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Big Brother: Layla And Sam Are Still Macking On

For those wondering if the Sam and Layla romance was continuing outside the Big Brother house the answer is yes.

This picture is taken from her Twitter profile, and if you have a pic of your partner on your twitter handle it must mean it is true love.

No news if Estelle is seeing either Ryan or Michael nor what post Big Brother careers any of this year’s contestants have managed to obtain or whether it is back to their day to day lives.

What we do know is Big Brother will be back on our screens next year.


1 daisy { 12.10.12 at 10:39 am }

I guess it’s OK to call me nasty…just don’t call me fat. But thanks to whoever said I was creative. I’ll accept that as a compliment.
Ifind it rather contradictory for people to say they accept people of all shapes and sizes and then freak out if you think there is any iimplication of someone being large. In my book nasty is a worse insult than fat but those who prroclaim to be accepting of larger sizes obvioulsy think that is the worse insult. Who is reallly being more offensive to big girls????? Anyway I go on this blog to have fun not to be bored and get sanctimoniously boring. And for all anyone knows I could be the size of a barn, and pig ugly too.
Georgie: I can’t eat Turkish delight or anything else that globs. I’d suck the chocolate off though.

2 daisy { 12.10.12 at 10:51 am }

Actually smallish butt but thicker skin. Can’t believe what one silly throw away comment sparked. Especially after the things I said about Michael!!!! Everyone can all go have a TimTam (of their choice) and a chill pill. Love NASTY DAISY.

3 Georgie { 12.10.12 at 10:54 am }

Well done bdd, it took me two nights to get through one packet.

Glad you’re back daisy – don’t let the thought police get you down.

Oh BTW, Dr Seuss’s ‘grinch’ has made it into the dictionaries and is now used to describe a killjoy or wet blanket – someone who generally spoils and dampens the atmosphere for others.

4 brain dead dave { 12.10.12 at 10:59 am }

As in Grinchy Fat Controllers .(GFC)

5 daisy { 12.10.12 at 11:11 am }

I won’t call you FAT if you don’t call me NASTY.

6 daisy { 12.10.12 at 11:22 am }

And thanks again Georgie. Na. It’s a bit annoying to be taken the wrong way but BDD makes the best and funniest comments and he gets a few people worked up along the way. And he’s my mentor.
Apparently I just need the list of people it’s OK to be nasty about.
I was only off doing things but, and seriously, Milly and Playnice didn’t know where I was coming from, and maybe I don’t know where they’re coming from.
I’m just OVER this being blown out of all proportion (cue for BDD maybe).
AP Iam having trouble visualizing my drawing for BDD because his brain ain’t dead. Although it may have been lightly fried from time to time.

7 Georgie { 12.10.12 at 12:18 pm }

Fat Controller is a great term for the TP bdd – I’ll have to file that away to memory.

daisy, I apparently have a fatty liver and that’s nasty. A whole packet of TT’s over 2 nights does absolutely nothing for it either, so its extra walkies for me. (It’s what you end up with if you don’t look after yourself properly when you’re younger.)

If you want to visualise bdd, you need to look for clues in his posts. You’re right, his brain certainly isn’t dead, but it does spend a good bit of time back in the 70’s listening to the best music ever. It also doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is honed to a razor sharp edge when needed for cutting comments.

The best word I’ve found to describe bdd is – Irreverent
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: disrespectful
Synonyms: aweless, cheeky, cocky, contemptuous, crusty, derisive, flippant, fresh, iconoclastic, impertinent, impious, impudent, insolent, irreverential, mocking, out-of-line, profane, rude, sacrilegious, sassy, saucy, tongue-in-cheek, ungodly, unhallowed, unholy

If you make a living as a comedian you can get away with it but God help any average Joe who tries the same shtick. Bring in the Fat Controllers!

8 daisy { 12.10.12 at 1:32 pm }

Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.
Hey! How dare they!

Oh and it’s Ferrrero Roche that I love the most.

9 daisy { 12.10.12 at 1:34 pm }

Girls if you are happy with your weight thenactually be HAPPY.

10 daisy { 12.10.12 at 2:00 pm }

Georgie, yep, I think Iam getting BDD in his old panel van, or sitting on a smelly bean bag, long hair, in his flairs and cannabis leaf on tiny tee, rubber thongs, smoking a bong, reading Penthouse…listening to IRON BUTTERFLY, JETHRO TULL, ALICE COOPER, FRAMPTON or KING CRIMSON????? And a week’s dishes piled up in the sink. Or down the local drinking his $3.00 jug of beer, maybe getting lucky and cracking on to a some chick.
Oh no, that was just all my old boyfriends.
Am I warm BDD?

