid roughing it. Eg; Kashmir it was the Grand Palace Lahlit. I dress rough on the road but I am the Princess and the Pea for sleeping arrangements.
I am a pro at slipping my way through crowds when need be. You learn the techniques for that mainly in China.

26 Carole { 12.11.12 at 6:33 pm }

You sound just like me Daisy. I am very fussy about what I eat and am a big wuss. I am petrified of heights and don’t like plunging down anywhere, you won’t get me on rollercoasters. And I like my home comforts, I am not a camper. I love watching Amazing Race & Survivor, but have no wish to compete in either of them.

27 daisy { 12.11.12 at 6:54 pm }

Heights don’t bother me Carole. It’s the ground below that’s the worry. I haved sometimes had to be driven on those roads on The World’s Scariest Roads. I never can look. But otherwise I like heights. But on creature comforts …..the comfier the better.

28 Carole { 12.11.12 at 7:18 pm }

Oh yeah, some of those roads look scary. I wouldn’t be able to look either.