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Celeb Come Dine With Me Australia – Hopefully No Cookbooks Will Be Commissioned From That Episode

Pru obviously misinterpreted the come in Come Dine With Me Australia as she kicked off the four celeb dinner parties with an orgy of rude food and it was interesting to see how uncomfortable the other three younger cast members were about her lewdness.

At some stages of the show it did look like she was auditioning for US reality show Extreme Cougars, but when Josh Thomas got drunk and was over come by the beauty of Kris that was seen as endearing.

Josh also thought it was offensive for people to comment on on who  a person is  married too as Prue had about Chloe. Usually I woud agree with that but Chloe kept on talking about her husband, Matt Rogers, and the opening montage explaining who she was included her husband, and he was also on camera on the day she was hosting.

Conversely Kris Smith was described as an English league legend and not one mention of his ex-wife Danni Minogue which is how he found his fame here in Australia.

This show is not all about the food however we should discuss the dinner parties.

First up was Pru’s Orgy Rude Food menu. Starting with rocket fuel martinis, and oyster shooters neither of these were popular, however she pulled it together by the main courses with a saucy cheese sandwich for entree, with seafood stew for main, and a dessert of  stewed pears. Though not sure why she left the skin of the pears on.

A tip for people thinking of replicating her party, if you are going to have a fruit and vegetable centrepiece make sure the cucumber is not flaccid like hers were as it is not great feng shui.

Narrator James Valentine who was the narrator did comment that her apartment was a bit like a seventies swingers party, thankfully for the shell shocked celebs there was no bowl to put their keys into.

Chloe Maxwell was hoping they would not have to eat sushi off Pru’s naked body.

Pru ended up being scored 23 points.

The next dinner party was Chloe’s up at the Gold Coast. This girl had hygiene issues. Pumpkin had fallen on the floor which she put back in and cutting knives were not swapped so there was a cross contamination of flavour. Stawberry and garlic did not pack the culinary punch she would have like.

First up was Roast Pumpking and Walnut Salad, main was lamb racks, dessert was Banana Bread with bought lemon curd.

The next dinner party was at young fogey and comedian Josh Thomas’s house. Now expectations were high on this meal as he had been a contestant on Celebrity Masterchef. He started off with scallops, followed by beef bourgeion and a rose pannacotta.

He also had hygiene issues, washing off dropped meat, and letting his dog all around the dinner table. However all the guests like he is cooking.

Finally it was Kirs Smith’s turn to host his first ever dinner party. He kept it simple a spicy prawn cocktail, bangers and mash and apple crumble with store bought custard.

He did say there was no one like his mum which may scare off potential women. Pru could not contain her inner conservatism and screeched at Josh for being a left winger. Chloe and Kris knocked marks off the dinner party score because of the political chatter.

Josh got 22 – just goes to show the best food does not necessarily win the prize.

Kris was making his first dinner party with a spicy prawn cocktail, Bangers and mash, and apple crumble. As expected it was pretty simple but they did not criticise him for it, even though he was using supermarket custard.

Chloe ended up winning but I hope she does not think she is capable of putting out a cook book now.

The non-celeb version of Come Dine With Me Australia starts on the 8 January.


1 Paul { 12.12.12 at 8:40 am }

Funny episode although Pru was a bit OTT.

I think my wife wants to leave me for Kris Smith :(

2 chasingvegas { 12.12.12 at 9:27 am }

It was hilarious to watch, especially seeing Josh go all loopy around Kris….Prue on the other hand was just creepy & frankly, quite sad at times.

3 Culinary Boner { 12.12.12 at 1:25 pm }

I got a number of solid laughs plus some cringing giggles out of this. James Valentine’s commentary was again a highlight.

Thankfully we didn’t get to see Pru’s minge. I was a bit worried that she’d let the bathrobe drop from her shoulders to her ankles, Mrs Robinson style, at one stage there. I was however disappointed she didn’t serve Mussels in Brine a la Peter Slipper as an amuse-bouche. Opportunity lost I reckon. Although her size-queen vegetable table arrangement was stunning. Simple stunning.

I felt really sorry for Josh and his boofy league player fetish.

Hey Josh, had you been born twenty years earlier you could have had Ian Roberts – the forward most feared when he steamed onto the ball in front of you – steaming onto you from behind. (I’d still be frightened though. Really frightened.)

4 Izobel2 { 12.12.12 at 2:24 pm }

I had been looking forward to this show and I really enjoyed it!
I’m glad it was ‘simulcast’ on Foxtel as on the cheap-arse package I don’t get Lifestyle Food, but I do get Lifestyle & Lifestyle You.

Looking forwad to CDWM Aust as that will be on Lifestyle Channel also. Great Summer TV.

Some awful meals though! You’re right RR, don’t think there will be any cookbooks released from this lot!

5 Gabby { 12.13.12 at 4:35 pm }

I enjoyed it too. Cannot wait until Come Dine with me Australia starts. Love the overseas shows. I always thought Kris Smith was a model, not a footballer. Seems a pretty decent kind of bloke though. Prue is a pain in the backside, but all together harmless, definitely a cougar!
I think the best cook was Josh overall, even though the main wasn’t really a dinner party type meal, it must have had the flavours as they all raved. Also, he did wash the meat after he dropped it, that counts for something!

6 A.P { 12.13.12 at 5:49 pm }

Gabby, you are lucky, I wanted to watch it but my husband always hogs the Foxtel/Austar as we only have it connected to one tv.
He would watch car racing 24/7 if he could!
Hopefully I can catch up with it on repeats if I get a chance.
Izobel @4, we only get a basic package too which includes Lifestyle You, my favourite.
There’s a good one coming up on the 18th I think “Small teen turns 18”. I watched the first series and it was good.

7 Culinary Boner { 12.13.12 at 6:54 pm }

Gabby, I reckon you are probably right.
If these stats about Kris’s playing career are factual –
– then he spend most of his rugby league career modelling bench wear and track dacs.

8 Gabby { 12.13.12 at 10:07 pm }

AP! No doub it will be repeated many, many times so you won’t miss out. I’m also looking forward to small teen turns 18, I watched the first one and loved it. I was so disappointed when the dad got back on the drugs. I wonder if he is off them again and is back in their lives, I hope so. Her and her mum were great.
Have you seen the trailers for MKR next year? Its looking good. Can’t wait for it to start, especially now I’ve discovered this site and all you wonderful people.
You’re not wrong about Kris S. C.B., no wonder Danni Minogue preferred to refer to him as a model rather than a footballer. He’s definitely no David Beckham!