11 Georgie { 12.10.12 at 2:24 pm }

Lol daisy and sunnies, don’t forget the sunnies to shield the ‘sleep deprived, up all night’ eyes from daylight.

12 Culinary Boner { 12.10.12 at 2:27 pm }

I’m somewhat partial to them dark chocolate Tim Tams but consider all these new-fangled flavour combos ABOMINATIONS FROM THE FIERY PIT OF PROCESSED FOOD HELL.
Tim Tam Sweet Surrender Choc Hazelnut Flavoured Mousse Gob-stopper Thingie. FFS!!! Is it a biscuit or a Zumbo creation? I’m exhausted just typing that shit, let alone eating it.

As I don’t do youff speak I also seem to have formed entirely the wrong idea regarding the meaning of “macking on”.

Here’s what I thought it meant:-

13 Izobel2 { 12.10.12 at 2:28 pm }

And I reckon BDD is 54.

14 Culinary Boner { 12.10.12 at 2:31 pm }

This is the pictorial I was trying to draw your attention to – mack on, baby, mack on…

15 daisy { 12.10.12 at 2:38 pm }

CB54 Yep macking alright. Now do cracking on (as in 70’s youffspeak cracking onto). I don’t want to see one of those girls bending over.

16 Culinary Boner { 12.10.12 at 2:49 pm }

Oh daisy.
To help with your drawing I’ve previously posted pics of myself on this site (mainly for Georgie’s benefit).
*ahem* in the interests of decency it’s probably best you draw me from the waist up:-

Also Frampton’s success in the 70s widely introduced the instrumental abomination that was the ‘voice box’ or ‘talk box’ to a worldwide audience. That and the moog synthesiser have a lot to answer for.

17 Culinary Boner { 12.10.12 at 2:56 pm }

Peter Frampton in action for thems that’s interested in some 70s nostalgia (and glam clothes) and can handle the ‘talk box’, the perspex tube next to the mic which Pete chews on and which has the effect of turning him into Marty Feldman-

18 daisy { 12.10.12 at 3:07 pm }

CB OK but I had mainly worked out the shape of your chef’s hat anyway from your name. So the parts below were a little higher.

As for Frampton, only the guys listened to his music. I cut my baby teeth and the cool music of the late 60’s (the drug music because they would have had to be stoned) Oh just call me Angel of the morning, Angel, and Ichicoo Park was all to beautiful. Psychadelic!

19 daisy { 12.10.12 at 3:44 pm }

My fav 70’s styles were Blue Grass, Jug, Blues, Jonie Mitchell, Maria Muldaur, Aretha and 30s and 40s black music.

20 Culinary Boner { 12.10.12 at 4:04 pm }

daisy, based on my memory the sort of guys who listened to Peter Frampton also listened intensively to another band I hated at the time, The Eagles. The West Coast sound sucked in my opinion. As a teen boy at the time I didn’t see the point of soft or country rock when you could listen to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind or AC/DC. And 1976 saw the advent of the Sex Pistols and their raw, aggressive sound pretty much blew a hole in the radio. It was that radical at the time.

The jug music of Captain Matchbox always made me smile. In the 80s this probably why I latched onto Tom Wait’s soulful but often cartoonishly silly roots music.

Pre-disco, 70s funk – Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown -became a staple of my adult music taste as did Southern Rock. I do also go to classical concerts once in a while, and am a bit of a Mahler snob in this regard.

Mrs Boner will be pleased to hear that you are drawing me as a dickhead. Very apt, she’ll think.

21 daisy { 12.10.12 at 4:18 pm }

Agreed the Eagles were soo boring. I liked Rodrigez, Cold Fact about that time. And JJ Cale. Still listen to them.

22 A.P { 12.10.12 at 4:40 pm }

CB @62, very funny. I liked the dogs one the best, the fat girls ( do they remind you of your one and only love Ajay? ), and the one with the fat kid stuffing his face is awful with the picture of the starving kid in the background, just shows you how wrong the world is today.
I feel guilty talking about tim tams now!
PS, I used to like Slade and T. Rex, I remember seeing them at the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney back in the good old 70ties.

23 brain dead dave { 12.10.12 at 4:57 pm }

The doctor just chewed my ar$e out about eating Tim Tams. I had a few for lunch and it showed in the blood sugar test I did . Tim Tams have an extremely high glycaemic index and give your body a big sugar hit followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar. ie tempting though they are ~they’re garbage. Too many will make you f** , though.

24 A.P { 12.10.12 at 5:02 pm }

Think I’m going off the tim tams a bit now BDD.
Did you watch the documentary last night on ABC2 about Freddie Mercury and Queen?

