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The Shire – Sophie And Vernesa Getting Their Own Reality Show?

It is fair to say the only memorable people from reality TV show bomb The Shire were Sophie and Vernesa and Beck and her father.

However at this stage the botox beauties are the only ones who are extracting their 15 minutes of fame from the show.

The Daily Telegraph are saying Sophie and Vernesa have their own reality show in the offing. Though it should be noted it was not said which Network it would be aligned with.

Clearly being involved in a scrag fight earlier this year is not hindering their TV careers or their invites to product launches like nose wax products.

The article says the girls were coy about revealing what the show was going to be about.

The Telegraph writes:

Now Vernesa Toroman and Sophie Kalantzis are set for a new reality show – and this time it’s all about them.

“We can’t give away too much,” Kalantzis, 27, said. “But it is what you could call a fish-out-of-water reality show.”

Toroman, 28, added: “It’s all about us. It’s always about us.”

They also say that they were viciously attacked on Twitter when the show The Shire aired, but now they say they have a positive fan base.

It is a tad ironic how the most interesting contestants on The Shire were not actually from it.


1 A.P { 01.06.13 at 9:48 am }

Oh please no!
Say it isn’t true, how low can we go?

2 Anonymous { 01.06.13 at 11:00 am }

I could not stand this show but i would actually watch a show based on Beckka and her father! Pure trash entertainment.

The made up love triangle story lines on the shire were much worse.

I am with you RR include Beckka in this, it can not be any worse then Brynne or Lara Bingle.

3 brain dead dave { 01.06.13 at 11:09 am }

Wrong genre, girls. This should be filed under “Horror”.

4 brain dead dave { 01.06.13 at 11:09 am }

Fish out of water show is right. Only a stunned mullet could get through an episode of this shit.

Sorry about the double post.

5 Daisy { 01.06.13 at 2:04 pm }

I watched about 10 minutes of this show in total and it seemed boring and inane. I wonder if a reality show about people who aren’t trashy would work? Maybe people with 1/2 a brain at least.

6 Daisy { 01.06.13 at 2:09 pm }

Recently I listened to 2 separate radio interviews. One was with Barry Jones, the other with Salman Rushdie. They were both interesting because they actually had something to say. The people on Jersey shore just went blaah blaah. We are accostomed to thinking that people in these fly on the wall shows have to be trashy and stupid. The scary thing is the up and coming generations might conclude it to be the norm. I mean what do the Kardashians even talk about? I have only seen about 5 minutes of that so you tell me what they talk about.

7 Daisy { 01.06.13 at 2:28 pm }

The reason I can watch BB, but not Jersey shore or the Kardashians is that in the latter 2 shows the aim of the show is to be shallow, vaccuuous and trashy. In BB it’s sometimes just incidental.

8 Georgie { 01.07.13 at 10:59 am }

The one on the right looks like a Kardashian changeling.

9 Zana { 04.09.13 at 1:07 pm }

Oh no really? Another show about these two idiots?
This is a horrible image for Australia and a bad message to all the young girls who think they need surgery to look beautiful.

10 a { 07.19.13 at 7:10 pm }

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