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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Evening

Ricki-Lee Coulter is getting married again. She once said she wouldn’t until same sex marriage was legal, but clearly she could not say no to a diamond. Since they have sold the engagement to the magazines, expect the wedding to be as well. (Source: New Idea)

One person who doesn’t think they will marry again is Project Runway host Heidi Klum after renewing her wedding vows annually with Seal and then divorcing him she said won’t be going down the aisle again. (Source:

It has only been a week since the Kim Kardashian and Kanye baby has been announced, but they have apparently turned down $3 million for the first baby pictures. Does this mean she thinks they are worth more? Reports say that she does not want the baby on her reality show. Yeah I know my eyes rolled at that one. (Source:

US swimmer Ryan Lochte is getting is own reality show on E!. Hopefully it won’t get show in Australia. (Source: The Wrap)

Can someone think of the chickens? Apparently Masterchef filming at the showground in Melbourne have taken over the space the poultry used to be in for the show. Yes I am trying to care. (Source:

If Simon Cowell is upset his shows did not rate as well as they should have in 2012 then he can feel better by looking at his bank account as his company earned $90 million last year. (Source: NY Post)

Lindsay Lohan had a free $200,000 renovation of her home if she agreed to appear on Million Dollar Decorators (currently on Arena TV on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm), however she is now moving out. Can’t pay the rent? (Source: NY Post)

An exciting new reality show has been commissioned called The Writers Room. A collaboration between the Sundance Channel and EW it will showcase the inside workings of TV programs. Hopefully it will screen in Australia. (Source: EW)

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1 Georgie { 01.09.13 at 11:15 am }

“………The Writers Room ……….. it will showcase the inside workings of TV programs.”

I bet they won’t be able to help themselves and it will be scripted. 😀