25 Reality Raver { 12.10.12 at 5:09 pm }

What drives me nuts about the “fat debate” is that we read articles about how “insert stars name” lets say Ricki-Lee and how comfortable they are in their own skin and then we are meant to applaud and read article after article about how they lose 10 kilos and read about how much better they feel now that they have lost weight.
One of the best photo covers of last year was when Julie Goodwin in a swimsuit on the cover of Women’s Weekly because there was no bullshit about it and probably did more for the average persons body image than Jennifer Hawkins posing naked on Marie Claire could ever do.

26 Georgie { 12.10.12 at 5:18 pm }

You’re right RR and it did a lot for my body image – I thought I looked pretty bloody good after seeing that.

27 daisy { 12.10.12 at 5:58 pm }

Yes Georgie, bags not standing next to Jacinta in the photo shoot.
I’d stand next to Julie and not even hold my tummy in, or stand 3/4 on.

28 brain dead dave { 12.10.12 at 6:14 pm }

JG ,you looks hot…like a sunrise. No one has the big buns like you.

A.P . I’ve seen that Freddie doco before. ABC2 have been doing some good rock docos lately.

29 Daisy { 12.10.12 at 8:56 pm }

The ‘fat debate’ has 2 main aspects, health and beauty. When it comes to the matter of a persons appearance it is clearly it’s a provocative and sensitive issue, and one that is obviously debatable. When it comes to health, it is less a matter of opinion and more about scientific findings on nutrition and exercise and the impact they have on our quality of life. When I am overweight for me, I feel lethargic and can’t climb up on my sink to clean on top of my cupboards, but when I am a healthy weight according to medical charts, I can climb around my kitchen like a monkey. But I guess either way, it still comes down to everyone’s own choice.
How’s that AP, ironing and cleaning on top of cuboards? Weird?
PS It seems like this topic has caused more controversy than gay choices, race, politics and religion. I think that makes us all weird.
But I guess it’s a topic that won’t go away as each generation of kids in developed countries get fatter and we don’t seem to know how to deal with it.

30 Play Nice { 12.10.12 at 10:45 pm }

I never had any desire to get into a ‘fat debate’. My issue was it appeared Daisy was commenting on Laylas’ body. Whilst ‘reality folk’, should expect to have comments made about their words and actions, I still think that commenting negatively on someone’s appearance is just plain rude. I maintain that unless you were prepared to say it to someone’s face directly, then you shouldn’t feel the need to put it online.
When was the last time you said something like your first comment (even in jest) to someone’s face? How would YOU feel if someone that had never met you said something like this directly to you? Or if they said it to your child? The comments made about Julie Goodwin’s appearance on this blog are just as rude.

31 brain dead dave { 12.10.12 at 11:08 pm }

Not as rude as your pious lecturing.

32 Play Nice { 12.11.12 at 12:12 am }

GREAT come back BDD.

33 brain dead dave { 12.11.12 at 1:15 am }

You earned it, you moralising windbag.

34 Play Nice { 12.11.12 at 9:56 am }

Moralising windbag? How silly of me to expect people to treat each other with common curtesy and respect

35 A.P { 12.11.12 at 10:22 am }

Daisy, bet you wish you hadn’t started all this.
Welcome back Paul.

36 brain dead dave { 12.11.12 at 10:30 am }

How silly of you to expect others to pay lip service to the rude, nasty and unnecessary edicts of an obesity grinch. Own it and move on.

37 Gabby { 12.11.12 at 11:13 am }

Well said Play Nice @80.

38 daisy { 12.11.12 at 2:13 pm }

AP Yes and No. Who’d-a-thunk. Layla’s efforts at exercise were hillarious. She’d spend more time putting on her exercise gear than exercising. I think BB timed her work out at under 2 minutes. Of course he was probably playing it up. But my comment about Layla’s choice was about her lifestyle not her looks or weight. I can’t help it, or worry, if some choose not to believe that. When I say “lighten up” I am not referrring to what happens on the bathroom scales.
It’s been an interesting reaction. And a bit worrying that there are people seriously hung up on the issue.
It’s funny that in the midst of it the term “homo” went almost unnoticed” And that’s just interesting.
But Ap just spent all morning watching the double of AR and will catch you there. Am not impressed. Won’t spoil it for anyone.

39 Dash { 01.16.13 at 6:23 pm }

I know what he’s doing with those boobys I bet Layla got a pearl necklace for Xmas

40 katrina { 03.10.13 at 10:28 pm }

I have met layla in real life she shops at my work all the time & I dont think she is that big off screen, remember tv makes you look bigger than you actually are.